ΗΛΙΟΣ ΘΑΝΑΤΟΥ st (Scarecrow)  - 6€
New band from Athens, two songs metallic crusty hardcore in the vein of Martyrdod. 200 copies on black vinyl.

7 SECONDS ""blasts from the pasts" (Life Line) - 6€
Official re-issue originally released in 1985 on Kevin Seconds own label Positive Force. 7 Seconds third E.P., finally available again since the early 90's. Includes all the original first press artwork and includes a bonus retrospective insert by Kevin Seconds.

ABURADAKO 1st 7"EP (Crowmaniax) - 9

New Crowmaniax release of another great Japanese HC/Punk classic!!! This time around it is the amazing ABURADAKO 7"flexi from 1983, on the mythical ADK Records, repressed on clear 7" hard vinyl!!! Limited edition of 400 copies. 300 Include original art plus bonus postcard and sticker not included in the original press.

ACEPHALIX - st (Prank) - 6

A brutal combination of low end metallic distortion, pummeling riffs and gnarled vocals, San Francisco's ACEPHALIX's debut 4- song 7" takes influence from all over the map of extreme music - from CELTIC FROST to CRO-MAGS and INTEGRITY, from WOLFPACK and later ANTI-CIMEX to SACRILEDGE and AXEGRINDER, but has hammered out and forged its own sound by relentless gigs around the SF Bay Area over the past year. Featuring current and former members of THE RIFFS, DEPRESSOR, POISON IDEA, DEFIANCE, DEATHCHARGE and BLOWN TO BITS, this is the heaviest thing Prank has released in almost fifty releases, a modern attack; yet reminiscent of early classic Prank releases by DAMAD, ELDOPA 1332 and the bleak punk metal fusions of the late 90's and early 00's.

ALMOST 21 st (Gummopunx) - 5

This band from Fullerton is pre D.I. and the 3 song ep contain songs from '83 (Garage Studio Recordings) Great early LA Punk think D.I./Adolescents/TSOL etc.

AMBULANCE “dawn of a new beginning” (Wasted Sound) – 5€
Pretty polished Melodic Crust from Sweden's Ambulance. Killer production and very nice packaging.

ANTI STATE CONTROL "glu sniffing blues" (Vomitopunkrock) - 6€
Anti State Control were from Great Dunmow in Essex and had their brief moment in the sun in the early 80's. They recorded a cassette called 'We Are The Leopards' and a practice tape but their only proper single was 1983's 'Sniffing Glue Blues' ep which is now one of the rarest UK punk singles from the 80's. The last copy sold for over 700 pounds on Ebay. 'Sniffing Glue Blues' starts all mellow before bursting into life and rage. It's a thrilling yet amateur punk rock nugget. Limited to 300 copies reissue.

ARCHAIC "noise in your head" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 3
ARCHAIC is a new project based between Berlin, Venice and Barcelona. This  debut three track EP is a rusted nail of intense hardcore with industrial undertones which sits somewhere between FOGNA and DESTINO FINAL but with a bigger production. Guitar layers of repetition create a bed of noise when the delay infected vocals lay painfully. Someone called it the NWOIH and I won't be the one saying that isn't the case.

ASYLUM st (Grave Mistake) - 3€
The debut EP from Richmond, VA's ASYLUM delivers six tracks of some of the most devastating and precisely executed hardcore punk you'll hear these days; a brooding hardcore assault powered by the driving rhythm of Motorhead, layered with buzzsaw guitars that bring to mind classic Scandinavian bands, and delivered with the non-stop intensity of Discharge. This record proves exactly why ASYLUM have become one of the best punk bands going in our city these days. We couldn't be more thrilled to have their first vinyl output as the fifth Vinyl Conflict release.

BAD MOVIES - st (Noise Effect)
- 5
Δυο καινούργια κομμάτια!

BATTALION OF SAINTS - st (Southern Lord) - 6€
A raging return from legendary West Coast punk heathens: Battalion of Saints. Led by surviving member: George Anthony. 3 furious brand new songs that will kick your ass just as effectively as their old classics. Available on limited edition 7” vinyl. For fiends of: Poison Idea, Discharge, old school Hardcore.

THE BAYONETTES ‎"stuck in this rut" (Deranged) - 3
Toronto’s The Bayonettes combine pop hooks and garage rock swagger with a sneering punk bravado that recalls classic early punk (Avengers, Nasty Facts) while remaining decidedly modern in spirit and execution.

THE BAYONETTES "guilty pleasure" (Deranged) - 3

From 2004 to 2007 Toronto, Ontario's Bayonettes made some of the best punk rock/power pop (think the Avengers) of the 2000's.

BEASTMILK "use your deluge" (Svart) – 6€
"use your deluge" was originally issued as a 4-song 7" in 2012. Early discoverers of the 7" were treated to the apocalyptic, post-punk brilliance that the rest of the world would come to clamor for a year later with "climax", the band's breakthrough full-length debut. The expanded fervor for "climax" sent music fans in search of the entire BEASTMILK catalog. Rabid demand drove eBay activity through the roof and the band enlisted Svart and Magic Bullet Records to re-press both 7"s in efforts to meet the sudden and increasing demand.

BEASTMILK "white stains" (Svart) - 6€
Originally issued in August of 2010, the first incarnation of these songs was a self-released cassette. 2nd edition, 1000 copies, all on black vinyl.

