ANGELIC UPSTARTS "teenage warning" (Fan Club) - 15
First and ultra classic record available again on vinyl.

AMANDA WOODWARD "discography" (Destructure/Stonehenge) - 3xLP - 26
It has been years in the making ! After several represses, reissues, release projects and ideas that never came out, something big is finally about to see the light of day. Early June, Destructure along with Stonehenge are releasing the long awaited Amanda Woodward collection records. Taking the shape of three LP, it gathers all the previous official releases as well as some unreleased alternate / demo versions of tracks that you've never heard before.
Amanda Woodward started late 1999 in Caen, Normandy. The diy punk scene there at that time was a dozen of enthusiastic kids playing in several bands each. From the ashes of SOAR, SEASON and ALCATRAZ, they started something whose goal was to defy everything they've done before. They have always been challenging punk musical subgenres, never fitting in any style, never being rock, hardcore, emo, and certainly not screamo. It was also time for a new era lyrically speaking, a subtle mix of rage and poetry with a high dose of play on words that remains very influent in french diy punk scene.
In the early 2000 the band has toured extensively, hundreds of shows in more than 20 european countries from Portugal to Russia and did a 5 weeks whole US tour. At the end of a Spanish tour in 2007, they decided they would not play anymore shows before the release of a new album that unfortunately was never written.
As almost all releases were sold out and for sale on the second hand market at stupidily indecent price, it was time to give a second life to these songs. They are coming along with bonus, housed in a beautiful kraft cardboard trifold cover and being sold at the lowest price possible.
Most band members are still active and playing in bands. Singer and lyrics writer Jerome - is in Rouille and is the tattoo artist known as Sztuka Wojny in Barcelona ; Bass player Pierre - is currently in End It and Cemented Minds ; Guitar Player Nico - is in Bleakness, Karysun, Better Off Dead, Marée Noire as well as still running Destructure record label ; late drummer Antoine - is in Nine Eleven and Burning Bright ; early guitar player - Cyrille - is in End It ; early drummer Bastien - is doing Nodwes.
May this collection be the way to end a chapter, it would not have been possible to complete it  correctly without the help and involvement of band members' longtime friends at various stages. All songs have been (re) mastered by Guillaume Doussaud at Swan Sound Studio, he had recorded Meurt La Soif ep and done live sound on few shows as well as recorded related bands (Aussitôt Mort, Karysun, Bleakness, Death Mercedes, Burning Bright...). Pictures used for the artwork has been taken by very talented friend Mathieu Mellec, and lay-out has been done by also very talented and Destructure close collaborator Hugues Le Corre.
You can choose to order two versions of this release ; black vinyl or colored vinyl (there were 300 made of these) and labels webstores have a limited screenprinted poster with artwork by Hugues Puzzle to thank people ordering direct.
Records are pressed, sleeves are on their way to our warehouse, posters are about to be printed. All orders will ship around june the 10th, we are now taking preorders so we will have time to pack carefully your records.

ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE "we are...the league" (Daily) - 18
Limited edition vinyl reissue of the debut album by the Anti-Nowhere League, originally issued on WXYZ Records in 1982!. Despite the obnoxious bands reputation and the legal persecution that the group suffered due to its obscene lyrics the album remained Nº 1 for many weeks in the independent charts and it became from its release day an instant UK Punk Rock Classic!!

BLACK FLAG "demos 1982" (Fan Club) - 15
The only recordings with Chuck Biscuits on drums. Tracks A1 and A2 were never officially released, other tracks are unreleased versions. Great quality boot.

BUSINESS "suburban rebels" (Radiation) - 16
The debut LP by Oi! legends The Business, originally released in 1983. Formed in South London in 1979 the group started playing Oi! concerts in 1981, opening for the 4-Skins. After that they quickly became one of the bigger groups on the UK Oi! scene. This absolute stone cold Oi! clasic includes the Indie Chart hit singles 'Harry May' and 'Smash The Discos' plus the anthemic 'Loud Proud N Punk'.

CHAOS U.K. "floggin' the corpse" (Radiation) - 15
On the LP-format, this is an amazing archival release collecting previously unreleased tracks and 10 great live cuts (recorded in 1983) from the important second wave UK punk band, based near Bristol. Essential punk history!

CHRISTIAN DEATH "only theater of pain" (Restless Empire) - 17
Limited repress on Restless Empire. Gold vinyl. Only Theatre of Pain is the debut studio album by American rock band Christian Death, released in March 24, 1982 by record label Frontier. The album was produced by Christian Death and Thom Wilson. It is considered by most critics to be the harbinger of deathrock.

CIRCLE JERKS "wild in the streets" (Faulty Products) - 16
Wild in the Streets was the second studio album by American hardcore punk band Circle Jerks. It was released on 1982 by Faulty Products, a sub-label of I.R.S. Records. The album featured three cover songs, including the title track, originally by Garland Jeffreys, Just Like Me, originally performed by Paul Revere & the Raiders, and Put a Little Love in Your Heart, originally performed by Jackie DeShannon. The album cover, a photo by punk photographer Ed Colver, featured an image of the band members and others (including Mike Ness of Social Distortion) running in the streets. A classic album, wild, appealingly offensive mixture of crude lyrics and frenetic riffs that made the Circle Jerks.

CRUCIFIX "nineteen eighty four" (Corpus Christi) - 15
Fan press reproduction similar to Exhibit A. compilation by Kustomized Music, only missing is the CBGB live tracks. Classic stuff here: Crucifix 12" EP 1981, Nineteen Eighty-Four 7" EP 1982 + two songs from "Not So Quiet On The Western Front" 2xLP Comp. 1982 and The "Rat Music For Rat People" LP Comp. 1982. Printed black and white insert on glossy 2x2, with pictures, lyrics and liner notes.

DEAD KENNEDYS "live at the old waldorf, sf, oct.25th, 1979" (Suicida) - 16
'KALX FM BROADCAST'- Radio broadcast live recordings of a legendary Dead Kennedys show that took place in SF in 1979, shortly before the release of the band's legendary debut-LP. Included are ripping renditions of classic songs s.a. 'Kill The Poor', 'Holiday In Cambodia', 'California Über Alles', a.m.m.

DEATH "death by metal - reign of terror - the demos" (Fan Club) - 17

Side A from "Death By Metal" Demos 1984
Side B from "Reign Of Terror" Demos 1985
Tracks A6-A9 and B7-B8 are bonus rehearsal tracks, recorded in 1984

DESTRUCTORS "exercise the demons of youth" (Radiation) - 16
The Destructors were a classic UK82-era group originating from Peterborough, north of London and not exactly a hot-bed of punk activity. Rising out of the ashes of the short-lived first wave punk group The Blanks, who released one single in 1979, The Destructors latched onto the second wave sound and never looked back. Featuring liner notes by none other than the legendary Genesis P-Orridge, who wrote "In vinyl we have the ectoplasm of youth. The final psychic rally. A present testament set in present time. Breath in a dead soul. Hanging by a thread. Convinced and betrayed at zero point lies history." Another killer piece of rare UK '80s punk reissued by the fine folks at Radiation.

DISCHARGE "why" (Radiation) - 16
Released in 1981 and packed with amazing anthems like "ain't no feeble bastard" DISCHARGE struck the middle ground between the dark, angry worldview and raw emotion of underground punk and the rowdy rock'n'roll of the better metal bands - when told DISCHARGE sounded like MÖTÖRHEAD, they replied, "they sound like us".

DISCHARGE "hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing" (Radiation) - 16
A re-issue of the skull-splitting debut full length from Britain's hardcore legends. Originally released in 1982, the album is a hurricane of wall-of-sound brutality, delivered with D.I.Y. ethics and an apocalyptic and anti-establishment bravado. In addition to the 14 album tracks you also get several bonus tracks, analog mastered from the original master tapes.

JOY DIVISION "peel sessions" (US Fan Club) - 20
Freaking awesome vinyl reissue of the complete Peel Sessions album originally released in 1990 (which collected the two EPs released in the 80s). The sound quality is excellent and Ian Curtis' vocals come through clearer (less muffled) than the album versions. 8 tracks in all including favorites "Love Will Tear Us Apart, She's Lost Control," and "Transmission." Recommended.

MISFITS "walk among us" (Fan Club) - 16
"Walk Among Us," The Misfits' legendary 1982 debut album, isn't so much a musical milestone as it is an an American music culture milestone. A mixture of 1950s sci-fi and horror imagery, Elvis, rock-a-billy and still fun, funny, creepy and brilliant. A wonderfully crude 13 songs churned out in just 25 minutes and 25 years later still a classic.

MORPHEME "discography" (Agipunk) - 15
NOIZE! NOIZE! NOIZE! The long awaited complete dischography by one of the noisiest bands in the world will be finally available on vinyl and it'll be ready for their forthcoming European tour that will start at K-town warm up show in Malmo. So write on your calendars that you gotta buy some strong earplugs for 15th June coz the ear damaging combo will blow your ear drums up! The LP will feature the Souon Konton Demo (2008), the Earhammer Sessions (2009), their Self Titled EP (2009), their Progressus (split with D-Clone) EP (2009), the Portland Noise-Raid Invasion!!! (2009) and three songs taken from various compilations released between 2009 and 2015. 27 tracks of pure distorted noise!!! Released in 500 copies, don't miss yours!

THE OUTCASTS "self conscious over you" (PHR) - 16
Formed in 1977 in Belfast on the Punk Wave scene rapidly emerging from Northern Ireland. Building a strong local following they signed for the Good Vibrations record label. 'Self Conscious Over You' (Good Vibrations, 1979) was recorded over 5 days at Wizard Studios in Belfast in April 1979 and released 3 months later. Official reissue, remastered with lyrics sheet and photos.

PARALISIS PERMANENTE "singles" (Fan Club) - 16
Inspired by Killing Joke, UK DEcay, Theatre Of Hate and 77 punk rock, Paralisis Permanente formed in Madrid in 1981. This record is an awesome collection of most of this bands (non-bootleg) singles. The music is in Spanish and if you like Alaska y Los Pegamoides (their previous band) then you will love this one. This album's songs and lyrics are dark and is just a great album. I recommend it to whoever likes Paralisis Permanente and will always be a fan of their work and of Eduardo Benavente.

PARTISANS - st (Beat Generation) - 17.50
Replica re-issue of the cover and artwork. 180 g black vinyl. Seminal record for any punk in UK, China or whatever you live, fucker!!!! The Partisans were formed in Wales south in 1978 with the original line-up of Phil Staton-voice, Rob "Spike" Harrington-guitar and backing vocals, Andy Lealand-second guitar, Mark "Shark" Harris-drums and Mark "Savage" Parsons-bass. This line-up will change after one year as Parsons and Staton left the band and Rob took the voice position and entering Louise Wright as bass player. Basically influenced by Sex Pistols, The Clash and Ramones, The Partisans started to cover those bands and playing some own sounds too. On September 1981 they released their first 7" under the label No Future Records, a fantastic single that helped the band to tour with the likes of Blitz, The Ejected and Peter and the Test Tube Babies. On May 1982 they released their second 7" and when 1983 arrived the band's debut LP was out. This debut LP is one of the seminal steps on British punk for sure, a record that still sound fresh and strong after 3o years. Beat Generation is more than proud to announce the re-issue of this legendary record on 180 grams vinyl with the same cover and inside artwork and stricted limited to 500 copies.

PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES "soberphobia" (Restless Empire) - 17
This is the 5th studio album by Peter and the Test Tube Babies released in 1986 and contains such hits like All About Love, Every Second Counts, Key To The City, etc. Great tuneful Punk Rock from these Punk legends.

PLASTICHEADS "nowhere to run" (Ugly Pop) - 20
Heading up the new crop of Toronto outfits, these ignoroids blaze through ten tracks of rough buzzsaw scorch with speed and hooks to spare think 77 (Dils, Weirdos) meets 82 (Angry Samoans, Zero Boys) with a healthy side Lazy Cowgirls and early Humpers. Members of Career Suicide and Flesh Rag, so you know whats up. Cut loud at 45 for maximum impact, one-time pressing of 500. This record is utterly KILLER. Out now!

RANCID "trouble maker" (Epitaph) - 18
Rancid's latest album Trouble Maker is available now via Hellcat/Epitaph Records. This is the ninth studio album for the punk legends and the follow-up to 2014s critically acclaimed Honor Is All We Know. Trouble Maker was produced by Rancids longtime producer and founder of Epitaph Records, Brett Gurewitz.
Emerging from the blue-collar swamps of Berkley, California, Rancid has now been a living, breathing punk rock band for over a quarter century. Back in 1991, after the demise of their much beloved first band, Operation Ivy, founding members Tim Armstrong (vocals, guitar) and Matt Freeman (bass, vocals) decided to do the impossible -- start an even better band. Thus, Rancid. Signing with Epitaph Records, the band released their first album Rancid in 1993. Shortly thereafter, Lars Frederiksen (vocals, guitar) joined the band, because... well, are you going to tell him he cant? The result, in 1994, was Lets Go.
In 1995, Rancid released the classic platinum selling ...And Out Come The Wolves. You still remember when you first heard it. They followed with the even more ambitious Life Wont Wait in 1998, and in 2000, Rancid released another album entitled Rancid, just to see if anyone was paying attention. After Indestructible in 2003, Branden Steineckert (drums) joined to solidify Rancids current line-up. They subsequently released the albums Let The Dominos Fall (2009) and Honor Is All We Know (2014).
Through it all, Rancid has remained fiercely independent, never losing their loyalty to community or each other. Their music confronts political and social issues, while balancing personal tales of love, loss, and heartbreak with attitude. Rancid gives their listeners a community where everyone can belong. By carrying on the traditions and spirit of the original punk rock bands that came before, Rancid has become a legend an inspiration to punk bands that have come after.

RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY "talk about the weather" (Radiation) - 17
RSD 2018 release. A reissue (limited hand-numbered edition) on 180-GRAM VINYL of the 1985 debut-LP by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. Back in the day this Leeds-based band gained quite some popularity with its appealing combination of post-punk and goth rock influences. Fans of Wire, Joy Division and Sisters Of Mercy can't do without this title.

RICH KIDS ON LSD "keep laughing" (No Futuro) - 16
Classic California punk band that crossed the boundaries into hardcore with talented musicianship and a positive attitude. This is their debut album from 1985.

SAD LOVERS & GIANTS "epic garden music" (Radiation) - 17
Sad Lovers And Giants are one of the best-kept secrets of the '80s; chiming guitars meet with atmospheric keyboards, and the haunting, emotive vocals of the enigmatic Garce. The group formed in Watford, England in 1980, and after the release of several singles and 2 albums, by 1983 they had disbanded, to be mostly forgotten to the record store bins of yore. But the years have been very very kind to Sad Lovers & Giants and their particular brand of pastoral post-punk and wave has grown in stature to the point that original LPs fetch collectors sums. Doing its part to solve this problem is this wonderful numbered limited edition splatter vinyl reissue from Radiation Reissues for RSD 2019. Includes 6 bonus tracks from early singles.