BETON COMBO "sound ltd" (Static Age) - 4€
A mandatory reissue of three of the finest tracks West-Berlin Hardcore Punk had to offer in 1983. It is about time this gem of a 7” was finally reissued. Uncompromising HC Punk with a killer production that is raw yet powerful! “High on War” has got to be one of the best songs by any German Punk band in the 80s, but the other two songs are great, too. The packaging on this one is pretty deluxe and really does the music justice: The EP comes in a heavy silk screened cardboard sleeve, a printed dust sleeve, plus an insert with liner-notes by Tom Schwoll (Zerstörte Jugend etc.). Here is your chance to pick this one up at a normal price 31 years after it originally came out!

BLACK MARKET BABY "potential suicide" (Doctor Strange) - 4€
Κυκλοφόρησε πριν από 30 χρόνια περίπου από την Limp Records και εξαφανίστηκε πολύ γρήγορα. Περιέχει δύο ακυκλοφόρητες ζωντανές εκτελέσεις του «America's Youth» και «Killing Time» από το συναυλιάδικο 9:30 Club το 1984 με την επιμέλεια του Tom Lyle των Government Issue, ενώ τα στουντιακά κομμάτια ηχογραφήθηκαν στο Inner Ear (Minor Threat, S.O.A., Teen Idles). Προφανώς, προτείνεται σε φίλους των Minor Threat και Government Issue, αλλά και των Bad Brains και Necros.

BLANK SPELL st (World Gone Mad) - 6

Debut 7" from this rad hardcore band out of Philadelphia. Maybe it's the heavy chorus effect on the guitar or maybe it's the fact that they're from Philly, but Blank Spell remind me quite a lot of Sorry State favorites Sickoids. In addition to those two common characteristics, Blank Spell also have those really interesting, quick rhythmic changes that are such a big part of the Sickoids sound. Additionally, while the main vocalist is a woman she seems to use her vocals in a similar way to Rob from Sickoids; like his, they're really distinctive and powerful, but not really "catchy" by any conventional definition of the term. Instead, it's like the vocals are used as a supplementary rhythmic instrument that augments and accents what the drums are doing. All of these Sickoids comparisons aren't meant to imply that Blank Spell are some kind of Sickoids rip-off--they're definitely their own thing--but it does imply that if you like(d?) what Sickoids are doing, then you will most certainly like what Blank Spell is doing. If you like your hardcore DIY as hell and dense with interesting ideas definitely give this a listen. The packaging on this is also really nice, with some really cool illustrations and lettering on the front and back and a big fold-out poster insert that follows a similar aesthetic. Definitely recommended listening.

BLOOD SUCKERS "night of the sadist" (Hardware) - 5€
You might remember the crushing Blood Suckers - Crush To Dust 12" from earlier this year?! Meanwhile they went on a small European tour with their brother in URBNANOIA and recorded a couple of new songs which will be released as a six song 7" next months as well.

BORN WRONG "holding cell" (Schizophrenic) – 3
Holding Cell, a frantic follow up to their debut S/T 7″, again harnesses the band’s untameable live show. This steamroller never loses momentum as they charge through five angry and honest mid-tempo rippers. BORN WRONG proves hardcore doesn’t have to be blown out and drowning in feedback to be aggressive. A smart, progressive, and agitating follow up release.

BORN WRONG "art district" (Skull Crasher/ Schizophrenic) - 3
Hamilton, Ontario’s BORN WRONG return with their most raw and driving 7″ to date, unleashing four dynamic punk/HC tracks that truly capture their unhinged live assault. Expect the same cohesive, slightly deformed, song structures with even more chaotic vocals. Pounding piss-blood drums and tone heavy guitars. Each Art District 7″ comes packaged in a hand silk screened obi.

BRAIN KILLER - s/t (Deranged) - 5€
Debut 7” from Massachussetts hardcore band – BRAIN KILLER. Fast, noisy, powerful hardcore with heavy influence from Japanese hardcore like BASTARD / DISCLOSE and straight forward American hardcore like DEATHREAT.

BRAIN KILLER 2nd (Vinyl Rites) - 5€
Picking up where 2011’s "every actual state is corrupt" left off, this is the new 7" of hardcore music from Boston’s BRAIN KILLER. Mixing CRUCIFIX, DEATHREAT, and driving Japanese hardcore. BRAIN KILLER have made their most powerful and mature release yet. Really it just sounds like a hardcore DISCHARGE, but what else would you want? The best song writing - distilling riffs into simpleness with no filler!

THE BRISTLES "don´t give up" (Threat From The Past) - 4

The Bristles from Landskrona, Sweden were formed in the year 1982, the band name was inspired by the title of the G.B.H. album "Leather, Bristles, Studs And Acne". THE BRISTLES started their career in the beginning of the second wave of Punk and were influenced by bands like THE EXPLOITED and developed from Punk with OI! influences to a Raw Punk band. Together with swedish bands like ASTA KASK, SÖTLIMPA, EXISTENZ, MODERAT LIKVIDATION, NONCENS, E.A.T.E.R., ANTI-CIMEX and many others, THE BRISTLES were the new breed of fast playing bands that released mostly singles and played a lot of gigs. The band broke up in 1985 and re-united first time in 1996 and since 2008 the band is fully active again.
"Don´t Give Up" originally was released in 1983 on BRISTLES PUNK AND SKIN RECORDS from Sweden, this here is the first legit re-release on the original 7" format.

BURNING LOVE "down so long b/w medicine man" (Deathwish) - 4€
Burning Love are an unapologetic punk band from Toronto, fronted by vocalist/lyricist Chris Colohan (Cursed, Left For Dead, Ruination, etc). Burning Love's approach is more nuanced than his previous bands. Mixing raw melody and swagger (akin to Laughing Hyenas, Poison Idea, etc) into their hardcore blood. Since 2007, Burning Love have released a number of records on labels like Deranged, High Anxiety, and Southern Lord.
"Down So Long" b/w "Medicine Man" is a two song banger of an EP, recorded by Josh Korody at Candle in Toronto (Fucked Up, etc). Opener "Down So Long" emerges from ghostly feedback with an unrelenting punk romp. Lyrically addressing the social chaos of our world askew, despite the illusion of military and political order. While the infectious "Medicine Man" addresses fashionable drug addiction in the punk world, despite the trail of havoc that it cuts through the most wounded of world populations.

CAUSTIC DEFIANCE "caustic defiance" (Kangaroo) - 5€
Caustic Defiance was the band the Stepe brothers formed after Negative Element broke up and they were forced to relocate to central IL in a farm town far removed from any sort of punk rock scene. Instead of throwing their hands up in the air and decide to start working the farm, the brothers brought punk rock to Peoria and put that town on the punk rock map. Unlike Negative Element, Caustic Defiance never put out any records, they simply recorded a bunch of songs as a demo tape that unfortunately mostly sat in a shoebox. This 12-song 7" is taken from their 1983 demo tape and that band was pretty much a straight up hardcore band typical for that period of time and could easily hold its own up against any of the “well known” bands of that time.

CUT OFF st (Scarecrow/7inch) - 6
In the fall of 2015 Cut Off entered the studio and recorded ten tracks in order to release a 7 inch. Shortly afterwards the band dissolved and the release was postponed.... but only for a few months.
In the fall of '16 along 7inch distro and the band we decided to release the record as soon as possible. The 7" includes 10 tracks of fast hardcore, this time the sound is dirtier compared to the bands LP. The 7" is released in 250 black copies.

CUTTING THROUGH "demo" (Refuse) - 6€
Hailing from the dark and dreary town of Portland, OR, Cutting Through plays late-'80s inspired straight edge hardcore, taking influence from Bold, Youth of Today and Norwegian favorites Sportswear. Featuring members who played in bands GET THE MOST, UNRESTRAINED, FIRED UP and SAFE AND SOUND. This vinyl reissue of their demo-tape is one-time pressing limited to 535 copies and it's coming out as a co-release between Refuse Records and Can't Keep Us Down Records.

DARK AGES "vicious lie" (Cowabunga) - 4€
Dark Ages represent Kansas City, MO and bring a mid-'80s thrash sound with some progressive styles and a serious Christ On Parade or "Pain Of Mind"-era Neurosis influence.

DEAD NATION "painless" (Kangaroo) - 4€
Painless was last record from Dead Nation. WhenEP was relased, Dead Nation were breaking up because Matt Molnar already left the band few months before and since he was one of the main founders of Dead Nation, other members decided to break up the band and start a new band which was TEAR IT UP.  If you haven´t this record for some reason, now this is your chance to finally rectify that mistake.
DEVOUR "insect circuitry" (Headcount) - 4€
Raw and unpolished hardcore punk from North Carolina, DEVOUR fused together their love for first wave early 80's American punk/crossover and Japanese hardcore.

DIALLO “diagram of a scam" (Yellow Dog) – 4€
Η πρώτη κυκλοφορία (από τέσσερις, συνολικά) ενός σχήματος που, δυστυχώς, δεν υφίσταται πλέον. Πολύ βαρύ, γρήγορο d-beat, με metal αρμονικές, απελπισμένα φωνητικά και σκοτεινά riffs. Για πολύ headbanging για όσους αγαπούν τη νέα σκηνή της Σουηδίας (Wolfbrigade, Victims κλπ), αλλά και τους Neurosis, Talk Is Poison, Artimus Pyle και From Ashes Rise.

DIALLO st (Test Pattern) - 4€
Δευτερη κυκλοφορία των Diallo οποι παίζουν πολύ βαρύ crust / hardcore με πολλές επιρροές από His Hero Is Gone (στιχουργικά και μουσικά), σκληρά φωνητικά και συγκρατημένα μελωδικά περάσματα.

DIRTY WOMBS “wrecked youth” (Imminent Destruction/Desolate) - 5

Dirty Wombs γιορτάσουν τα  πέντε χρόνια ύπαρξης με καινουργιο εφταρι.

THE DOG  "the value of life is negative" (Scarecrow) - 3
Οι The Dog προέρχονται από την Πολωνία και παίζουν γρήγορο "in your face" power violence hardcore σε φάση Infest/Cut Off/Trash Talk. Το εφτάρι θα είναι διαθέσιμο σε τρεις εκδόσεις. Απλή έκδοση σε μαύρο ή διάφανο βινύλιο οι οποία θα κοστίζει 5 ευρώ και αριθμημένη limited έκδοση με εξτρά εξώφυλλο (μεταξοτυπία) 8 Ευρώ. Τα 3 Ευρώ διαφοράς στην τιμή πάνε στο Πολωνικό ίδρυμα Znajdki που ασχολείται με τα αδέσποτα ζώα και έχει πολύ ανάγκη από χρήματα. Από σήμερα ξεκινάμε preorder για την περιορισμένη έκδοση, όσα preorder γίνουν τόσα εξτρά εξώφυλλα θα φτιάξουμε. Οποίος/οποία θέλει να βοηθήσει ας μου στείλει email/pm.

THE DOG "fountain of youth" (Long Walk) - 3€
Fountain Of Youth” is the second EP by Polish band The Dog. Fast, furious hardcore punk with harsh screams, razor sharp guitars, and a classic feeling that will bring back some of the good memories of VOID, SSD, and old AGNOSTIC FRONT tunes. With a solid dose of anti social phobia, negative visions, and a restoration of punk disorder, this 7” is a perfect accompaniment to all the rage and anger that’s trapped inside your bodies.