SICK OF IT ALL "scratch the surface" (Music On Vinyl) - 21
Their first major label release Scratch The Surface (1994) brought mainstream attention towards New York's hardest working Hardcore band Sick Of It All. Established as THE seminal Hardcore band combining furious Punk Rock with enticing live shows, they conquered stages all over the world, quickly becoming the headlining attraction on many Rock festivals and hardcore shows.
Guitarist Pete Koller's furious riffing and energetic stage antics, Lou Koller's distinctive voice and charisma, drummer Armand Majidi and bassist Craig Setari turned New York Hardcore into the undisputed flag bearer of the worldwide Hardcore movement.
Promoted with videos for "Step Down" and "Scratch The Surface",  the album made a quick impact and has since become a staple in every hardcore kid's album collection. To celebrate this vinyl reissue, we've numbered the first 1500 copies and pressed 'em on fiery yellow/red vinyl! To top things off, we've included the bonus track "Straight Ahead".

UNDERTONES  - S/T (Fan Club) - 16
Repro classic debut album from 1979.

X-RAY SPEX "germ free adolescents" (Fan Club) - 16
Germfree Adolescents is the debut album released in 1978 of English punk rock band X-Ray Spex.

VERBAL ABUSE "red, white & violent" (Beat Generation) - 17
Verbal Abuse's 1995 album blends punk, metal and thrash in a masssive way. Originally released on cd only, now for the first time on vinyl. This first vinyl edition is limited to 500 copies with reproduced artwork and an insert. Official reissue.

/ - split (DIY) - 7
punk . . 100 .

DEATH TRAP "full moon possession" (Weird Face)- 3 (Limited Edition, Numbered)
DEATH TRAP "full moon possession" (Weird Face) - 5 (Transparent red vinyl edition limited to 55 handnumbered copies.)
Thrash/Black Metal from Greece.

- Black Thrash Invasion - split EP (Weird Face) EP - 4

NUCLEAR DEVASTATION / RAMLORD - split (Weird Face) - 3 (green vinyl edition limited to 100 hand-numbered copies)
NUCLEAR DEVASTATION / RAMLORD - split (Weird Face) - 2 (black vinyl edition limited to 300 hand-numbered copies)
Death/Thrash/Black Metal/Crust Punk from Holland & Blackened Crust from Usa.

WHIPSTRIKER "midnight crust" 10 (TEST PRESS)
WHIPSTRIKER "midnight crust" 7.50 (Limited Edition, Numbered, Clear)
WHIPSTRIKER "midnight crust" 7.50 (Limited Edition, Numbered,Transparent Red)
WHIPSTRIKER "midnight crust" 5 (Limited Edition, Numbered, Black)

Metal punk from Brazil.
5 tracks reminding to old days of swedisch and uk crust witch a breath of speedmetal. released in 2014.

OMIXLH "rebellion march" (Punk 'n' Loud) - 16 (Black/180 )

" " (Weird Face) - 10 (Black)
" " (Weird Face) - 12 ((Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, clear vinyl)
Originally released as CD-R in 2003. Reissued on vinyl in 2014 with four bonus songs from EP " " self released  in 2004.

"juventude valvida" (Weird Face Production) - 10
, 19 . 152 . 60 - - OBI Strip.

CONSPIRACY "crippled invaders" (Weird Face) - 7
Greek thrash metal. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

ENDLESS RECOVERY "thrash rider" (Weird Face) LP  - 6
Old School Thrash Metal from Athens. Limited to 150 handnumbered copies

GOING THE DISTANCE "cold hard truth" (Self Released) LP - 12.50
beat down hardcore .

HUMAN SLAUGHTER "empire of the dust" (Weird Face) - 10
Hardcore/Thrash from Thessaloniki/Greece. Limited to 150 copies.

MENTALLY DEFILED "aptitude for elimination" (Weird Face) - 6 (Splatter Vinyl)
Thrash metal from Athens. Aptitude For Elimination is their second full length album. Limited to 150 on black vinyl.

MENTALLY DEFILED / EVIL ARMY - split (Weird Face) - 8
Split LP featured Mentally Defiled from Greece and Evil Army Memphis, USA. Limited edition of 100 hand numbered copies.

MORTAL THREAT "psychotic paralysis" (Weird Face) LP  - 6
First full length from this Athens band is finally available on vinyl, Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies with woven patch. Bay area style thrash metal, total 100% old school.

NECROCHAKAL "profanation of the gods" (Weird Face/Demon Seed) - 12 (Limited to 100 hand numbered copies, red+green splatter, include a woven patch.)
NECROCHAKAL "profanation of the gods" (Weird Face/Demon Seed) - 10 (Limited to 150 hand numbered, black vinyl)
Black/Thrash Metal from Greece. Great Stuff, highly recommended!

VAZURA " " / " " - Split (Weird Face Productions / Stand Against Vivisection) - 10
Vazura, noise punk . , hc/punk . 198 .

ABADDON "wet za wet" (Warsaw Pact) - 12.50
The original release was the result of international DIY efforts avoiding the narrow-mindedness of the Iron Curtain. It also brought together two of the strongest scenes of the Eastern Bloc - Polish and Yugoslavian. All of the recordings were done in Borut Cine Studio, in Ljubljana, during Abaddon's tour of Yugoslavia. Invited by Peter Barbaric, they also played a couple of shows with bands like Pankrti or U.B.R. The "Wet za wet" LP was then released by New Wave Records from France. Because of this, and also thanks to worldwide tape-traders and the band's appearances on comp. tapes like "Noise Behind the Iron Dustbin" or "Cultural Compost Pit", as well as a bootleg split-tape with Rejestracja, they were quite well-known beyond their home country. In Poland, their regular performances at the Jarocin Festival and appearances on legendary compilations like "Fala" and "Jak punk to punk" established the band as one of the classics of the genre. The LP contains 8 fast, direct, and tight Hardcore Punk ragers and a great roots/dub song called "Ljubljana night." Coming from their Polish/Eastern European perspective, the album's lyrics and artwork expressed a protest against any form of authoritarian power - from the brutality of fascism during WWII and the 1981 revolts in Poland, to more current world problems of the time, like Apartheid in South Africa and the global arms race. In the context of Poland's political climate in the 80s, their lyrics and music were seriously impressive. Mastering for the reissue was done from the original sources by Jarek Smok at Studio As One (Warsaw). The LP features a gatefold cover, an additional booklet with an exclusive interview with Tomasz Dorn, drummer of Abaddon and words from Patrice (New Wave Records) and plenty of rare photos (including the work of Michał Wasążnik - one of the best documenters of 80s punk in Poland). All of the lyrics and the interview come with English translations. One of the most classic releases of Polish Hardcore Punk available again on vinyl!

AMEBIX "arise!" (Amebix Records) - 25 (Limited Heavy Black Vinyl)
Arise! is the debut album by the British crust punk band Amebix, released on 14 September 1985 by Alternative Tentacles. This is one of the top ten all time best punk/hardcore albums. Dark, brooding punk with heavy metal, post-punk, and folk rock influences. As someone once said, they were too metal for the punks and too primitive for metal heads. If you like Hellhammer, Venom, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath and Motörhead and also can get down with Dead Kennedys, Discharge, Subhumans, and Crass, then this is your band. Remastered, black vinyl, 2 bonus tracks. Includes a double-sided b&w lyric and info sheet.

AMEBIX "monolith/the power remains" (Amebix Records) 2x LP - 25
Monolith has finally returned to Amebix after long and difficult relationship with the label that issued it originally. It is now remastered and here is presented with Bonus tracks from demo sessions and a live tracks recorded live in the longrace hall bath September 1987. As with the Arise! Re issue stunning brand new artwork has been created by Andy Lefton of Minneapolis band War/Plague. Andy also created the artwork for the comeback album Sonic Mass. Brand new liner notes by the bands Bassist and Vocalist Rob The Baron Miller. Limited edition double LP.

AMEBIX "live slovenia 86'" (Amebix Records) - 25 (Orange Vinyl)
Originally issued as a limited pressing on CD in the 1990s that was authorized by the band, this is the first time it has been authorized to be pressed on vinyl. This reissue has been cleaned up and has new artwork. The music was recorded live at a gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1986. This release is a limited pressing of only 500 copies. The vinyl came housed in a black paper dust sleeve.

AMEBIX "sonic mass" (Amebix Records) - 25 (Silver Vinyl, Gatefold)
Silent since the late 80s, Amebix, a duo of the reclusive swordsmith Rob Miller and his brother Stig have had their lineup augmented with the addition of drummer Roy Mayorga (Soulfly, Stone Sour). Sonic Mass is their first album in over 20 years and their third in total. Deluxe gatefold sleeve with spot varnish front & back : stunning artwork by Andy Lefton : full colour printed inner sheet : silver vinyl

ANIALATOR "1990 unreleased EP + 1987 demo sessions" (Weird Face) 2xLP - 13
Oldschool Thrash Metal Attack! Highly recommended for those, who are interested in the 80s (and early 90s) Thrash Metal scene... here's your chance to get to know one of the few bands, who did some killer stuff but never received the deserved attention! This Double-LP contains an unreleased EP from 1990 + a Demo-sessions from 1987 and yes, this is stuff is actually way more interesting than all the average "well known" bands, who titled themselves as "cult or legend" these days but just made 2nd class-thrash records...
Tracks A1-A3 taken from their 1990 unreleased EP
Tracks A4-A5 & B5 are unreleased tracks taken from 1988-1989 live shows
Tracks B1-B4 taken from their previously released LP by Wild Rags
Tracks C1-C4 & D1&D4 consist of unreleased sessions recorded at the same time as their LP
Released on black double-waxxx by Weird Face Prod.! Comes as Gatefold cover with many rare pics inside. Limited to 250 handnumbered copies.

ATTAK / SHIT SA "sonidos de una barcelona enferma" (Vomitopunkrock) - 14

Two punk and hardcore bands from Barcelona from the 80s put on vinyl by Vomito Punk Records. Attak do covers from Sex Pistols, Stooges, Discharge and Epilectics plus their own songs.

B.TRUG "lieber schwierig als schmierig" (Teenage Rebel) - 14
And one more German punk slab from the fucking Rock-O-Rama label released in 1982 and this record comes from a time when the streets create the honest, pure & rough punk sound, far from the self-righteous politicay correct political incorrectness of later productions. Not only the uncompromising sound, but also the lyrics are absolutely authentic. B.Trug were Joe O. (vocals & bass), Jolly (guitars & vocals), Pit (guitars), Susi (drums) and came from the deepest heart of Bavaria, a region called Allgäu, they recorded fourteen solid mangy wild songs in the typical ror sound but the hardness can't cure properly because the sound is peculiarly leaky. Teenage Rebel Records reissued the album. Enjoy this classic.

CRAWL NOISE wall of noisecore (F.O.A.D.) - 16 (Black Vinyl)
when Grindcore was starting to spread all around and some maniacs tried to push the genre to even fiercer extremes, giving birth to the whole short-song Noisecore saga of bands like 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA, ANAL CUNT, VIOLENT NOISE ATTACK, STENCH OF CORPSE, SOUND POLLUTION, TUMOR and so on. CRAWL NOISE were clearly inspired by early NAPALM DEATH and SORE THROAT, but they pushed the level of madness and brutality to way more devastating boundaries. And their drummer Osi was then called to join the mighty FEAR OF GOD, so try to imagine how fast he was. As Erich Keller states: After I saw Crawl Noise live, I tried everything to steal the drummer Osi for my own band Fear Of God. This LP includes all their existing recordings: the first demo Musical rape (1988), their Demo #2 (1989) and two complete live sets from 1987 to 1988 (one was included on the B-side of their only 7″ and the other in some killer compilation tapes like Rudi Rat 1 and SOAs Use your anger).
What you get here is a deadly tornado of aberrant, antimusical Noisecore putrefaction blasting through impossibly fast drumming delirium, some awful background noise that could be a guitar/bass as much as a microphone pushed into a cement mixer, and at the top of all some of the most disturbing vomited grunts you can think of. Countless tracks,  complete acoustic demolition! Includes an insert with liner notes and original artworks from their few releases around at the time! Black vinyl limited to 200. Click HERE for the trailer!

D.P.C.D. confidencial + demo LP (F.O.A.D.) - 15 (Black vinyl limited to 200 copies)
D.P.C.D. stands for DECESO POR CAUSA DESCONOCIDA. This incredible band hails from Chile, a country whose Hardcore / Punk scene isnt much under the international spotlights but is currently very active and vital and hides a lot of interesting revelations and DIY labels like Tobi Records releasing gems to be discovered.  D.P.C.D. play a perfect blend of South American Punk / Hardcore and dark-soaked DeathRock.
The energy and distortion of the most genuine 80s inspired Hardcore channeled through sinister Dark Punk atmospheres, we dare to say like a Chilean answer to NERORGASMO!  This LP includes a brand new session called Confidencial and a remastered version of their amazing Demo 2016 that made the F.O.A.D. Records team fall in love with their sound and offer them this debut on LP. An absolute must if you like LatinoAmerican Punk of all eras played with intensity, sincerity and full-throttle anger! Come with lyrics/photos insert. Click HERE for a little preview!

DARKTHRONE "arctic thunder" (Peaceville) - 18
An eclectic mix of free-spirited 80s fuelled blackened heavy metal, all executed in Darkthrones trademark raw and organic style, 'Arctic Thunder' was recorded & produced by the band themselves, with the sessions conducted at Darkthrones old rehearsal unit, The Bomb Shelter, which they had originally used between 1988-1990. With themes based around hate, contempt, and the inner mind & soul, and with the notable presence of Nocturno Culto on vocal duties across all songs for the first time in recent years, Arctic Thunder retains a grim atmosphere, with a healthy dose of raw black metal inspired riffing permeating the albums 8 tracks. Mastering is once again handled by Jack Control at Enormous Door.

DEATH "reign of terror + killed by metal" (Fan Club) - 16
Reissue on vinyl of the first and second demo tape (1985/86) of one of the most influential and well known death metal acts from USA. Mandatory!!!

DIÄT "positive disintegration" (Blackest Ever Black) - 20
Years in the making, the follow-up or maybe even companion piece to 2015's "Positive Energy", "Positive Disintegration" sees the band with a bit more of a pop zap to the ever present post punk dreariness of modern Berlin life... Or even modern life at large as most of the lyrical content has to do with the monotony of barely getting by or trying to have a meaningful exchange with a remotely interesting person. These things are hard to come by most of the time and this music eats at that very feeling. It's almost enough to make you wanna throw in the towel and move to Spain without a care in the world to haunt your remaining days. You probably won't though, you'll most likely listen to this record while you sip your overpriced room temperature coffee drink whilst ordering new bulbs for your anti depression lamp from a major online retailer. It just feels like life is getting away from you, ya know? Dark.
550 on black 140gr vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with lyric sheet, poster and download card included. Recorded by Tobias Lill. Mastered by Daniel Husayn. Art by Yuta Matsumura and Made Ollosp.