EXECUTIONER "fix me / hellbound" (Patac) - 6€
Fast and furious hardcore punk from San Jose recorded way back in 1982! Playing gigs with punk pioneers such as Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Social Distortion, Crucifix, Fang, Faction, etc. Executioner stood out with crazed vocals, killer guitar solos, stop on a dime changes and a strong Anti-War message, they helped to develop the Californian punk sound by bringing in heavy UK influence from bands such as G.B.H. and Discharge.
First time on vinyl. The first pressing is limited to 600 copies. Cover art by Winston Smith. (Dead Kennedys, Green Day, Lard, Ben Harper)

FLESH WORLD "planned obsolescence" (No Patience) - 5€
Devastating noisy hardcore from Australia mixing classic USHC power with the intensity and aggression of Italian greats such as WRETCHED and INDIGESTI. This is the vinyl pressing of their cassette only EP from 2011, criminally overlooked and almost lost to time, a cult record in the making. Claustrophobic and chaotic, one of the most over looked Australian hardcore punk records of the last 5 years. Members of TEARGAS, PATHETIC HUMAN, THE ZINGERS, LAKES, RATSAK, and more. Record comes shrinkwrapped, on blood red vinyl, housed in a red and black jacket.

FLITOX ‎"n° 1" (Euthanasie) - 6€
Reissue of this rare 7" from1986, one of the 1st french punk hardcore band, 4 tracks with insert, orange sleeve.

FRONT LINE "basic training" (Beach Impediment) - 6€
After having been in limbo for the better part of 30 years, we are proud to bring you the long lost "BASIC TRAINING" E.P. by Norfolk, VA's FRONT LINE. Commonly known as the "Second Demo" by tape traders over the years, this was recorded in October of 1982 shortly before the band imploded, leading to the formation of BONESAW and eventually GOD'S WILL. "BASIC TRAINING" features 10 tracks of primal and vicious USHC not unlike fellow Virginians WHITE CROSS with whom they shared the stage many times over their brief existence. Select tracks from this session would go on to be featured on compilations like THE MASTER TAPE VOL. 2 on Paul Mahern's Affirmation Records (along side bands like MECHT MENSCH, ZERO BOYS, NO LABELS, and many more) and the legendary all Virginia TARANTULA ON MY COCK tape that guitarist Jeff Clites would release in 1983, but this is the first time all of these songs have officially appeared together the way they were meant to. Raging Southern Hardcore at it's finest. Comes in a glue pocket sleeve containing a 7"x14" insert with liner notes and a collage of photos and flyers from the band's year long run, along with a sticker and a download code.

FROM ASHES RISE "rejoice the end b/w rage of sanity" (Southern Lord) - 5
From Ashes Rise is a legendary punk/hardcore band that along with bands like Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone has helped pioneer what is defined as modern crust punk. This 7" is the band's first release since 2003's "Nightmare."

GERANIUM / FINISTERRE split (Contraszt!) - 3

Both bands have been around for some time now and maintain a long-lasting friendship, that is finally pressed on this little piece of vinyl !
FINISTERRE from Cologne / Germany deliver two excellent songs, probably their most matured and outstanding output ever.
Their previous one-sided 12" "Hexis" already guided the direction and Finisterre take up this path and follow it further, playing an intense and dark style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, and sludge, within their distinct own sound. Hardcore with a crust edge - dark & sometimes melodic, with great female vocals and deep political lyrics!
On the other side - GERANIÜM from Strassbourg / France with one long songs full of anger and despair. Incredibly brutal! They have been playing a lot since their last years LP and should be well known to everyone into HC / Neo-Crust à la Ekkaia and Alpinist.

GET RAD "choose ÿour own adventure" (Halo Of Flies) - 3€
Οι GET RAD (μέλη από Herds, Seven Days of Samsara και Since By Man), μετά το LP «I Can Always Live» επιστρέφουν με νέο εφτάρι. Πέντε μεταδοτικά hardcore τραγούδια γεμάτα ταχύτητα και δύναμη.

GUTTER s/t (Self Released) - 5
Καινούριο εφτάρι απο τους Gutter. 5 κομμάτια. Δυναμίτης!

HACESJA "ultrafastnoisecore" (Refuse) - 4€
Straight from the depths of the Polish underground in the early 90's, Hacesja from Poznań was a band active between 1990-1992. More of a powerful example of youthful enthusiasm than musical skills, they still prove to this day how young idealist DIY scene members in Poland at that time had a motivation so strong that they inspired people to start making their own noise in basements all over the country. It was a time that was all about connections and networking and the members of Hacesja were heavily involved in tape-trading all over the world. The raw, noisy and downright primitive sound of Hacesja reflects their fascination of more extreme HC sounds and bands like Lärm, Neos, Siege or Infest, or even early grindcore. The lyrics and (anti)music give the impression that these three youngsters were well entertained themselves, likely while making their neighbors go insane. Hacesja was one of the very first bands in Poland to promote straight-edge. Drummer of this band, Adam Szulc started after that the most significant Polish Straight Edge band: Cymeon X. In 1990 Hacesja released a tape on US label Aneurysm Tapes with rehearsal and live recordings. This 7" contains the rehearsal side of the tape. It contains 8 songs including an Infest cover. It's strictly limited to 220 copies. It comes with a 12-page booklet including notes from each member and reprints of old interviews from "Maximum RocknRoll" and "Jersey Beat". 

HEARTLESS "certain death" (Halo of Flies) - 5€
After their full-length in 2011 ("Hell Is Other People" - Southern Lord) Heartless returns with eight new blasts of steel city hardcore. This is the pure, relentless fury delivered in the same style as Integrity, Nails, and Cursed that they've built a reputation on show after show, tour after tour. 7" includes digital download.