DISCARD / NYX NEGATIV - split (New Prejudice) 16
DISCARD were a swedish D-Beat, Hardcore session band active in the Early / Mid Eighties influenced by MOB 47, ANTI-CIMEX and DISCHARGE. On this split you can find the material from the "Condemned To Oppression" 1985 demo and the "Sound Of War" 1986 demo.
NYX NEGATIV from Sweden were only active from 1981 till later 1986, they made more up tempo melodic Punk, in the vein of rawer ASTA KASK, not the typical D-Beat of that time. Their side of this split release offers thirteen songs from the 1983 demo.

DISCLOSE "tragedy" (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 18
180 Gram record housed in a paste on board sleeve. Indiscriminate cruelty to common people: the slogan could be about war or it could be about your eardrums while listening to 'Tragedy.' Disclose's first LP is a landmark of cacophonous, guitar-forward noisy hardcore. Heavily influenced by classic 80s Swedish raw punk, these fifteen songs perfect the unrelenting formula as only Kawakami could. Originally released in Japan on the cult label Overthrow in 1994, this reissue restores the fierce original mix two decades later. It differs from the mix on later represses hailing from Uppsala, where Swedish bombshelter-dwellers keep the flame alive. This authorized reissue reproduces the original artwork, with insert. Crack your brain up!

THE EXECUTE "s.l.a.s.h." (D.O.A. Records) - 20
All genres peak early, followed by uninspiring copy-cats. As for hardcore, the golden years were 1980 1985. Execute hailed from Tokyo Japan and made according to eye witness notorious shows.
Execute formed already back in 1982 and the most known member is the guitarist Lemmy, who is also to some extent responsible for the bands later transformation into a more Goth-sound. Execute "Blunt Sleazy" 12" is one of the best Japanese bands ever without a doubt. Includes a small double sided info sheet & sticker.  Limited to 200 copies. Import from Mexico.
This Lp collects songs from the following releases:
- Great Punk Hits comp tracks
- Criminal Flowers 7" (1984) -
- Blunt Sleazy 12" (1985) -

THE EXECUTE - st (Hard Core Temptation) - 20
Collection of tracks from this legendary Japanese punk band. Tracks taken for from the following releases:
A1-A2 Taken From V/A LP Great Punk Hits
A3-A4 Taken From V/A LP A Farewell To Arms
A5 Taken From V/A 7" Anglican Scrape Attic
B1-B4 Taken From Hard Core Temptation EP (1983)
B5-B6 Taken From V/A Tape Nagasaki Nightrider
B7 Taken From V/A LP Cleanse The Bacteria

ESKUPE A LOS KAKO - split (Kremon) - 10
Two veteran punk bands from Barcelona.

EVIL ARMY - st (Weird Face Production) - 8
Thrash Metal from Memphis, USA. Reissue their first LP from 2006. Limited to 150, hand numbered copies.

EVIL DEAD / AVFALL - split (Weird Face) - 8
A long time in the making, this obscure piece of vinyl has finally been released! Only 100 (!) numbered copies has been made - so this one will be sold out fast!
AVFALL: Norwegian crust-punk madness with members from bands like Lobotomized, Deathhammer and Nachash. This was the final recording for the band and the final nail in the coffin of AVFALL. The band has later continued with a slight line-up change and under the new name NERVEVRAK.
EVIL DEAD: Obscure recordings previously only heard within a close circle of Rob Evil - this is pre-EVIL ARMY material from before EVIL ARMY released anything. A different and more Misfits-influenced sound than the speedy Thrash Metal that EVIL ARMY would present on their future recordings.

FATAL BLOW "victimized" (Mad Butcher) LP + CD - 16
The band started as a side project of The Oppressed. Paul was writing several song's regarding today social climate and the rise of the far right in Europe as Brexit and Immigration was all over the media. The songs had a positive response from Roddy and Kizmus, they both encouraged me to continue writing and Fatal Blow started taking shape as a band in it's own right.
As much as we love Oi! There seemed to be a theme of drinking, football and working-class pride in a lot of bands song's, I feel this has been done to death and for me never had a message. However, bands like the Upstarts, Ruts and The Oppressed and similar bands had great song's that also put over a message about society, government, fascism etc.
When Roddy knocked it on the head with The Oppressed due to ill health, we decided to get a permanent bass player in and do the band full time. Nidge stepped in on bass and we started writing and rehearsing ready for the next step of releasing a new album and getting the band out on the live circuit.
The result is the new album Victimized We are very proud of what we have achieved. We are all very happy with the result which has captured the band at this period. We have a great line up and the new songs have been written as a band.
Cd contains the tracks of the Victimized album and  also the 9 tracks of the first album.Value for money.

FRAMTID "under the ashes" (La Vida En Us MUs) - 16
An absolutely over the top recording comprising twelve tracks of punishing hardcore with a huge wall-of-noize production adding to their faultless song writing. As noisy as the album is, all the songs are hits and hard to forget. 'The Total Arse', 'Tomorrow' and 'Consuming Shit and Mind Pollution' are what the new generation of noize-not-music punk lack, memorable anthems. Housed in a tip on sleeve for as long as they last and without alterations to the art or sound from the original, this reissue tries to bring an undoubtedly classic of our generation back to life.

FRAMTID "defeat of civilization (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 16
Eleven years after their already classic and genre defining Under the Ashes Osakas FRAMTID are back with a new LP. Defeat of Civilization is everything you would expect from FRAMTID. 10 tracks of crushing Japanese hardcore heavily influenced both by the sound and ideas of early Swedish hardcore but pushing to sound to the edge. Mega distorted guitars, deep vocals and the most solid yet dynamic rhythm section youll ever witness are FRAMTIDs trademark as well as are their lyrics full of hope and their stark black and white graphics.. Released in time for their appearances at Chaos in Texas Festival Defeat of Civilization has been released simultaneously in Japan (Crust War) USA (Black Water) and LVEUM (Europe). Order accordingly.

GHOUL "night out" (GhoulNightOut) - 20
Seminal 80's Japanese punk band, fronted by the one handed, raspy-voiced, fan-punching legend Masami, who passed on young (like many of his contemporaries) in the early 90's, apparently of liver failure brought on by excessive love of the drink. The original Ghoul broke up in '85, as there's the official VHS entitled "Last Gig" out on ACC video label. The band got back together as "Ghoul II" with a different line-up in the late '86 (or possibly in the early '87), changed the name to "Sqwad" (originally called Masami with Sqwad) sometime during the summer of '88, either right before or after they played the "Complete Death" show at the Toshima Public Hall in Tokyo on July 17th '88, then broke up and got back together again as "Ghoul III" in '89 with just a slightly different line-up than "Ghoul II" and pretty much remained active until Masami puked the blood on the stage and went into a coma afterwards in the early '90s. "Ghoul II" and "Ghoul III" - that's exactly how Masami called themselves when they got reformed twice and those names were often mentioned in the interviews, magazine articles and that's how they were usually listed in the gig flyers as well. As most of the serious fans probably noticed, they're credited as "Sqwad (ex-Ghoul)" on the "Complete Death Live" VHS tape (released on January 1st '89), however,
in the flyers for this show they were still listed as "Ghoul II". So, probably they changed the name to "Sqwad" right before this show or after, but sometime before the VHS came out. Later, they played as "Sqwad" during the year of '89, released 7" flexi on Slice Records and broke up before the mid '89 and got back together again later the same year (before the summer). The Ghoul tracks you find on the "Game Of Death" compilation LP (which was released in July '89) are the only recorded material by "Ghoul III", although they're simply credited as "Ghoul" on this release.
Limited to 200 copies, fantastic top quality release, mastered for vinyl for best/huge sound. Includes a double sided insert and sticker! Import from Australia. 15 songs in total.
Tracks 1-5: Carry Out Fucking EP (1984)
Track 6:  Oi! Oi! single (1985)
Tracks 7-8: Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil V/A(1986)
Tracks 9-12: Jerusalem EP (1985)
Tracks 13-15: Game Of Death V/A(1989)

GUNS N' WANKERS "pop-hardcore-metal-silly (the complete recordings '93-94)" - 19
Remember the early 90s when the original Snuff lineup was no more and Duncan Redmonds hopped onto guitar and joined forces with Pat and Joolz from the Wildhearts for a short-lived band called Guns n' Wankers? Despite the silly name, it was one part glorious punk-pop songs and one part crunching metal songs. The band recorded only 12 songs and they were released across four 7" singles on Rugger Bugger Discs and on Fear & Loathing ("Pop", "Hardcore", "Metal" and "Silly") and 8 of these were compiled together by Fat Wreck and released in late 1994 as "For Dancing And Listening". The record went on to sell a silly amount but it was the 90s. Now, for the first time, all the tracks are compiled together on one LP including the Metal songs that Fat Wreck thought were too metal and the Silly songs that they thought were too silly. The band have recently reformed and this is the first time these songs have been reissued and remastered. 25 Years after they were released, these songs still sound vital and are an essential part of 90s Punk in the UK.

HARAM بس ربحت, خسرت when you have won, you have lost (La Vida En Us Mus) - 15
After one Demo and one 7″ on Toxic State, Haram from Nuke York release their debut album on La Vida es un Mus (in Europe) and Toxic State (USA). Taking their name from the Arabic word for forbidden, Haram play simple hardcore with lyrics sung entirely in Arabic. The sound is agitated and slightly deranged which hints at both Japanese hardcore and classic 80s European hardcore. The songs are driven by a primitive drum sound, melodic guitar work and intense voacls by Lebanese frontman Nader. Haram stands out as one of the most culturally relevant, challenging and important bands in America.. The LP comes in a 350 gsm reverse board jacket and includes poster and lyric booklet.

ID "drzewa umierają stojąc" (Warsaw Pact) - 12.50
Krakow is considered the original center of Hardcore in Poland thanks to bands like ID and U.O.M. ID started in the early 80s, when a group of friends fascinated by USHC began playing together. At the same time, other scenes and bands seemed to be more influenced by British, Scandinavian or local punk and HC. While their first shows happened in the mid-80s, their debut release had to wait until 1987, when their demo was released by Total Noise Tapes & Records from Germany. This tape is now being released on an LP with 11 songs from that period, including a cover of Adrenalin O.D.'s "Suburbia" with their own lyrics. Without this release by one of the pioneering Polish HC bands, Polish Hardcore or Hardcore/Punk would not be complete. It's absolutely crucial! The LP contains a booklet with interviews, photos, lyrics etc. Mastering by Smok (Studio As One).

KALEIDOSCOPE "after the futures..." (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 17
Kaleidoscope has quickly become one of the most fresh and exciting bands in the new NYC hardcore punk scene, quickly establishing its own sound that is both of its locale, yet uniquely Kaleidoscope. Taking elements of noise, aggressive hardcore, psych and jazzy flourishes, the three-piece have followed a true commitment to unique sounds and expanding their music.

KHIIS "bezoar"(La Vida Es Un Mus) - 17
Oakland's KHIIS, on this, their first full-length record, unleash a torrent of killer riffs, building songs of purpose and power, absent of the chaos and noise that engulfs many modern hardcore records. While such noise obviously has its place in the canon of punk and its raw machinations, KHIIS know they don't need the obscurant balm of feedback, they stand clear and robust, simply put: they've just got the fuckin riffs. Similarly the vocals are declamatory and forthright, not wild ghosts of delay and reverb, determined attacks, stark in their fury. KHIIS charge mightily through nine striking tracks of thick, full-blooded hardcore punk, taking no prisoners (Joe Briggs)

LARMA "s/t" (Adult Crash) - 14
A true treat for all TOTALITÄR-worshippers out there.  Skåne käng punk like there's no tomorrow! For fans of Skitkids, Stress SS, Arsle etc US press on Beach Impediment shortly.

LIMP WRIST - st (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 15 
The cutest band in Hardcore with a slice of paint peeling hardcore punk loud and ugly enough to destroy your closet. European press of their recent one sided 12" including seven new tracks in the A side and their Want Us Dead 7" on the flip. Fuckin classic!

LIMP WRIST "facades" (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 17
It has been nine years since their last release. Limp Wrist brings you 11 new trax of complete punk faggotry, not for the weak at heart and never will be. Comes with 40 page booklet containing lyrics, photos, and submissions from invited artists. EEEWWW Dont Touch It!

LOS CRUDOS "discografía" (La Vida En Us Mus) DOUBLE LP - 22
Finally a European version of the long overdue LOS CRUDOS Discography collection. LOS CRUDOS, formed in Chicago's Pilsen neighbourhood in the early 90's, are a Latino punk band with a strong socio-political message and an extremely militant DIY attitude. During their first incarnation, spanning the years 1991 to 1998 the band self-released their own records, printed their own merch, booked their own shows and toured relentlessly around the world. From South America to Japan including a 3 month European tour in the winter of 1996. They spoke to the freaks the outsiders and the minorities and were not afraid of confronting the white middle class punk who reigned supreme during the terrible 90's. A time which will not be remembered for their hardcore output except for a few exceptions, in which CRUDOS are surely included. Their sound, far from being a copycat of whatever flavour of the month was reigning at the time was heavy rooted in the golden years of European and Latino American ferocious hardcore punk. With bands as IMPACT, WRETCHED, OLHO SECO, TERVEET KADET or MASACRE 68 as obvious influences in a time when the simple mention of any of those bands (or any non English speaking bands really) was usually met with a laugh or a joke. They sang in Spanish, with aggression and conviction and that made their message spread out widely, reaching thousands of Spanish speaking punks both in Latino America and Spain as well as inside USA where third generation Latino kids surely were missing a voice within the punk scene. The band split up in 1998 after a really intense year of touring and reformed in 2008.
This collection, originally released as a benefit for MRR magazine last year, includes all the LOS CRUDOS output plus compilation tracks as well as a couple demo tracks and an unreleased song. The European version comes in a gatefold sleeve and brings a 40 page booklet with flyers and the lyrics of all songs.

NADZOR "your tolerance is shit if you don't try to understand us!!!" (Pasazer) - 11
Polands punk label number one, Pasazer, reveals another forgotten gem from the Polish hardcore punk archives. - "Nadzor" was band that got ahead of it's time. In the mid 80s "Nadzor" kicked off with an extreme sound that was blowing minds of the punks of that era. It's hardcore was equally inspired by Discharge and Scandinavian bands, and flavored with a hefty dose of thrash. Only after many years the band gained deserved respect and was recognized as hardcore thrash forerunner. It's lyrics dealt with the reality of the epoch, times of the totalitarian state and conservative society's upcoming demise. Not much was left from that era. Between 1988 and '89 the band had recorded rehearsal demo with 21 tracks, released in Germany in 1990 and in Poland ten years later (in both cases only on tapes). 26 years later "Nadzor" can be finally listened to from vinyl. The recordings might not be up to the modern sound standards, but their sheer energy outclasses many contemporary productions. This release also includes a huge booklet containing pictures, an interview with band members and English translation of the lyrics.