HELLSTORM st (7inch Distro) - 5
This is the forth vinyl release of the Greek D-Beat leaders HELLSTORM and the first as a 7''. Two D-Beat/Crust, Stench Core tracks with a BOLT THROWER and SLAYER touch. Lmtd 478 on black vinyl and 30 on black vinyl + sticker + mini poster. 

HEVN "what goes around comes around" (Sjakk Matt Plater ) - 5€
Οι Hevn (μέλη από KORT PROSESS και Jinriksha), όπως οι Summon The Crows, 2.20 και Going Under, αποτελούν τη νέα ουσιαστική πρόταση στη σκηνή της χώρας τους. Ήχος βαρύς, σε μεσαίες ταχύτητες, με βάρβαρα γυναικεία φωνητικά και δυνατό πολιτικό μήνυμα, με σαφείς επιρροές από Rudimentary Peni, Anti-Schism και Kort Prosess και So Much Hate με πολλή δύναμη, οργή και χαρακτήρα.

HJERTESTOP "aarh, fuck... det er hjertestop!" (Fashionable Idiots) - 4€
Following on the heels of their full-length on No Way, Danish punks Hjertestop deliver six melodic, fast hardcore punk numbers in the same style as fellow countrymen Young Wasteners, Arrigt Antrekt and Made Petersens Arme, as well as American Classics like Zero Boys.

INTEGRITY "walpurgisnacht" (A389) - 5€
INTEGRITY's first release for A389. Featuring two exclusive tracks recorded between 'To Die For' and 'The Blackest Curse' LP wrapped in iconic artwork that has been used everywhere from tattoos to resurfaced cafe tables!

KNUSTE RUTER "var det bare en løgn" (Sjakk Matt) - 5€ -
Πολύ καλό EP με έξι τραγούδια από τους Νορβηγούς KNUSTE RUTER (σημαίνει «σπασμένα παράθυρα»!), που αποτελούνται από μέλη των HEVN και SUMMON THE CROWS. Ωστόσο, το παίξιμό τους παραπέμπει στις κλασικές μπάντες των 80s, όπως STENGTE DØRER και SO MUCH HATE. Σφυριχτές κιθάρες, μπουκωμένα σολαρίσματα, εκρηκτικά hardcore ξεσπάσματα και σκληρά φωνητικά συνθέτουν την εικόνα των KNUSTE RUTER. Μαζί και αφίσα! Ακούστε τους εδώ:

LIFEWRECK st (Self Release) - 5
Powerviolence/Hardcore από Αθήνα.

LIVING UNDER LIES "out of fuel" (Primary Thoughts / Discontent) - 3
Featuring a member of talk is poison, portland’s living under lies pumps out four songs of raging machine gun thrashing hardcore that will definate make fans of the “prank” sound get up and listen.

LOST LANDS "body of habit" (Man in Decline) - 4
Filthy, low, fast, and heavy. Lost Lands take the sensibilities of Scandinavian hardcore and mix it with a healthy dose of driving rage and abyss-bound ambition. "Body of Habit" 7" is four songs of rounded melodic riffing and secular speculation that references the minor tonality of d-beat concurrent with the misery-laden resonance of doom. Covering topics as disparate as the nature of language as a point of contention, obsession with celebrity royalty, and the ambitious drive toward self-oblivion the running time of 10 minutes offers much in the way of topical commentary and inherent anger. "Body of Habit" will be available in clear gold, clear blue, and black vinyl variations, all packaged in a die-cut jacket that folds around the record. Lost Lands features members and former member of Faded Grey, Stay Gold, Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Dangers, and Champion.

LOVE POTION "intimacy" (RSR) - 5

Early 90s danish Hardcore in the vein of Death Token style reminding of Gasmask Terror, in that they both play fast and dirty not PC hardcore that just skirts crust territory, but never quite crosses the line, and instead favors tighter playing and more memorable riffs. Great vocals on this one, too. This is a great 3 Tracks record, but not for PC addicted guys. Awesome artwork by Sugi, limited to 500.

MARTYRDöD / ADRESTIA "in solidarity with rojava" - 5€

Benefit EP, limited on 500 copies!
"In Solidarity With Rojava" is a split EP featuring two intense hardcore crust bands from Sweden. Martyrdöd shouldn't need any further introduction, the band has been delivering high quality crust punk since 2001, and today they have established themselves as a leading band in the genre.
Adrestia is a relatively new band, even though some of the members might be familiar because of their previous work in bands such as Shades Of Grey and Massmord. This EP is their first official release.
The bands contribute with two songs each. The Martyrdöd side of the EP starts with "Harmagedon", a song previously released on the "List" LP from 2016. It continues with a previously unreleased track called "Harmagedon part 2".
The Adrestia side features "Opium", as well as "The Sun Of Rojava", a tribute to the freedom fighters of Rojava. "The Sun Of Rojava" can also be heard of their debut album "The Art Of Modern Warfare", which will be released later this year.
However, the purpose of this EP goes beyond music. In a common statement the bands declare that this is a benefit record for Rojava, and that all profit from the sales of the record will go directly to Rojava.
They emphasize the similarities between the anarchist ideology often seen as the fundament of the crust punk scene, and the political system in Rojava.
The bands have created their own label/support organization called "Punks For Rojava" (
www.punksforrojava.org) solely for the purpose of supporting Rojava, and besides the release of this EP there are more project with the same purpose coming up.