NATURAL LAW "find the flock" (Katorga Works) - 14
NYC/DC's Natural Law finally returns with their definitive statement as a band, both musically and ideologically. Far surpassing their previous material, the band has settled into a sound that places them as a contemporary version of late-era Minor Threat. With a cleaner, fuller recording courtesy of Ser Willem Dandy of the House Deadair, Natural Law has finally fulfilled their potential and Find The Flock stands as a monolith amongst their catalog.

NOSFERATU "solution a" (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 17
Texas's Nosferatu unleash their first full-length of hardcore ramped-up into its highest echelons of breakneck propulsiveness, whizzed-up and faultily-wired, a tumbledown chaos of Siege-like flurries, whipping about with Die Kreuzen sharpness, or the more modern uncompromising flailings of Permission and No. Ugly barks, murky blurs of riffs slammed into you with the force of a bomb-blast. Barely room for breath, most of the tracks snapping off with little ceremony, apart from on the Under The Sun which drags that grimy noise out into a grubby itchy monster three times the length of most of the other tracks on the album, and on the apocalyptic stomp of the closer Solution Absolute.
USA press on Media Disease Records and Todo Destruido.

THE NURSE "discography" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 17
Back in 1983 Tokyos NURSE released what probably is the first Japanese all female hardcore record on the cult label Incest Records (INC-002). A red 7 Flexi which showed 4 innocent looking girls on the cover but displayed an unheard amount of ferocious hard hitting hardcore punk on the 8 songs Flexi produced by Baki of EXECUTE/ GASTUNK. The Following year the almighty ADK Records added them to their roster releasing a 5 track EP (ADK-13E ) produced by label owner Tam of TYPHUS/ STALIN fame. The speed went down a notch but the rawness and aggression was still there. Sadly that record marked the end of NURSEs recording career. Had they released an LP theyll be heralded as highly as COMES which usually is the first band that comes to mind to most people when thinking of female fronted Japanese bands.
After years of their recordings been deleted on vinyl, both singles becoming absolute staples on any Japanese punk want list and the bands underground following growing, La Vida Es Un Mus decided to repress both 7s on a heavy weight LP to make sure a new generation discover the excellence of one of the all time great under rated bands.

OBLITERATIONS poison everything (Southern Lord) - 15
Comprised of current and ex-members of Black Mountain, Saviours and Night Horse, OBLITERATIONS delivers a blazing blend of Poison Idea, Discharge, and Black Flag, set to a live show that willfully incites and encourages ones aggressive tendencies to shine. Comes in Stoughton gatefold jacket. A day after returning from their Southwest US Tour in March, the band recorded with producer Chris Owens (Lords, Coliseum, Young Widows) at Dave Grohls Studio 606 in only three days. Mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge, High On Fire, Black Breath) at God City Studio in Salem, Massachusetts, the end result of Poison Everything is a thirteen-song, twenty-nine-minute record full of raw brutality, darkness and aggression, the album weaving its way through the annals of punk and hardcore, while still sounding fresh and vital.
 The lead track Mind Aint Right is a two-minute blast harkening back to early 80s Japanese hardcore akin to Gauze, Lip Cream and GISM, whereas the scorcher, Scapegoat, walks a razors edge between d-beat Discharge influence and Swiss pioneers Celtic Frost, and Shame, which opens with a riff that lodges itself nicely between Spacemen 3 and The MC5.
 The band has always been very open to expressing their influences and inspiration by a bevy of diverse muses including Alan Watts, Laughing Hyenas, Blue Oyster Cult, The Stooges, Alice Cooper, Paul Bowles and Suicide. The blueprint isnt the point here, its the results. The sound is abrasive and raw, driving and aggressive, and fully infectious. OBLITERATIONS mission is simple a one; write, record, tour, and thats just what they do.

OI POLLOI "unite and win" (Mad Butcher) - 16
Originally released back in 1987 on Roddy Moreno's Oi! records, this album contains some of their best material ever: 12 aggressive Killer-Anthems, hard and tight played: "Punx'n'Skins", "Scum","Commies and nazis". Like a smack in the face! Rabid, violent, kickin'! Reissue with original artwork.

OUT COLD "living is killing me" (Sorry State/Kibou/Amok/Sick World) - 17
Sorry State is pleased to release Out Colds Living Is Killing Me, the bands final statement in their legacy of pure, unadulterated hardcore punk. For the uninitiated, Out Cold is hardcores greatest cult band. They flew under the radar for most of their 20-year run, but for those who understand the bands importance, Out Cold were a truth, and a benchmark for quality.
During the tail-end of the 80s, there wasnt much activity in the world of fast and raging American hardcore. Out Cold was the big exception. Out Colds aggression was unwavering, presaging the 80s American Hardcore obsession that flooded the US in the mid-00s. Formed in 1989 in the town of Dracut, MA, about 30 miles northwest of Boston, Out Cold would stay true to their formula for tried-and-true 80s-style hardcore until they disbanded in 2010. Releasing a slew of records throughout their career, Out Colds discography became extensive, each record just as vicious as the one before it. They are hardcores most reliable band. For their genre, Out Cold personifies consistency in the same way the Ramones or Motörhead did. You always know what to expect with an Out Cold record: amazing drumming with in-the-pocket rhythmic intensity; urgent, catchy, and tasteful songwriting; dark, misanthropic lyrics; and huge, memorable vocal hooks.
While theyve undergone several lineup changes, Out Cold's foundation has always been drummer John Evicci and guitarist/vocalist Mark Sheehan. Following 2005s Goodbye Cruel World, John and Mark recorded drum and guitar tracks for two full-lengths worth of material before Marks untimely and unfortunate passing in 2010. Rather than letting these new songs fall by the wayside, the band rescued the session from the abyss with Kevin Mertens, Out Colds original frontman, coming in to complete the tracks. Half of these songs became 2013s A Heated Display, the remaining half comprising Living Is Killing Me.
After a long wait, we finally get to enjoy a proper send-off for these legends. Having been almost 15 years since the band recorded the basic tracks, Living Is Killing Me bridges two eras of hardcore punk. They conceived the songs during the height of US hardcores resurgence, but in 2019 the tracks have a fresh energy. Kevin sounds as ferocious and powerful as he did on the first Out Cold LP, like someone released him from a block of ice to scream once again. The performances are militaristically tight and powerful: 14 bursts of pure fury. All good things must end, but Living Is Killing Me reminds us why Out Cold is one of the best bands ever to play hardcore punk.

PADKAROSDA "tétova lelkek" (Static Age) - 15
Budapest spikeys decorating their raw punk aesthetic with a good dose of darkness in the Eastern European tradition of bands like Tozibabe, Siekiera and everyone else Killing Joke rubbed off on when they used to tour behind the Iron Curtain. Heavy Tip on Sleeve, oversized card and a huge insert.

POISON into the abyss resurrected LP + CD + Poster (F.O.A.D.) Black vinyl + CD limited to 200 copies - 18
POISONs infernal cult is alive!! Just when you thought that it was all said and done with FOADs monster-work Hoelle und vernichtung (a colossal boxset including the bands complete discography), the wizard of darkness and evil Uli Hildenbrand unearthed from his rotting vaults a lost & found mastertape of Into the abyss transfered directly from the studio reels back in 1987, unlike all the previously existing re-issues that were all taken from the 1st vinyl pressing. This version is the most pristine and faithful to the original studio recordings you can think of, sounding farly better than any other release around. Pure infernal armageddon from one of the most ancient pioneering Black / Death Metal hellhounds of the mittel-European scene of the 80s. Originally recorded in 1986, released on tape in 1987 and then 6 years later on vinyl/LP by Median Creations, Into the abyss is the only real studio recording of this blasphemic Teutonic horde and hands down their most powerful production, considering that the previous demos were all rough DIY recordings made in their practice space.
What you will find on this masterpiece is pummeling and barbaric death / thrash metal with plenty of early black metal elements from their earlier works. The progress this band had made in less then a year of their previous recording is remarkable, but at the same time, when looking at each demo in chronological order, you see a steady progression in their sound from recording to recording, so seeing the band improve this much should not really be a shocker. Into the abyss is essential for anyone even remotely into brutal, vicious 80s death/thrash, as well as old school black metal and the mid-late 80s proto-death metal sound. LP with bonus CD and A2 poster with photos and liner notes (written by Uli Hildenbrand). Click HERE for the trailer!

POTROTAINO "demo 1987" (Vomitopunkrock) - 14
Portraino was punk band from Ordicia/ Basque Country. These recordings was orginally released as demo tape in 1987, now reissued on vinyl with six extra songs.

RAW POWER reptile house XX anniversary  (F.O.A.D.) PICTURE LP + CD - 18
Originally released on CD and tape back in 1998, Reptile house stands as one of RAW POWERs best efforts of their 90s discography. It has all the features that made this band so great and respected: blistering HC drumming, memorable riffing with a Crossover vibe and vitriolic vocals. Here you finally get it for the first time on vinyl and completely remastered, in a special Picture Disc version limited to 400, housed in an elegant die cut sleeve. And to celebrate this albums 20th anniversary, the original line-up that made it back then reunited to re-record their favorite songs from it. So as bonus to this special edition youll find a CD including the brand new recordings and the original session right after it. 28 songs in total, furious Italian Hardcore since 1981 delivered with anger and unfailing energy! Watch the trailer HERE
Picture LP with the original session (17 songs) specially remastered for vinyl
Die cut jacket
Bonus CD with the 2018s re-recording and the original session (28 songs)

REGULATIONS "electric guitar" (Wasted Sounds) - 11
On "electric guitar" you'll get 7 new studio tracks on the a-side. Following in the proven REGULATIONS style of going back to the roots of hardcore-punk, circa 1980. Catchy, snotty, raw, hardcore punk that would fit right in on Dangerhouse records or the "boston not l.a." compilation. The b-side features both 7"s (out-of-print) as bonus tracks.

RIPPIKOULU "ulvaja" (Svart) - 12 (Grey Vinyl)
The entities behind the cult act Rippikoulu, known for their 1993 tape release Musta seremonia, have been silently lurking in the shadows for the past 21 years. Then, on a particularly cold winters day in early 2014, a shipment bearing the groups emblem is mysteriously delivered to the Svart bunker, and inside the parcel there is a master tape. The contents reveal an entirely new recording, titled Ulvaja.
Ulvaja is a 18-minute work in three movements. To be released on Friday the 13th in June, Ulvaja oozes the kind of dark despair and negative energy, which is enough to drive the sun out of the skies on any summers day.

SAINT VITUS "heavier than thou" (SST) 2X LP - 20
Thoroughly ignored outside the deepest heavy metal underground throughout their long career, Saint Vitus only later received some recognition for their crucial influence over the late-90s/early-2000s doom/stoner metal scene. In fact, it could be argued that Vitus followers such as Sleep and Electric Wizard pretty much learned all their lessons from 'Heavier Than Thou' - a 14-track collection of Vitusglory years with SST Records. Starting with the band's magnum opus, 'Born Too Late' (which is wisely included almost in its entirety), and working its way back toward their eponymous Scott Reagers-fronted debut, the listener is given a reverse look at the band's evolution from lo-fi Sabbath enthusiasts ('White Magic/Black Magic,' 'War Is Our Destiny') to a pile-driving riff machine ('Look Behind You,' 'Bitter Truth') behind ex-Obsessed/Spirit Caravan vocalist Scott 'Wino' Weinrich.

SHITLICKERS "1982" (Noise not Music) - 16
Short-lived side project of Tomas Jonsson from Anti Cimex, Shitlickers is, according to most, the quintessence of hardcore punk: youthful, aggressive and mean: Featuring both their 1982 self-financed singles "GBG 1982" and "Cracked Cop Skulls" this long-awaited 8 tracker gives a little justice to this obscure all-swedish legend in distorted 80's hardcore. 2012 repress with insert.

SOLUNSKI FRONT "82-85 - discography" (Rest In Punk) - 13
The LP includings songs from "mali svet 7'' (No Time to be Wasted, recorded 1984/released 1996) + bonus songs that didn't appear on this release. Songs from compilations IZGUBLJENA ALTERNATIVA tape (No Profit Tapes, 1984), DOSAO JE KRAJ... tape (No Profit Tapes, 1985), VENTILATOR 202 vol. 3 LP (PGP, 1985) and soundboard live songs from gigs in Ljubljana 1984 and Belgrade 1985. 300 copies pressed.

SPECTRES "utopia" (Sabotage) - 14
Spectres are a post punk band from Vancouver BC. "Utopia" is their 3rd LP, recorded and produced by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds in 2015.
Things have changed for the Vancouver post-punk band. They are exploring other edges of the era. There is a much more new wave mood to "Crosses and Wreathes" the opener of their new album. The guitar tones come out of the shadows and cast brighter chords on the chorus. The drift into more of an early darkwave sound on "Daniel" with synths playing a much bigger role this go around . The singer's voice has really improved since the last album. He is able to hold more of a melody and convey a greater range of emotion. Sure the punk side of the post-punk equation has been dialed back, but it's hard to argue with these results. That side of the band is not entirely forsaken as traces of it can be felt into the taunt pulse of "Figures in the Sand" which still holds more of an organic rock feel to it.
The album sounds great. No more lo-fi re-verb, all the instruments are in crisp earshot. The bass has a thicker growl to it that punches a song like "New Buildings" into a more forceful direction. The vocals come up out of the typical baritone as they muse of over the feedback and minimal drums the song breaks down into, before lashing out with something closer to punk. They never fully default into something fully reminiscent of their older sound, it's touched upon on"Revisions", but the vocals are a little higher with a hopeful hint to the melody against the guitar' s sonic sense of sadness.

SVART PARAD "last war continued vol.1" (A2O) - 12
Classic Swedish Hardcore, this complements the Puke and Svart Parad recordings on the same label. Raw, no frills mangel HC the real Swedish way, all stuff recorded in the mid 80s. notes: tracks A1 to A5 recorded in 1986, never released split demo tape with the band Kazjurol. tracks A8 to B5 - complete 1985 "MultisvÃlt"demo tape. tracks B6 to B13 taken from the May 1985 "Hur Fan Kan Man Tolera Grymheter Som Slakthus" demo tape.

TAXI DRIVER "tout est effacé par le temps" (Bords De Seine ) - 14 (LP + CD)
The album of the iconic Oi! band from Paris, since 2013 finally availabe on vinyl too! Strictly limited to 500 copies and with a CD, which contains 9 bonus tracks!

THE VIOLATORS "the no future years" (Mad Butcher) - 17
Here's another classic from the early 80's. 'The Violators' was formed in 1981 in New Mills, England and it was a mixture of punks and skins in their line up. In their beiginnings the band sounded very similar to 'Vice Squad' and 'The Expelled'. The band made their debut on the 'A Country Fit For Heroes' 12" in 1981 by 'No Future Records'. The following year they released their first EP titled 'Gangland' followed by 'Summer of 81' in 1982 again by No Future. Few weeks after the release of their second EP, vocalist Helen and guitarrist Coley splited from the band to form their own band call Taboo, but never issued any singles. Meanwhile The Violators have recruited a new vocalist called Louise and guitarist Andy who was formally with "Skin Graft". The second generation of The Violators changed their sound. This time with heavier vocals and songs. The band always kept their clockwork sound, which they are known for. Violators released a few more singles, but never a full length. The band split up in the mid 80's, and marked history with their clockwork images and noises in the punk culture. Mad Butcher Records managed to get the tracks from all of their singles and compilations they appeared and relesead this fantastic LP.

THE WHITE STRIPES "get behind me satan" (XL Recordings/Unofficial) - 16 (Red Vinyl)
Get Behind Me Satan is the fifth studio album by American alternative rock band The White Stripes, released on June 7, 2005, on V2 Records. Though still basic in production style, the album marked a distinct change from its guitar-heavy 2003 predecessor, Elephant.

WOLF DOWN "stray from the path" (Start A Fire / Powertrip) - 18 (Clear Vinyl)
After two awesome singles, WOLF DOWN unleashes their debut album "Stray From The Path". 11 new tracks build this proper full length that features guest vocals by Jogges/Empowerment and Greg Bennick/Trial. The LP comes in a fancy gatefoldcover with an astonishing artwork by Jon Macnair. With this record, WD raised the bar for european hardcore into new heights!

ZAKON ŻEBRZĄCYCH "A.L.F." (Trujaca Fala) - 12
Legendary polish punk rock. Their demo tape from 1989 first time on vinyl. Limited edition.

ZOUNDS "can't cheat karma" (Sealed) - 17
The second release on Sealed Records is a 14 Track round up of the five singles by Zounds. The debut single from 1980 Can't Cheat Karma was released on Crass Records and 39 Years later still stands as one of the finest singles both politically and musically. For the next three singles Zounds released them on Rough Trade Records, along with their debut album The Curse of Zounds. 1981's Demystification was a tense and stark masterpiece. It was followed by the haunting Mikey Dread-produced Dancing and then the more straight up pop of More Trouble Coming Everyday. The final single of Zounds Mark 1 was La Vacht Qui Rit released on Belgium label Not So Brave in 1983 and was originally supposed to be a split single with The Mob but ended up with two scratchy studio tracks and two rough and raw live tracks recorded in Holland in 1982. Every home should have these essential Zounds recordings.

STRES D.A / DEPRESIJA/ III. KATEGORIJA "83-85" (Rest In Punk) - 14
After some unexpected arguments and discrepancies between some ex members of III.Kategorija , the rest of the members and Rest In Punk label have decided to remove all the material that the band recorded after the original line up was changed in 1986. This new release contains only material when III.Kategorija played fast speedy metallic HC in its best quality and when many people rightly called them one of the best European HC bands. Instead of long and metal songs the band members decided to add two bands that was created before III.Kategorija . In this way we show how the history of III.Kategorija was created. The sound went from total speed HC (Stres D.A.) from 1983 through a bit slower HC (Depresija) in 1984 to fast metallic HC (III.Kategorija) in 1985. The whole story is explained by KURI, the original and founding member of Stres D.A , Depresija and III.Kategorija. And so this release presents music from Stres D.A , through Depresija to III.Kategorija. This record includes recordings by Stres D.A from 1983, recordings from Depresija from 1984 (never before released) and the first demo recorded by III.Kategorija from 1985, from which some songs were used for the compilation HC LJubljana record in 1986. This is the music evolution that started in 1983 with Stres D.A and ended in 1985 with III.Kategorija. Limited to 300 copies!

V/A "BACK FROM THE GRAVE VOLUME 7 (Raw Blastin' Mid 60s Punk)" (Crypt) 2xLP - 22



Back from the Grave is a series compilation albums of 1960s garage rock created and compiled by Tim Warren and released by Crypt Records. The series originally consisted of eight LP records released between 1983 and 1992.

V/A "BUKA I URLIK" (Rest in Punk) - 15

Vinyl release of a legendary HARD-CORE / PUNK compilation tape that was recorded and released in 1983. This vinyl release has been remastered from the original master tape, and also features some bonus tracks that were recorded after the BUKA I URLIK tape was already released. There are some extra tracks from Necrophilia (rehearsals 1985) and Solunski Front (Live show from Ljubljana in 1984. Limited to 200 copies only.

Artcore has a raging roster of current band interviews with NEUROOT to accompany the 7 EP, Washington DCs RED DEATH, Edmontons NO PROBLEM, Torontos UGLY POP RECORDS, Sheffields RAT CAGE, Londons STAGES IN FAITH and Madrids ACCIDENTE. The VAULTAGE section of the zine has an overview of 70s/80s punk in the Mid-Western States in Cant Stand the Mid-West, a look at early South Wales punk history in The Wasteland of my Fathers, an interview with the authors of Tomorrow Is Too Late the Toronto Hardcore book and the action gig photography of Nele Vandermaesen. Finally, all the usual review damage completes the picture, all in a packed 40 page litho printed A4 fanzine rounded off with no advertising dilution whatsoever.
Dutch hardcore masters of the 80s back with a new 7 the Nazi-Frei (Nazi Free) EP. Two brand new songs including the anti-fascist anthem title track, two re-recorded NEUROOT 80s blasters and one cover of a 1977 Dutch punk classic, totalling five songs on ultra super limited brown note marble vinyl in a foldout sleeve with lyrics and art.

CIVILISED SOCIETY? "violence still sucks : scrap metal anthology" (Boss Tuneage/Ruin Nation) 2xCD Set - 13
CIVILISED SOCIETY? were one of the most recognisable names on the UK hardcore punk scene of the late 80s, and recently reformed, playing a bunch of shows over the past couple of years including the Rebellion Festival, followed by UK and European Tours which saw the release of the new WAR IN MY HEAD EP by ourselves last Autumn, which saw the band gaining supporters both old and new to their powerful live dynamics!
Now, to co-incide with their next tour in April, and whilst we await the new album and European tour due later this year, comes this timely double CD re-issue of their two 1980s albums (SCRAP METAL and VIOLENCE SUCKS) plus 4 bonus tracks recorded for various comps.
Released in co-operation with Boss Tunegae in the UK, this 25 track comp has been lovingly re-mastered and not only features both albums with original artwork, but also a booklet containing liner notes from Shane Dabinett, of Manic Ears Records, for whom the two albums were originally released.
Packaged as 2 x CDs in wallets recreating the original artwork, into card outer spined wallet with a 16 page full colour booklet.

Punk 45 : The Singles Cover Art of Punk 1976-80" - Jon Savage (Soul Jazz Records) - 25
This book is a revelatory guide to hundreds and hundreds of original 7 record cover sleeve designs visual artefacts found at the heart of the most radical and anarchistic musical movement of the 20th century. Punk Rock 45 Soundsystem! is introduced (and co-compiled) by Jon Savage, author of the acclaimed definitive history of punk, Englands Dreaming. As well as the encyclopaedic visual imagery featured inside, the book also includes a number of interviews with celebrated designers involved in creating punks original iconic imagery. The revolutionary do-it-yourself ethic of punk was applied to the aesthetic of design as much as it was to music, and record sleeves acted as lo-fi signifiers of anarchy, style, fashion, politics and more with an urban and suburban invective courtesy of the 1000s of new bands - punk, post-punk, pre-punk, nearly-punk and more - that emerged at the end of the 1970s. This book is an exhaustive, thorough and exciting celebration of the stunning artwork of punk music everything from the most celebrated and iconic designs through to the stark beauty of the cheapest do-it-yourself lo-fi obscurities.
Format Paperback | 400 pages
Dimensions 210 x 270 x 33.02mm | 1,760g

"Glorious Times
: A Pictorial Of The Death Metal Scene 1984-1991 - Alan Moses and Brian Pattison (Fryktos) - 28
Finally reprinted! The ultimate book for retrospective death metal history! After years of being sold out this fine piece of Death metal history, Glorious Times is finally again on stock by Fryktos Burnings! With new artwork, an added interview with the writers Alan and Brian, high quality print with spot UV print in details. A must own book for all the death metal fans!
These are the memories from those involved in the early days of the scene in their own words! 180 full coloured pages of massively rare and mostly unseen photographs, tied together with sentiment and reflections from the very people who lived the era the Glorious Times.
Bands featured:

HÜSKER DÜ - st (Numero Group) BOXSET: 4XLP + BOOK - 85
Experience the punishing sonic origins of a punk icon. Collected here for the first time, and skillfully remastered from original board tapes, demos, and session masters, this collection is an authoritative chronicling of the wellspring and maturation of Grant Hart, Greg Norton and Bob Mould - three Minneapolis teenagers who'd go on to become the most heralded trio of the American punk underground. Follow the Hüskers to their earliest gigs in 1979, through extensive road dog touring, and to the start of their partnership with West Coast tastemaker SST in 1983.
This primitive stage in the fabled career of Hüsker Dü is presented as a deluxe box set and packaged with a hardbound book crammed full of never before seen photos, flyers, and a sprawling essay with participation from the band. Spread across four LPs or three CDs, 47 of the 69 songs compiled here are previously unissued. Also included are Statues/Amusement, In A Free Land, Everything Falls Apart, and an alternate recording of the Land Speed Record set.

K - (Self Released) - 17
Rock 'n Roll . Kraut Garage Punk . : 37 . : 300

BANDAGE "build" (Keep it a Secret/Lockjaw/No Reason) - 18
Bandage is a four-piece punk rock band hailing from Athens, Greece. Officially originating in 2010 as a trio, the band establishes its sound on the Californian Epi/Fat era of the 90s while adding many modern touches. Bandage play shows all over Greece before enlisting a second guitarist about two years later and finally touring abroad begins across various countries of Europe. Three releases in, the band finishes producing their sophomore LP titled Build in the summer of 2018 and is preparing for the records release on May 3rd of 2019 (Keep it a Secret Records, Lockjaw Records and No Reason Records), accompanied by as much touring as possible.
Recorded in April of 2018 at Villa Giuseppe in Athens Greece by Jacopo Fokas and mixed/mastered by Jay Maas (Getaway Recording, Boston Massachusetts / Defeater, No Trigger, Bane Tittle Fight) Build is the sophomore LP by Bandage, an 11 track / 35-minute long record that comes as the culmination of a two year preparational period of work by the band and the individuals in it. Build sees the band moving onward from their established Californian Epi/Fat sound to a more emo/pop punk framework and a very personal lyrical approach, in many ways an extremely fresh experience for Bandage. The artwork photography, handled by Theo Vranas, and the graphic layout, illustrated by Zachos Eleftheriadis, marks movement in uncharted territory for the band once more in an attempt to prepare the listener/viewer for the actual content.

BLAKAUT " " (Self Released) - 14
One man darkwave/synthwave/ebm . 200 .

DATA FRAGMENTS - st (Geheimnis) - 16
Wonky Doll And The Echo is a Greek post punk revival band formed in mid-2010. Their music can be described as a mixture of post-punk, indie rock with a minimal 80s touch, incorporating a modern, alternative sound. Although recently formed, Wonky Doll And The Echo recorded their promo CD-R/EP on December 2010. Furthermore, Wonky Doll And The Echo have been highly active since their formation, making live performances in various famous Athenian stages, such as Six D.O.G.S, BIOS, Seven Sins and Nouvelle Decadence. They also appeared as supporting act for two of the most famous and high reputable bands of the dark alternative music genre, Clan of Xymox and The Frozen Autumn, in two concerts that took place at Kittaro Live club in Athens, on December 2011 and on February 2012 respectively.
Geheimnis Records proudly welcomes and presents its first collaboration with this new band, releasing its first LP album on 300 limited edition, hand-numbered vinyl records and in digital format for digital downloading. The album includes 9 songs, many of them already known from the bands live gigs, but with a total new mix and mastering, compared to the promo editions.

THE LAST DRIVE "f*head entropy" (Labyrinth Of Thoughts) - 20
F*head Entropy The Last Drive. 400 . mastering, artwork bonus track May this bullet, CD album.

LAST RITES - st (Stand Against Vivisection) - 13
D-beat attack in the vein Wolfpack/Skitsystem from Athens.

PROCRASTINATE / MYTERI - Split (Alerta Antifascista) - 15 (Black Vinyl)
Pressing Details: 180gram Vinyl, Gatefoldcover, LP-sized insert, Double-LP-Sized 4c poster, Silkscreened on the B-Side, Download Code, Artwork by Alex CF. Swedens MYTERI team up with PROCRASTINATE from Greece for a Split LP release. Hight quality crustcore galore guaranteed!

13TH CHIME "the singles 1981-1983" (Sacred Bones) - 23
We are proud to announce the release of the 13th Chime singles collection. Long sought after by collectors, the UK band only released a scant three singles in their time together before dissolving into obscurity. Their sounda merging of deathrocks dark driving aggression and post-punks sparse arrangementsreflected the realities of life in a small market town in the desolate political landscape of early 80s Britain.
In cooperation with the band members Sacred Bones has collected 13th Chimes three singles plus rare never before heard demo recordings of Tinker Man, Radio Man, and 13th Victim. Detailed liner notes by Clive OGrady tell the entire storyfrom schoolmates in the Suffolk town of Haverhill to tours with The Enid, Theater of Hate, support slots with The Adicts and Dead Kennedys, and an inevitable breakup, making friends and fans out of John Peel and The Groundhogs Tony McPhee along the way.

AUS-ROTTEN "and now back to our programming (Profane Existence) - 17.50 (Splatter Vinyl)
The second studio LP from AUS-ROTTEN, originally released in 1998, is back in print on PROFANE EXISTENCE! Considered by many to be the highlight of AUS-ROTTENs discography, And Now Back To Our Programming is an absolutely essential anarcho-punk LP, and the rapid fire delivery of righteous political anger AUS-ROTTEN are famous for is just as prevalent on this release as it is on all AUS-ROTTEN records. From the second the needle drops this LP challenges you to be the change you want to see in the world. 7 songs in total including the epic 16-minute title track.