MONSTER / DAYMARES - split (Mind Over Matter/Brown) - 4€
Κάθε μπάντα με δυο καινούργια κομάτια. Οι Monster από το Βερολίνο σε κλασικό για αυτούς δυνατό hardcore/crust. Οι Daymares από τη Βαρσοβία με σκοτεινό μεταλλικό hardcore/crust.

MONSTER X - st (Ebullition) - 3€
Straight Edge Grind Core, βάρβαρο και κακάσχημο από τους Monster X σε μία εγγυημένα καταστροφική ηχητική επίθεση αλλά με θετικό μήνυμα και ποιότητα που θα αντιληφθούν μόνο όσοι μπορέσουν να αντέξουν τα αλλεπάλληλα κύματα καφρίλας!

NATURAL LAW "spring trash" (Hardware) - 5€
These 4 songs originally came out in 2010 as a self-released tape. Hailing from the New Jersey and New York areas, NATURAL LAW cultivate a gritty, rough, superbly '80s sound on their "spring trash" demo. The songs which vary from frantic hardcore lunacy to floorboard rattling pounders usher for its rumbling 6min. existence. NATURAL LAW is by no means complicated, but this is an excellent starting point, especially for a demo tape.

NERVOUS TREND "shattered b/w decency" (Black Wire) - 6€
Perth, Australia’s NERVOUS TREND releases their first 7″ EP as a split release with RESIDUE RECORDS (USA), SCHWARMA (USA), and BLACK WIRE RECORDS (Australia). These two songs combine a hypnotic melody and heartbeat rhythm that will not leave you alone. Dark, haunting music with empowering lyrics that feel and move through each song. This band breaks the current mold of punk and post-punk by blending both so damn perfect. In this day and age, this record needs to be listened to… and often.

POISON PLANET “undermine” (Third X Party) - 5€
Five dissonant tirades of personal and political resistance inspired as much by Howard Zinn and Naomi Klein as they are by The Repos, Positive Reinforcement, Discharge, and DYS. This is hardcore punk meant to communicate ideas, not just be the soundtrack for your latest dance moves. Comes in a glued pocket sleeve with a 7"x11" lyric/explanation sheet.

PROCRASTINATE "ideals to burn" (Scarecrow) - 5
Τρια καινούργια κομμάτια απο τους Καρδιτσιώτες.
Three new songs from this Greek crust combo. For fans of: Tragedy & Skitsystem.

THE PROJECTIONS "detroit punk rock history repeats itself" (Rave Up) - 5€
The Projections was a punk / powerpop / garage band formed in Detroit in the early 80s.
Mario Micheli (bass, vocals and littering), Tony Samuels (drums) and Johnny Spark (known outside of Detroit music circles as John Micheli, guitars, vocals and attitude). 
In March of 1982, the band recorded their 7" 'Hyperactive/Individual', a solid punk wave two sider now really collectable. This EP contains their original recordings, the re-mastered 2009 versions and one great unreleased original tune!

PROPAGANDHI "how to clean a couple o' things" (Fat Wreck) - 5€
If you love Propagandhi's first album on Fat "How To Clean Everything" then you'll love this 7". The first side is an unrelased but the second side is one of their songs from the first album.

PROTESTANT "antagonist" (Halo of Flies) - 4€
Protestant from Wisonsin, USA, deliver three tracks of exploding and brutal hardcore. The main path here is dark and powerful hardcore with hard rhythms and thundering beats, but Protestant are a lot more hardcore than that with their speed and aggressiveness, and the music takes more than one turn with the occasional doom-laden riffs lurking around one corner and blastbeats around another. The guitar work on here also brings forth thoughts of black metal from time to time with their evil sounding harmonies. There's more to this band than the average "dark and heavy hardcore band" and there's another level of depth that many others lack. Spitting vocals, ravelling riffs, and an alternation and combination of the crushing rhythms and rapid deliverances makes the word "powerful" seem like an understatement when it comes to the three tracks on this piece of wax. Screen-printed cover with an 8-page booklet.

RAKTA "tudo que e sólido" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 5€
Brazil's RAKTA unleash two new tracks of eerie and atmospheric post punk. From the moment the songs start you will find yourself trapped in a cave of beautiful, yet haunting tunes, in most cases, people will want to seek a way out, in Rakta's case, you will never want to leave. 'Tudo Que E Solido' is an instant nugget that fits somewhere between BLOOD AND ROSES and THE DOORS. It's driven by the tom tom work and the insistent and drone like keyboard work. The track builds and builds into a dark cresendo. On the flip is 'Serpente' - a 6 minute and 15 seconds dirge that's part SIOUXIE AND THE BANSHEES' 'Lord's Prayer' and part 'Ballet Bag' demo era RUBELLA BALLET.
The record comes housed in a  beautifully put together booklet sleeve wraparound with printed inner sleeves with art by guitarrist Laura Del Vecchio Lança.

RAW NERVES "burnt skin" (Inimical) - 4€
Raw Nerves follows up the well recieved LP and 7" from last year with another short burst of politically minded rage. Forever unappologetically out of step with current trends, Raw Nerves cannot fall in line with the current crop of apolitical punk and hardcore. Offering up three songs railing against religion, misogyny and apathetic punk culture. As always, their release coincides with touring that will see them take their message directly to the people whether they want to hear it or not.

RED LONDON "pride and passion" (Mad Butcher) - 4

Reissue of Red London's 1987 5-song EP originally released on 12" back in the days. Rare and great stuff of these Sunderland legends.

REGULATIONS "different needs" (Havoc) - 4€
The 3rd release on Ny Våg by the greatest swedish Hardcore band existing today! This is the third single (1 full length and 1 great 12!" also under their belt) from the REGULATIONS and it gives you more of everything that you love about these guys, 4 songs of angry, undeniable energy in the vein of THE GERMS, ADOLESCENT and CIRCLE JERKS. This is the real deal!

RIXE "baptême du feu" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 6€
French Oi! poster boys Rixe return with EP number three. Again it's a four tracker and there is no let up in the quality. It's full of snarl, bite and anthems. Tenter Le Diable starts the onslaught with some immense tom tom work before heading into another classic Rixe Oi! pounder. Paris-Est begins with a military beat before the guttural vocals and crunching guitars come in and smash you over the head. Every part of this two minutes and 53 seconds song is precise and perfect pop. Condamné is a straight down the line Oi! smash full of hate and bile and that Rixe wall of sound we know and love already. Last cut Hécatombe is a total head nodder that has bounce and a chorus to either die for or sing-a-long to Three EPs in and Rixe continue to take Oi! to new heights.
As it is a tradition on the Rixe 7” trilogy Baptême Du Feu 7" comes housed in a reverse board sleeve with collaborative artwork between Nick Rat and Maxime Smadja. Comes with lyric insert and download code.

S.H.I.T. "i" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 6€
S.H.I.T. have been one of the best bands doing it live and on record for a few years now and here on their fourth 7" (and first since 2014) they reassert their place as mainstays of Toronto's killer scene by serving up four more tracks of total hardcore moving forward through chaos. Insidiation blowing a wild storm hung around an unstoppable chugging riff, panic and terror building as the song pounds onwards. Incorporation shifting from warped siren blare to terrible tear. Barks of frustration, howls of anger, emerging from the bruising punk squall, anguished and disgusted. A record that careers with breakneck verve from sinister pulse to blazing hardcore bombardment.
S.H.I.T.S’s new EP artwork was designed by the greatest Teodoro Hernández and comes with a download code.

THE SCAM "everything ends in rot" (Antidoto) - 9
Dark metallic Hardcore from New Hampshire. Recorded at Double Edge studios in June of 1986. For fans of Void, Die Kreuzen etc. This was released by Ax/ction Records, they also recorded songs for 2 Ax/ction compilations and an unreleased LP.  Comes with fold-out lyric insert and sticker. Each copy is hand numbered on the label of side B. Official reissue.

SEDATIVES "teenage runaway" (Erste Theke) - 5€
Yes it is true - the Ottawa Boys strike back. The energetic melodies that blast through every SEDATIVES song, are simple and mind blowing. The harmonizing vocals of the 4 gentleman are the perfect balance of aggression and sincerity while the predominant bass, the organ and drumbeats keep the motivating energy that drives their music. The SEDATIVES dared to go step further and once more set a landmark in the little mundo punko with this new record that will shake your heart and legs. You will never be disappointed with this 7"!

SELF ABUSE  "(i didn't wanna be a) soldier" (Antidoto) - 9

Formed back in 1982, Self Abuse released "Soldier" EP in 1983, before they called it a day only 2 years later. On 29th December 1984 they played to a packed out Pembroke Arms in Bournemouth only for the group to split up before 1985 had even started. This is official reissue.

SENSUURI "kirjoitan seinään" (Svart) - 3€
Finnish punks Sensuuri ("Censorship"), infulenced by Ramones and Buzzcocks, released their first single in 1979 when the guys were only 15-16 years old. The a-side of Kirjoitan Seinään ("I Write On The Wall") was an instant hit with it's angsty lyrics and is now considered one of the classic tracks of finnish punk. A hastily made debut album was released later on same year for mixed reviews and then a couple of 7 inchers more, but nothing like the first single emerged and Sensuuri's career was over after only a year. Drummer Pasi Pakarinen joined later the Ramones style group Pojat and guitarist/songwriter Costello Hautamäki became a notable person in finnish rockscene, most known for his membership in "The Rolling Stones of Finland", Popeda.

SEX PRISONER "demo 2009" (To Live A Lie) - 5€
You have probably heard their self titled EP, the State Property EP, and most likely you've heard tracks from their three way split with ACXDC and MAGNUM FORCE but before any of that the band recorded a vicious and raw demo that was put out on a limited tape. If you haven't heard any SEX PRISONER then you're in for a treat. They hail from Tuscon, Arizona and from their music it must be an awful place because their music is beyond pissed. They fold in equal amounts of angry modern hardcore and blasting powerviolence to make a cacophony of scathing noise. The original 2009 demo material was expertly cleaned up by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound and pressed as a limited release on vinyl for your listening pleasure.

SICK MORMONS st (Demonomania) - 4€
Τέσσερις πάνκηδες από το Amsterdam που θα ήθελαν να έχουν γεννηθεί τριάντα χρόνια νωρίτερα και να μένουν στην νότια California. Για φίλους των Articles of Faith, Social Distortion, Adolescents, Agent Orange, Bad Religion κλπ.

SICK MORMONS "why does shit keep falling from the sky?" (Gummopunx) - 4€
Το συγκεκριμένο ΕΡ του συγκροτήματος από το Amsterdam είναι λίγο πιο σκοτεινό από τις προηγούμενες δουλειές τους, αλλά δεν υστερεί ούτε σε μελωδία ούτε σε αμεσότητα. Τέσσερα αξιόλογα hardcore τραγούδια για κατεστραμμένα αγόρια και κορίτσια, με ήχο που σε στέλνει στα πρώτα συγκροτήματα της Νοτίου Καλιφόρνιας και ιδίως τους ADOLESCENTS.