BUTCHER "return to nothingness" (La Familia Releases) - 17 (Turquoise Marbled Vinyl)
If you are familiar with their debut "Holding Back the Night" LP you have some idea what to expect here. For those who have not heard the band, expect some powerful, genre expanding hardcore punk from a group with members in Florida, Texas, and Japan.
The band is fronted by Jack Control, from the same WORLD BURNS TO DEATH and SEVERED HEAD OF STATE with Jon Weisberg from ASSHOLEPARADE, LIFECHAIN, RELIGIOUS AS FUCK, STARVATION and WORLDS providing Drumbeats and on guitars are Adler Moore (AGHAST, LIFECHAIN, HERETIC) and Souichi Hisatake (GUDON, FORWARD).
This second record takes the sound they crafted on the first LP and ramps up the power, tempo, and raw punk aggression. Ten tracks of pure fucking raw/thrashing hardcore punk paying homage to POISON IDEA or G.I.S.M.!

DISFEAR "misanthropic generation" (La Famillia) 15.50
Disfears classic 4th album originally released 2003 reissued on vinyl again. 13 songs of crushing Scandinavian HC at its best. Comes in a nice thick gatefold cover nuff said?

ELECTRO HIPPIES "deception of ..: collected works 1985-87" (Boss Tuneage) 2x LP + CD - 24
The ELECTRO HIPPIES need no introduction to anyone familiar with UKHC in the mid to late '80s. - Now, for the first time, their recordings that predate their records for Peaceville are collected together officially, including their solitary Peel Session, split LP tracks, their two studio demos and many live and rehearsal tracks previously unheard outside of the band.
Released in conjunction with the band, and including liner notes by Simon, as well as lyrics, photos, posters and more, this is a must own collection for any fan of 80s UKHC.
The content of this package is so immense, you would scroll yourself to death, so here's a shorter overview what you can expect: The full John Peel Session from 1987, both "Killing Babies" demos from 1986 and 1987. "Play Fast Or Don't" Split LP with GENERIC from 1986 plus various rehearsal recordings and Livecuts between 1985 and 1987.  Also includes a CD in PVC Wallet of all 60 tracks.

EXTREME NOISE TERROR "phonophobia" (Agipunk) - 15
Ladies and gentlemen, here we go again! Agipunk is stunningly happy to announce the repress of one of the masterpieces of the early era UK crustcore. Phonophobia is a record that inspired thousands of dirty punks all over the world, and having the chance to re-release it is such a honour for us. I don't think we need to introduce this record and this band to any of the people who are reading these lines, but a few words are necessary to explain the value of this product. Phonophobia has originally been recorded and mixed at Southern Studios in London in August 1991. This version has been remixed and remastered by Dean Jones and Phil Vane with additional production at Springvale Studios in Ipswich in October 2009. The sonic assault is now more than ever ear damaging, so prepare your turntable and your eardrums for this final violent assault! 1000 copies will be pressed.

THE FIX "at the speed of twisted thought..." (Touch Ang Go) - 18
The Fix was one of the earliest hardcore bands in the Midwest and one of the first to release a record for Touch And Go. Blazing away with the Necros and the Meatmen, The Fix is part of the foundation of what would become Touch And Go. This collection of recordings will be released on both CD and vinyl and includes both early Touch And Go singles, the track from the "Process Of Elimination" track, a few demo tracks from the "Jans Room" sessions and live tracks from a 1981 tour.

THE GEARS "rockin' at ground zero" (Munster) - 19
Classic 1980 album by Los Angeles punk heroes The Gears represents some of the eras best music.
Rockin At Ground Zero is a raucous document of this underappreciated, still active band, influenced equally by the Sex Pistols and the old school rock & roll they grew up with.
Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180g vinyl.
With powerhouse vocalist Axxel G Reese, the high impact guitar of Kidd Spike, bassist Brian Redz and the late, great Dave Drive on drums, The Gears roared out hard hitting, irresistible songs with a driving energy wrenched from the gut of Los Angeles. Influenced equally by the Sex Pistols and the old school rock & roll they grew up with, The Gears peerless songs are fraught with classic themes adolescent anxiety (Teenage Brain), restlessness (Keep Movin), desperate romance (Baby Runaround, High School Girls) and defiantly rockin through the end of the world (The Last Chord and Rockin At Ground Zero). This record captures one of the most underrated, highest quality groups of the era a solid, classic set of pure Los Angeles punk & roll.

GENITAL HOSPITAL "street mummy" (P. Trash) - 12
The 2nd album from the band from Quebec featuring good buddies from the DEMON'S CLAWS, PRIMITIVE HANDS, SCAT RAG BOOATERS and ROYAL ROUTES. Coming out of the same garage scene as Mark Sultan, Genital Hospital straddles the line between rapid fired Garage Punk and pogo-beat Punk Rock. A nice blistering mix of high energy catchiness that fans of the Spits, Reatards and Live Fast Die will be all over.

HERESY "face up to it! 30th anniversary edition" (Boss Tuneage) 2xLP + CD - 24
If you mention HERESY's "FACE UP TO IT!" album many people will tell you what a great album it was, let down by horrendous production. Now, 30 years since it was recorded, the band undertook a mammoth project to make the album finally sound how they had envisaged
The original multi track master tapes were unearthed and baked to allow a transfer of all the raw recorded material and for the band to do a totally ground up restoration/remix on not only the original album, but also the rest of the session that included the bonus tracks originally only released on the Japanese version of the album "Voice Your Opinion"
To say that the results have been remarkable would be an understatement and have exceeded the bands own expectations - turns out underneath the muddy production there was a phenomenal album just waiting to get out!
But don't just take my word for it, listen to two tracks here to see the amazing difference...
So we proudly present FACE UP TO IT! in 2018, sounding as the band hoped it would in 1988! And because its a special release, we have gone to town on the packaging! Three Sided Vinyl LP (the original album plus one sided 12") Packaged for this first pressing only in gatefold sleeve, with additional insert and a CD in PVC wallet of all tracks! Featuring liner notes from all band members.

HORROR VACUI "return of the empire" (Plastic Bomb) - 16 (180 gr)
Reissue on Plastic Bomb Records on heavy 180gr. vinyl! - The second full length for the Italian vampire punx Horror Vacui after their (already) classic "In Darkness You Will feel Alright" LP. 8 brilliant tracks of pure goth/death rock in the vein of Lords Of The New Church, Spectres, T.S.O.L., Sisters Of Mercy and 1919.

HORROR VACUI "new wave of fear" (Sabotage) - 15
Three years after their second album Return Of The Empire, the italian Vampire punx combo returns with their new full length New Wave of Fear. The tunes got darker and less punk than their previous releases but, all in all, the formula hasnt changed too much, and, hell yeah, this is a concept album about life and death. The A side has been named This Side and deals with things that belong to the world were living (immigration, the rise of the extreme right wing parties, terror, life in general etc.). The B side has been named Other Side and its all dedicated about death. Its a more intense record and definitely better than their old ones, and you can also hear the crusty roots of some of the members in their last song where Amebix and Fields Of The Nephilim meet in a no mens land to face the end of it all.

ICTUS "hambrientos de un sol distinto" (Skuld) - 13
Re-release of their 2005 masterpiece! Ictus formed in 2004 in Galicia/Spain and deliver fucking excellent modern dark and epic Hardcorepunk. Besides showing definately similarities to Ekkaia, Tragedy or even Catharsis, they are a brand of their own! With 3 guitarplayers and a hellish aggressive singer they manage to unleash such a wall of frustration and anger to leave me speechless when I first had a listen! Dark and heavy hardcore crust with undeniable hints to blackmetalmelodies + some ambiental parts and screaming political thoughts all over against those times we are living in today.... - .this is the perfect soundtrack to fuck shit up.

ICTUS "discography" (Alerta Antifascista) 2xLP - 23 (Black Splatter)
Ictus need no introduction as they have been innovating and bending the rules of metallic hardcore/emo-crust... for so many years, influencing scores of copycats and delivering some of the most forward-thinking and sonically abrasive music ever heard. They came out of the great spanish scene with bands like EKKAIA, MADAMAE GERMEN, DOWN TO AGONY just to name a few.
The collection of this double-LP captures ICTUS in their last years, spanning the timeframe of 2006-2007. This period was extremely productive for the band, generating the split 10 with OKBAN, the Split LP with THIS THING CALLED DYING and the full-length IMPERIUM as well as multiple european tours. The resultant of this 3 tracks were unpredictable - rageful and delicate, catchy and obtuse. Consider this as heavy, raw, dark, arty, hardcore, metal and extreme. Its just amazing. clear Vinyl with black splatter.

INSTITUTE "salt" (Sacred Bones) - 16
Institute stands at the center of a thriving punk scene in Austin, Texas, and Sacred Bones Records proud to be releasing their Salt EP. We fell in love with this band as soon as we heard those early anarcho punk influenced demos, and then saw a blistering set from them in their hometown earlier this year. The Salt EP is as sharp as the band's earlier work but suggests longer, more experimental forms and a more incisive lyrical perspective, dealing with topics from existentialism to Brown's experience as a closeted youth.

MARTYRDOD "hexhammaren" (Century Media) - 20
Hexhammaren is MARTYRDÖDs seventh studio album and was once again recorded with Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, In Flames) in Gothenburg, Sweden. Limited black 180g vinyl + poster.

THE MEN "hated: 2008-2011" (Sacred Bones) 2x LP - 30
US Import. NYCs The Men have made a name for themselves as wayfaring musicians, constantly evolving and eluding their listeners. Before they were genre-hopping through country, post-punk, noise rock, and more, they were applying that experimental nature within the more confined space of punk. Within that genre they were wildly adventurous, playing noise shows, hardcore shows, rock shows, and switching up the instrumentation as they saw fit, while always operating within a general punk ethos. Their first demo was a hand-dubbed and spray-painted run of 32 copies, half of which worked, and their first shows were at New York dives like Tommys Tavern, Matchless, and Don Pedro (all of which have been shut down).
That hand-dubbed demo kicked off a furious run of creative output from 2008 to 2011, much of which is now collected on the new compilation, Hated. The songs on Hated are pulled from a variety of sources the debut demo tape, a split with Nomos, a 7", a 12" EP, and a slew of unreleased demos, outtakes, and live recordings. These songs show the huge range and potential of a band still in its infancy, when they were just beginning to blaze the path theyre still on to this day.
The core value of the original incarnation of The Men was work ethic. The band became a lifestyle for original members Chris Hansell, Mark Perro, and Nick Chiericozzi, with Hansell even living off unemployment checks to dedicate his time to the project. The three of them would jam and obsess over music together over all else.
For those who were at those early NYC shows, Hated will be a welcome reminder of a glorious time in the underground. For those who werent, its a chance to experience The Men as the locals did, and to get a glimpse of a Brooklyn DIY scene that doesnt really exist anymore, at least not in the same way. And for diehard fans of the band, its a reminder of how much theyve evolved, and how much more evolution they still have to go.

NEGATIVE APPROACH "tied down" (Touch And Go) - 18
A reissue of the groundbreaking and influential 1983 album from Michigan's hardcore behemoths. Ten practically peerless tracks of mean, violent and explosive punk rock, featuring the hoarse, wailing vocals of Jon Brannon, who later went on to front the Laughing Hyenas. Now available again on vinyl. LP includes a coupon for a free download of the entire album in MP3 format.

NEUROSIS "the word as law" (Neurot Recordings) - 26
US Import. I still remember the first time I heard The Word as Law, shortly after it was released in 1990. From the first chords of Double-Edged Sword I was hooked the sounds seemed to send some sort of powerful electrical current coursing through my body and by the time the feedback faded out at the end of Blisters I was emotionally spent. I had never heard anything like it: The Word as Law completely changed my understanding of three different musical genres punk, hardcore, and metal.
The record blends elements of all three. There is the raw moodiness of punk. The ferocity and anger of hardcore. The musicianship and dynamics of metal. But The Word as Law transcends all those labels, in the process creating something utterly unique.
It hit me on so many levels. It spoke to the anger I had as a young punk, my sense that I was trapped in a dog-eat-dog world of relentless capitalist competition, my alienation from the broader society. But it also resonated on a deeper level. My father killed himself when I was a teenager, leaving me mourning, feeling as if I were surrounded by a thick fog of despair. The Word as Law is not happy collection of songs, but it played this incredibly positive and cathartic role in my life. Listening to it over and over, gave me an odd sense of comfort. I realized that I wasnt the only person struggling with deep emotional turmoil and found myself slowly working through the anger and grief that had enveloped me.
More than 25 years later they are still my favorite band. And I still try to attend every Neurosis show I can.
The Word as Law was a massive influence on an entire generation of bands including my own, Econochrist. Its the bridge to what Neurosis would become in later years. So put it back on your turntable. Step to the front the falling is today. - Ben Sizemore

NEUROSIS "fires within fires"(Neurot Recordings) - 26
US Import. Of all that humankind has inherited through our ancestry, no single language has transcended every age as powerfully as music. For those few who channel that inheritance of sound today, none have wielded its command and authority like Neurosis. Showing their discontent with convention from the very beginning, Neurosis revealed what would become an instinct for transformation in sound and scope. With each release, the sound became interchangeable with vision. A vision of the conscious and unconscious coexisting in an audial spectrum that challenged not only the constraints of what listeners expected but of the listeners themselves as beings.
Over the collectives past ten albums, Neurosis have invited listeners to join them on the path their music carved. Going beyond the remarkable, Neurosis became unforgettable. Throughout the last 30 years, the journey of their music has found the band relishing the unpredictable and embracing the unknown possibility of where the music was capable of taking them. This year finds Neurosis taking their most dominant step yet with their eleventh full-length, Fires Within Fires. Three decades in the making, Fires Within Fires is a testament both to the history and future of Neurosis. Striking the band's signature balance between light and dark, beauty and repulsion, Fires Within Fires gives due to its predecessors while progressing forward into the unfamiliar and formidable.
Featuring exquisite album artwork from the renowned Thomas Hooper and the stellar recording work of the group's longstanding engineer Steve Albini, Fires Within Fires is at once a beautiful and forbidding work of mastery. For members Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till, Jason Roeder, Noah Landis, and Dave Edwardson, the album is a welcomed companion to whats now been a 30-year-long trek into the infiniteness of sound and sight coalescing into consciousness. An all-encompassing reminder that transfiguration in sound remains their most commanding and inimitable strength, Fires Within Fires is the next powerful step towards a destination that has long been and continues to be the very heart of "becoming" for the mighty Neurosis.

RIPCORD "poetic justice / harvest hardcore" (Skuld/Epistrophy) 14
RIPCORD are among my all time favourites!! Influenced by brutal US bands like Siege, Negative Approach among others, they managed to create a sound of their own by melting together this sound with their UK roots and were among the best bands that came from this fucking island called Great Britain in the late 80's. This is the 2nd part of their discography containig the best songs from the "Harvest Hardcore" 7" plus their best but last LP "Poetic Justice".