SICK PEOPLE "in my nightmare" (Urban Rage) - 3€
2nd EP from this hardcore punk band out of Brisbane, Australia. Big, mean, and menacing, Sick People fit comfortably in that category of gnarly, oi!-inflected hardcore made popular in recent years by bands with the word "Violent" in their name (i.e. Future, Outburst, Reaction, etc.). There have been a lot of imitators of this style lately, but Sick People are worth contenders to the throne... the production on this is both huge and slightly raw, and the drums crush forward at an absolutely perfect moshable pace, with the occasional pause for a ripping, Negative Approach-type fast part. While Australia has been killing it with post-punk lately, it's rare to find a totally legit US-style hardcore band from there, but this EP from Sick People sticks out from a pretty crowded pack. Great packaging, too, including a lushly illustrated fold-over jacket and LP-style printed inner sleeve.

SIGNAL LOST "you'll never get us down again" (Trujaca Fala) - 4€
Austin,Texas's SIGNAL LOST's second record follows their debut LP in an inventive mix of melodic guitars,impassioned female vocals, and mid-tempo Hardcore-edged punk rock with a hint of garage, new wave and '77 punk. These four diverse tracks-From a melodic mid-tempo charger to the bands fastest, most hardcore material are the debut of new drummer Chris, who previously was in SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and is currently also in J-CHURCH. Guitarist Stan, who was previously in BALANCE OF TERROR and DEATHREAT, produced and recorded this stripped down recording which highlights his raw HUSKER DU -ish guitar sound.

SLUGZ "empty space" (Cowabunga) - 4€
Slugz were a band I caught the name of either on fliers for a bit of time online or fliers I'd randomly get from VA friends but never heard em' until I got the 'Suit and Tie' EP last year off Sam and had my mind blown. Pefect blend (to these ears) of late 70's punk, 1980-81 HC, garage punk/rock and rockin' riffs. Plus to make it a bit different from the rest, vocalist Sam (Sam is also the name of their guitarist, who you may know best from Got Myself zine infamy!) is intense as it gets, screaming and howling and its very non traditional for this style of punk but it totally works! I can't try and sell you anymore on this, this is truly solid stuff from a bunch of talented youths.

SOUNDKRASH "shipwreck" (WAK) - 3
Brutal metallic hardcore from Athens, "shipwreck" is their first release since their debut mcd released two years ago.

STRIP THE THREADS "won't hold back" (Not Just aWords) - 3€
Strip The Threads is comprised of ex members from Reaching Forward, Abusive Action, Product X, Know Your Enemy, etc.. so you know they have the skills! Check it out and support while it last, its only 300 copies pressed on seven inch format. For the likes of Hands Tied, Chain Of Strength and Mouthpiece.

SUFFERING MIND / GUANTANAMO PARTY PROGRAM - split (Halo of Flies Records) - 3
Polish grind vs Polish post hardcore/doom. Suffering Mind blast out three tracks in their now classic fashion. Guantanamo Party Program puts one long track in vein of early Amen Ra, Cult Of Luna. 500 copies. Heavy foldover covers and insert, plus download code.

SYNDROME 81 / URBAN SAVAGE - split  (Primator Crew/Offside) - 5€
New songs from Brest, France's punks Syndrome 81 and Urban Savage from Malmö, Sweden.
Syndrome 81

Urban Savage

TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET "mutilate me" (Fat Wreck) - 6€
Since the debut of their breakout release "they came from the shadows" in 2009, the pop-punk powder keg known as TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET has been on a relentless (and successful) mission to bring their frenzied and fun-filled brand of music to the masses. A 3-song 7", "mutilate me" features 2 freshly penned TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET songs as well as a rousing version of the BAD RELIGION classic "henchman".

VOWELS "chained″ (Vendetta) - 3
Vowels is a new hardcore band from Germany, featuring members of JULITH KRISHUN and TANGLED LINES. VOWELS play raging hardcore kinda like the Youth Attack Records sound.

VOWELS "chxxned (sxssxxn)" Refuse) - 3€
Vowels out of Dresden, Germany attacking your ears with their second 7" release. It contains 6 songs (incl. BIG BOYS cover) recorded on the same session as their debut 7" on Vendetta Records. If you dig powerviolence, fastcore or straight edge - or all this things combined - don't sleep on this band. Half of the line-up was active in THE TANGLED LINES but the list of the bands they've been or they are active in is longer than their songs. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth (Vaccine, Failures, Orchid) at Dead Air Studios. Artwork by Paul Barsch.

WARCRY "nausea" (Warcry) - 6
Fronted by Todd Burdette (Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone), Portland, OR's Warcry continue to stick with their formula of fast, Discharge-influenced, D-beat hardcore, but throwing in elements of Japanese and Scandinavian crust-core as well.

WAR OF DESTRUCTION "normalisering" (Hjernespind) - 5€
Legendary Danish hardcore punks from Århus return with a bang with their first new record in 22 years! Same line-up as in the 80's. Still raw, fast and pissed off. Great! from HJERNESPIND records in Denmark.

YOUTH AVOIDERS "spare parts" (Build Me a Bomb) - 5€
After many delays, the long awaited YOUTH AVOIDERS new record is finally out. "Spare Parts" contains 4 new songs recorded in december 2015, the is the first release since their acclaimed 2013 debut full lenght.

ZERO BOYS "pro-dirt" (1234 Go!) - 6€
The first new Zero Boys recording in 20 years! Pairs nicely with the "Livin' In The 80's" reissue we're doing in terms of speed and tone. Get both while you're here!

V/A "THE DARKNESS IS COMING..." (Chaos w Mojej Glowie) - 3€
This compilation features six of Poland's bands with exclusive/unreleased tracks from Burn the Cross, Social Crisis, Drip Of Lies (Swiat Czarownic cover song), Antichrist (Siekiera cover song)Non President and Infekcja.