THE SCIENTISTS - st (Numero Group) - 22
US Import. The Scientists' 1981 wild debut bewildered Perth, Australia's punters with its charging anthems centered on themes of young love and alienation. Obvious in its rebellion yet more pop than punk, the self-titled "Pink Album" deftly embodied the tough-yet-danceable outsider aura of The Ramones, and its unheard of, feverish clip shook the shores of the geographically confined Swan Coastal Plain of down under. Recorded just as the lineup of guitarist-vocalist Kim Salmon (The Cheap Nasties), drummer James Baker (The Victims) and bassist Ian Sharples were breaking up, the album stands as a testament to the contagious chops of Perth's swelling pool of musical talent, and to the promise of Salmon's unwavering vision that would become one of the most celebrated acts of the Aussie underground.

SOCIAL DISTORTION "poshboy little monster" (Radiation) - 15 (Black Vinyl)
Formed in Fullerton, CA in 1978, Social Distortion were one of the original LA punk groups and their first single was released on legendary LA punk label Posh Boy. But far more rare than that first single ('Mainliner' b/w 'Playpen') is the unreleased EP 'Poshboy's Little Monsters'. This EP only made it to the test pressing stage back in 1981, and featured those two tracks from the first single along with 'All The Answers' and 'Justice For All.' This is the absolute holy grail for Social Distortion fans and it's finally available in commercial form for RSD 2019. Also includes 2 bonus tracks: '1945' and 'Moral Threat'.

STARS AND STRIPES "one man army" (I Scream) - 16
Re-issue of the second album from Slapshots side Oi! project band, orginally released on CD only in 2004.

TRAGEDY s/t (Skuld) 14
Official Repress of the first TRAGEDY Album on Skuld Releases, this time in the original package of the US Pressing (Tragedy Records) - From the opening acoustic intro to the last dark, thrashed out note this is one seriously intense album. The obvious comparisons His Hero Is Gone and From Ashes Rise are there for sure but to me this has a bit more of a straight up hardcore feel to it. That said though, this has some excellent heavy pounding drum beats happening and some changes in pace, pitch and mood that are so tight and sudden they scream for your attention. The harsh throaty vocals belt out lyrics that are written as single block paragraphs dealing with overtly sociopolitical issues all looked at from a less than positive point of view. This record is very heavy, very angry and although you will probably like it, it will not make you happy!

TRAGEDY "vengeance" (Skuld) - 14
Official Repress of the second TRAGEDY Album on Skuld Releases, this time in the original package of the US Pressing (Tragedy Records) - This is the sound of impending doom! The songs are epic, melodic, powerful and crushing - all at once!! Tragedy is fast and extremely heavy hardcore with melancholic melodies and pissed off as fuck vocals. I would say that this record is even better than their first one, even when I thought that this is not possible. You can taste the athmosphere of the songs, while the music crawls under your skin - awesome!

WARCOLLAPSE "deserts of ash" (Phobia) - 14
The Swedish masters of SCANDI-CRUST are finally back on the map with their first new recordings/songs since 2008's "DEFY!" Album on Profane Existence. 5 songs of roaring bulldozer CRUSTCORE with the WARCOLLAPSE heaviness and the unmistaken old school vibe of 90'ties crust-league veterans DOOM, SARCASM and of course some wretched, wrecked and wasted ANTI-CIMEX and DISCHARGE. You can hear the 25 years of crust as fuck existence through this recording. - Artwork by Mr. Stiv of War.

ZERO BOYS "history of ..." (Secretly Canadian) - 20
From 1979 into 1983, the Indianapolis based Zero Boys were the finest hardcore blitz in the Midwest if not all the lower 48 states. Proof is "Vicious Circle" and the two decades since of copyists, bootleggers, practitioners and reunion concert pogoers. Though before and after that LP's 1982 release they recorded the "Livin' In The '80s" 7", songs for three comps and released the post-mortem "History Of..." cassette revealing their transformation into a toured band warming to the metaphysical and their demise while still waving torches of rock 'n' roll panache. Those tracks not on the "Vicious Circle" LP all appear on this collection. Vinyl version includes a coupon that for a limited time allows you to download MP3 audio files of the recordings.

ZERO BOYS "vicious circle" (Secretly Canadian) - 20
It came out of nowhere in 1982, this punk rock/hardcore fireball with the bright yellow sleeve. In one sense, The Zero Boys' Vicious Circle was yet another example of how U.S. punk seemed to peak coast to coast that year. But unlike most coastal punk, the Zero Boys were pointing the way to a scene that could accommodate heaping helpings of melody, intelligence, and rock 'n' roll, not just turbo-charged ferocity. Vinyl version contains a coupon that for a limited time allows you to download MP3 audio files of the recordings.

This is a compilation of 16 UK 7" singles recorded between 1978 and 1982, compiled by JD Twitch, that showcases the DIY spirit of those times.
"If Punk was the nuclear detonation, the fallout that came after was where a lot of the most interesting music of that era was made. People who would never have thought to release a record before realised it was something they could do, and the end result was a DIY explosion. I've always loved music that doesn't try to fit in a particular genre, that is anti-canonical and doesn't care what else is going on in music at that time, that takes risks and is full of imagination and ideas that may or may not make any logical sense but that resulted in something unique, that ignores conventions about how a record SHOULD be produced and that was created simply because its creators felt the urge to express themselves and share the results with some other people. This compilation compiles 16 tracks that fulfil all those criteria. None of them had any success, most are (unjustly) obscure but every one of them has inspired me and would be in my ultimate 7" singles box." - JD Twitch.
This release has been a real labour of love involving tracing long-lost artists to far-flung corners of the globe, persuading them that the modern world needs to hear the music they made several decades ago, tracking down lost masters, lovingly restoring 7"s in the case of those where the masters were lost and then conceiving an elaborate package with detailed sleeve notes to house the double album package.
*NOTE - Due to legal problems with the original title a new version of the sleeve has had to be designed and manufactured. We still hope to make the original packaging available in a modified form but in the meantime this will be released in a gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves containing all the info and notes from the original.
The original 2 x LP vinyl edition was to come in a super deluxe package combining a double-sided black and white four x 12" panel sleeve, hand-folded into an LP sleeve with a colour insert containing colour photos of all the sleeves all inserted in a bespoke pvc wallet. The four x 12" panel sleeve contains sleeve notes and detailed overviews of each individual track by JD Twitch, and an introduction by New York's DIY expert Dan Selzer. Due to the huge amount of work involved putting the sleeve together, it would only ever exist in an edition of 500 copies.

Amazing introduction to early French punk scene. 14 bands, includes a 4-page insert. Full album available on Bandcamp.

- 46 bands pay homage to influential guitarist MIKE ATTA of legendary hardcore band THE MIDDLE CLASS, in his battle against cancer.
   SCREAM, NEGATIVE APPROACH, MUDHONEY and many more! - This limited edition double LP features many rare, classic & unreleased tracks, including vinyl-only exclusives!
- All profits go to help Mike's battle against cancer.
"When the good guys at Burger Records asked me to curate this compilation, a benefit for Middle Class guitarist Mike Atta's cancer treatments, I said yes in a heartbeat.
Middle Class changed my life, and the sound of every other punk and hardcore band living in the shadow of their brilliant 1978 debut 7" EP "Out Of Vogue"; I owed this to Mike Atta.
We ALL did. Middle Class, consisting of the three Atta brothers: Jeff on vocals, Bruce on drums, Mike on guitar, and their school friend Mike Patton on bass (and later Matt Simon on drums), were already turning heads in the nascent 1977 LA punk scene, as the first band from "Behind The Orange Curtain" to be accepted as genuine in the clique-laden Hollywood punk rock scene of 1977.
Middle Class were the "real" deal. Respected and revered by the well earned egos of the "Hollywood Scene" punks, pale imitation groups surfaced around their original "sound", and generic "hardcore" bands appeared, while they matured and changed, leaving inspired people like Keith Morris in their happy wake encouraged to start bands themselves.
When I started making calls about this benefit record, EVERY band I contacted said "yes", including bands that normally do not give songs to compilations.
Barry Henssler of the Necros summed up succinctly what every band basically said when I asked if they'd participate: "That first record is crucial, of course." Bands picked classic tracks from their back catalogs, some even chose unreleased tracks or rarities, and some were so enthused they recorded new songs in no time flat.
Mike Atta even came up with an unreleased outtake from the "Homeland" sessions. Mike's cancer had been in remission, but came back shortly after that reunion gig.
The band has kept playing, before, after and in between some very intense cancer treatments, and hopefully will continue to do so. " Pat Fear White Flag

ABSOLUTIST "traverse" (Distro-Y /Svoboda) - 5
Scottish Dark Hardcore/Crust crushers Absolutist are returning with a new 3 track 7″ release to follow up their split 12″ with Belgians Link in 2013.
The new EP will see the powerful three piece that is Absolutist blast out three tracks that brings the sounds of their epic Fall To None off their previous split, using the absolute elements of their emotive darkness that draws down into a driving d-beat/crust.

CHAIN CULT "isolated / noise & regret" (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 7
Chain Cult from Athens, Greece return with a new two track 7" after releasing their much loved demo on vinyl just a few months ago. On Isolated, Chain Cult have upped the intensity and dark atmospherics. The sound is bigger, focused and anthemic. The guitar work is haunting and flanged and the rhythm section locked in, keeping the energy high. It sits somewhere between Vex's Sanctuary 12", a more uptempo Killing Joke and Warsaw while remaining a band of their time.
Isolated comes housed in a pocket sleeve designed by the bands signature designer A.D. Visions which also created the lyric insert.

KATASTROF "s/t" (Adult Crush) - 6
Furious Swedish hardcore punk. Should appeal to people who dig Totalitär, Herätys and the likes... 5 tracks recorded @ The Communichaos Media Clay Station.

LITOVSK "single round volume 4" (Build Me a Bomb) - 6
Two brand new songs. Great post punk from France.

arching orders (Revoltation) - 8

Screaming Sneakers started life in South Florida before relocating to New York City. he band only released the one ep, 1982's Marching Orders. Featuring a top vocal from Lisa Nash, as well as the talents of Gary Sunshine (guitar), Bud Gangemi (bass) and Mark Evans (drums), this is a song that wraps up dark lyrics in a bright fizzing rush of a tune. Violent Days" is a great 80s punk anthem and the standout track on this 4 song EP, however fans of death rock might be attracted to the melancholic, new wave jams of "Grin and Bear" and "Reflections". This recent 7" fanclub import isn't cheap, but it's a lot more affordable than the 1982 original.


999 (NINE NINE NINE) "the biggest prize in sport" (Restless Empire) - 16
After two terrific albums with United Artists, the boys in 999 signed a deal with Polydor and released what is now considered as their finest full length LP, "The Biggest Prize In Sport". While still a 'punk' band, 999 were born during the pub scene and had more meat on their musical bones than most punks, and instead of turning away from their punk sound, they simply refined it. Upon first listening to this album, many folks were amazed to find out that 999 were a great rock n roll band, punk or no punk. The edges are still there, but they are more well-rounded this time out thanks to producer Vic Maile. The anthemic "Boys In The Gang" starts off the set in style (but 999 always knew how to kickstart an album). "Inside Out", with Guy Days' twisted guitar riff, picks up the pace. Although "Trouble" slows things down with it's reggae groove, it's such a great change of pace (Nick Cash's wail sounds similar to the Specials' Terry Hall on this track). "Fun Thing" has a great little hook and a powerful guitar solo that will grab you by the balls. "Hollywood", about their first trip to California, received solid airplay in the U.S., and has remained a 999 classic ever since. "Stop! Stop!" is a bouncy little bubblegum punk nugget. Practically every track a classic.

ABANDONED "killed by faith" (Radiation) - 15
Originally released in 1985, this is the sole album by Tony Cadenas' own The Abandoned, the band he formed after the Adolescents original break up in 1981. Sounding a lot like Tony's original band but with an heavier Germs influence, and a more metallic, darker, almost Motörhead-esque touch. As long as Adolescents got back on track, right before releasing their mid '80s comeback masterpiece 'Brats In Battalions' this obscure page of California punk rock history got completely forgotten and was never reopened until today. A band that really pushed the boundaries for the time while sticking to their roots, something most bands were not able to do. A must for all California punk rock maniacs out there!

ADOLESCENTS - s/t (Restless Empire) - 17
Adolescents, also known as The Blue Album due to its cover design, is the debut studio album by American punk rock band the Adolescents, released in April 1981 on Frontier Records. Recorded after guitarist Rikk Agnew and drummer Casey Royer joined the band, it features several songs written for their prior group, the Detours, including "Kids of the Black Hole" and "Amoeba", which became two of the Adolescents' most well-known songs. Adolescents was one of the first hardcore punk albums to be widely distributed throughout the United States, and became one of the best-selling California hardcore albums of its time.[1] The band never toured in support of it, and broke up four months after its release. The Blue Album lineup of Agnew, Royer, guitarist Frank Agnew, bassist Steve Soto and singer Tony Brandenburg reunited several times in subsequent years, but only for brief periods. Limited repress on Restless Empire. Blue/black splatter vinyl.

THE ASTRONAUTS "it's all done by mirrors" (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 16
The Astronauts second album Its All Done By Mirrors was originally released by All the Madmen in 1983 and finally gets reissued on vinyl for the first time. Original copies are now really sought after and on a lot of people's wants lists due to both its scarcity and its status among outsider art, free music and weirdly enough peace punk fans. Its All Done by Mirrors is a stunning collection of explosive pop songs and traditional folk ballads and considered to be the pinnacle of the Astronauts recorded output. Its easy to hear and see why. Musically its tighter and more focused than on the debut album Peter Pan Hits the Suburbs and lyrically its on another level. From Mark Astronaut's lyrical pen comes a woman dreaming of the Dorset coast whilst writing to her former lover (Seagull Mania); or the man on the street and his wife living out the final day before nuclear destruction (Typically English Day). Mark Astronaut really should been seen in the same light as Ray Davies from the Kinks with his observations of a time long gone. Three of the tracks feature legendary sax player Lol Coxhill. As with all Astronauts releases - totally under rated yet totally essential.

AXE RASH - st (Adult Crash) - 15
Hardcore punk band from Stockholm/Sweden. New LP from this raging swedenpunx that vocalist is fucking pissed! Fast, abrasive and vicious but always full of intricate, catchy as hell riffs.

BAD RELIGION "into the unknown" (Fan Club) - 15
Fan Club edition of the black sheep amongst the Bad Religion catalog.  Released in 1983 and long-dismissed from the band's legacy, this record saw BR delving into prog rock and new wave influences. Definitely worth a listen.

BELGRADO "obraz" (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 16
Obraz is a deconstruction of reality to its basic forms and most primitive elements. The starting point after maximum destruction. A reconstruction towards a new reality. The world of images and a thousand spectacles, fragmented, dismantled and reassembled. Dynamism, rhythm, energy and movement. Creative sense over technique. Reality is a construction that we ourselves create.
Belgrado delivers a blend of post-punk that takes its influence from many different styles and combines them together into a new form and rhythm. Carefully constructed sound compositions driven by feelingand the senses. Geometrical figures set in motion. Inspired by the mechanical pulse of minimal synth, the hypnotic sounds of dub, the atmosphere of psychedelic and African music, French cold wave and the post-punk classics.

BISHOP GREEN "a chance to change" (Rebellion) - 16
Packed shows, sold out tours, both their six-track debut 12" and debut full-length "Pressure" get re-press after re-press... does BISHOPS GREEN really need any further introduction? I don't think so either, but we at REBELLION RECORDS sure as hell are damn proud to present you guys the brand new sophomore album by Canada's leading street punk band entitled "A CHANCE TO CHANGE"!
With this album the band found a bridge between their raw and powerful debut EP, the passionate and resistful "Pressure" LP and their wild and rowdy live shows capturing it all on "A Chance To Change". So what are you still waiting for?!

BLITZ "time bomb: early singles & demos collection" (Radiation) - 15
A pure shot of abrasive punk/rock 'n' roll with a hint of working class Oi!, Blitz were among the most influential punk bands ever. It was Gary Bushell (who wrote for "Sounds" and was later dubbed the God Father of Oi!) who brought the band to the attention of his friend Chris Berry, who had just set up No Future records with a bank loan and high hopes. No Future 001 catalog (and Blitz's debut release) was a 4 track EP titled "All Out Attack", a 20,000 copy bestseller that made the label's fortune, later to become the most representative of the whole UK82 movement. Its follow-up, "Never Surrender", reached number 2 in the Indie charts, while their 3rd EP, "Warriors", showed their slight move towards the singalong-style of classic OI!. Before shifting to a more new wave-influenced vein right by the end of 1983, they managed to reach number 2 in the charts with a fourth and last 'punk' single, "New Age". This 1980-1983 complete retrospective features all four aforementioned singles along with their very first recording session from 1980, the legendary 'Timebomb' demos, and 4 cuts from the "Voice Of A Generation" demos!

BLITZ "voice of generation" (Radiation) 16.50 (180 gr vinyl)
Raw, violent and catchy, Blitz's 1982 debut album sounded like a shot of pure rock and roll through the violence of the English working class. Made up by two punks and two skinheads, with a lot to say about violence and football, Blitz appealed to all kinds of lowlifes, who finally had a voice for their generation. 180 gram vinyl reissue with printed inner sleeve, contains 3 bonus tracks: Voice of Generation from V/A Total Noise, Nation on Fire and Youth from V/A "Carry on Oi". Total classic.

BLITZ "second empire justice" (Restless Empire) - 17
Limited repress on Restless Empire."When Crisis had their own personal Joy Division epiphany, they ultimately became Death in June. When the rowdy Oi! band The Blitz went through the same thing, they abruptly changed musical course and released Second Empire Justice, alienating their skinhead fanbase almost overnight. Like Joy Division, New Order, and Death in June, Blitzs name had sketchy political connotations; Nietzschean song titles like New Age didnt help. In fact, it was New Age and especially its promo video, which exaggerated things just a little bit by stating the band were from Manchester (really, they were from nearby New Mills) that signaled the sea change in the bands sound. Suddenly the Blitz were dressed in all black dress shirts, and it sounded like Bernard Sumner was guesting on guitar. Oi! seer Gary Bushell had claimed Blitzs 1982 Voice of a Generation LP was like The Clashs debut album in terms of feel, suss and relevance. Comparisons like this came to aquick halt after Second Empire Justice came out." (Cvlt Nation)

BLITZ "no future for april fools" (Radiation) - 15
Blitz were among the most influential punk bands ever. It was Gary Bushell (who wrote for Sounds and was later dubbed the 'Godfather of Oi!') who brought the band to the attention of his friend Chris Berry, who had just set up No Future records with a bank loan and high hopes. No Future 001 (and Blitz's debut release) was a 4-track EP titled 'All Out Attack', a 20,000-copy bestseller that made the label's fortune, later to become the most representative of the whole UK82 movement. Its follow-up, 'Never Surrender', reached number 2 on the Indie charts, while their 3rd EP, 'Warriors', showed their slight move towards the sing-a-long style of classic Oi! Recorded live at the legendary Lyceum in London in April of 1982, just after the release of their second 7" (with a few tracks from the Skunx club in Islington recorded a few weeks later) this is the band at their absolute live peak. Crucial UK OI! recorded live, the way the genre was meant to be heard, with a beer in one hand and the other with a fist in the air. Blazing and brutal and classic UK82.

BREAK OUT "Breakout Aka Intensified Chaos"  (Vomitopunkrock) - 17
Formed in 1980, Intensified Chaos (changing their name to Breakout in 1983) were a D.I.Y. 80s UK Punk Band from the West Country. With one boot on Oi! and the other on the raw Uk82 sounds from the era, the band survived a myriad of line-up changes (including one in the vocalist slot in 1983) and recorded a bunch of urgent, powerful and incendiary demos that only a few lucky ones could enjoy until now.This lp presents a thorough overview of their surviving recorded demos from 1982 to 1984, 14 tracks of pure pissed off, rough Punk to finally make justice to this unfairly obscure bunch.Only one of their recorded songs(Waste Away by Breakout, featured on the hard to find Punk compilation album Wet Dreams in 1984) was ever published on a record, so this is the very first time this songs are available on vinyl. Raw, uncompromising working class punk for the Thatcher era, up the Punks!

BUSINESS "suburban rebels" (Radiation) - 15
The debut LP by Oi! legends The Business, originally released in 1983. Formed in South London in 1979 the group started playing Oi! concerts in 1981, opening for the 4-Skins. After that they quickly became one of the bigger groups on the UK Oi! scene. This absolute stone cold Oi! clasic includes the Indie Chart hit singles 'Harry May' and 'Smash The Discos' plus the anthemic 'Loud Proud N Punk'.

CAREER SUICIDE "machine response" (Statick Shock) - 16.50
Writhing, sneering, tight cornered, "Machine Response" the only acceptable follow up to the blistering and landmark "Attempted Suicide." Nearly ten years of beating around the bush, casually playing around the world and drip releasing music along the way, Career Suicide is backed by their best lineup ever, ready to break back through themselves with this new full length. Machine Response veers in and out of pure speed, bursts of melody, and chunky tempo shifts, indenting the long standing influence of early 80s USHC, late 70s punk, and a peppering of 60s swagger, with their own clearly developed style. Dallas Good (Sadies, Andre Williams, John Doe, Half Japanese, Elevator and a million more) presents a magnificently essential 2nd guitar and lead presence; a screaming contribution by great friend and long time supporter of the band, Souichi Hisatake, (Forward, GISM, Insane Youth, Gudon etc) to crack your brain up; artwork in collaboration with Ryan Tong of S.H.I.T. and Toronto's life-giving Faith/Void; and a thundering recording, once again helmed by the decorated and limitless in his pursuit of smooth hearing loss, Jon Drew, provide the most damaging clarity Career Suicide have been able to capture to date.

CHAIN CULT - st (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 15
, La Vida En Us Mus. Chain Cult Conspiracy Of Denial, Dirty Wombs, Lifewreck, .. The Estranged Joy Division.

CRISIS "kollectiv" (La Vida Es Un Mus) 2x LP - 22
For the first time ever, the three Crisis singles are officially re-released on Vinyl along with demos from 77 and 78 and a simply stunning sounding live set from Norway in 1979.  The debut 7" from 1978 on Action Group Records, 'No Town Hall'  features three stonewall punk classics. The next two singles 'UK79' and 'Alienation' make up the four tracks recorded for a John Peel Session in 1978. The lyrics are a product of the time against a backdrop of street fights with the National Front, violence at gigs, institutional racism within the police force, class division, industrial strife, sexual repression Upon reflection not much has really changed in the last 35 years! Also included are demo tracks from 1977 and 1978 which are raw and basic punk just as you would expect. They have never been officially released on vinyl before. Sides Three and Four features a live set recorded when Crisis played Norway in 1979 which features all of the material that later turned up on Hymns Of Faith. The sound quality of the recording is so good it would pass as a studio recording.
The record comes housed in a tip on heavyweight sleeve with detailed liner notes, reviews, interviews, and a few unseen group photos. The sleeve picture taken in Kiev in 2012 couldn't be more relevant, capturing the Zeitgeist - which was part of what Punk was all about in the first place.

COCK SPARRER "forever" (Pirates Press/Randale/Chase The Ace) - 17
For many, this band needs no introduction, as they are indeed legends in a vibrant scene stretching across the world. At the same time, for anyone not part of that category, they are far-and-away the best band that you've not heard yet. This full length, their sixth, in 45 years as a band, truly exemplifies how incredible and how special this band is.
Rather than follow the all-too-common trajectory of releasing a new full length every few years, and following it up with tour after tour, sparrer really remained selective with the new music they've chosen to release, and the gigs they are willing to play and for many people, that is what really sets them apart. There is no fluff - ever!
All of their albums are classics, and this one is soon-to-be as well. Hit after hit, hook after hook, sing-along after sing-along and jam packed with substance, Forever" is an album that will be treasured by hundreds of thousands of fans for decades to come.
One would assume that this is the last full length that we will see from these legends; and a fitting one it is indeed. These best-of-friends wear their hearts on their sleeves, and bring an intensity and emotional component to everything that they do whether it is recording new tracks, or getting on stage to thoroughly impress thousands of fans with their incomparable and truly spectacular live performances. This album does nothing short of illustrate that perfectly. 180gr black vinyl.

CRUTCHES "såld" (Distro-y Records)- 14 (Colour vinyl)
Swedish mangel maestros CRUTCHES are back having welded together a third LP of raw hardcore d-beat punk entitled Såld. Having in taken a short break in between jet setting between DIY venues throughout the world. CRUTCHES have laid out 11 new tracks of raw unrelenting swedish d-takt which follows the aftermath of the 2015 LP FörlOrAD. Såld sees CRUTCHES bolster up their line up with Eddie on guitar who joined the ranks in the wake of the last release. The enforced CRUTCHES run amok amidst a thunderous barrage of drums and wild guitars kicked into overdrive to create maximum noise. With socio-political lyrics snapping at what is perceived normality and forever mangeling towards freedom.
Recorded by CRUTCHES in the Nidis at Norragränges, February-March 2017 and mixed & mastered by Matte PSCELERIS PRODUCTIONS the 666 vinyl pressing will be housed in artwork by legendary punk artist Stiv.

DEATH RIDGE BOYS "right side of history" (Black Water) - 20
US Import. "right side of history" deliver 7 tracks of hard-hitting anti-nazi oi! played by Portland punk vets. These guys have been around the block a few times having played in bands like CRIMINAL DAMAGE, TALK IS POISON, TRAGEDY etc. so you can be sure they know how to write a song. Music with a message, equal parts passion and political with intelligent lyrics and catchy riffs that are sure to get stuck in your head. This is a one-time vinyl pressing of 500 copies on colored, 180gr vinyl with lyric sheet and poster.

DEATH SIDE "wasted dream" (Fan Club) - 15
The mighty Death Side, my favorite - together with Bastard - hardcore band to ever come out of Japan. Originally released on Selfish Records in 1989. One of the best hardcore records ever.

ENZYME "howling mind" (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 16
After two 7"s on Crust War and Hardcore Victim and a Tour flexi in Japan on Vox Populi Records, Australian noise-punx Enzyme release their debut 10 track debut album. The band made up of ex members of Pisschrist, Kromosom and Unknown to Gods worship at the alter of Perdition era Disorder, Chaos UK and Confuse. The bass drives the sound, the drums hectic with a lot of rolling tom tom work whilst the guitar has an immense tone of buzzing distortion and flanged psychedelics. Get ready to pogo!

EXIT ORDER "seed of hysteria" (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 16
Following a fantastic demo in 2013 and a flawless 7 EP in 2015 Bostons EXIT ORDER finally grace us with a long waiting debut 12. Seed Of Hysteria is made up out of 10 perfect hardcore punk songs. With one boot firmly stuck on the Bristol punk sound of the golden era and with nods to early USA Hardcore and prime UK Peace-Punk Seed Of Hysteria is an all out sonic assault. Using the best elements of the last 30 years of international hardcore punk and turning them into short sharp bursts of energy. Heavy on the guitar chorus and with a extremely sharp vocal deliverance reminding at times of No Side era COMES the record flows with urgency and aggression. Youll have to dig hard to find a punk record as tough and tight as Seeds Of Hysteria.
The record comes in a heavy reverse board monochromatic sleeve with a double sided 22x11 which doubles as poster and lyric sheet. Released by Side Two label in USA and LVEUM in Europe.

EXPLOITED "troops of tomorrow" (Restless Empire) - 16
In the early '80s, British punk took a turn toward hardcore and the Exploited (along with G.B.H, Disorder, etc.) led the charge. The beat was fast and furious, the politics ferocious, and the magenta mohawk became state of the art. This album is blessed with great production, something many hardcore albums lack, meaning the froth and fury don't come across as a total muddle. Moreover, the machine gun beat comes with hooks that leave you humming along with the tunes. Big John was a decent guitarist and his fireball leads add spice to the mix. Highlights here are "Disorder," "Alternative," "U.S.A." and the title track (penned by the Vibrators). The album is as much a glimpse of the gutter politics of the U.K. under Maggie Thatcher, giving voice to frustration and emptiness of a generation of street kids who looked on the waning empire and saw themselves left out. It's raw, loud, and a downright classic. This is a crucial album in the evolution of The Exploited. The opening track is enough anarchic assault on the ears to make any punk fan realize these guy's meant buisness! It is altogether a solid album, guitar is great, the drums are loud and fast and the vox are pist. This album is a classic and more than half the songs are more than note worthy ("Sid Vicious Was Innocent", "Jimmy Boyle", Troops Of Tomorrow", "F--- The U.S.A." and "Alternative" are the best!!). "but don't take my word for it"

FATAMORGANA "terra alta" (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 17
Formed in Barcelona in the summer of 2017, Fatamorgana sprang to life from the hearts and minds of Patrycja Anna Proniewska and Louis Harding. What began as a bedroom project of sorts (monophonic synthesisers, 4-track cassette recordings) the project soon blossomed into a functional live unit. Following a self-released cassette single at the start of the year, the pair spent the latter part of 2018 touring continental Europe and the west coast of North America.
Recorded at Holyrook Estudio in Barcelona, Terra Alta is the group's first full-length effort. The verse-chorus songwriting, the raw set-up of 2-synths-and-a-beat, and the primal rhythms nod to the duo's background in punk. But Terra Alta has a pensive and mesmeric quality, provided in part by an outstanding production job (Studio AS One, Warsaw), but also by lyrics concerning themselves with themes of love, time travel, reflections on the future, the power of imagination and the mysteries of the natural world. If pressed for musical references the band could be pin-pointed somewhere between early DEPECHE MODE, YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS, THE HUMAN LEAGUE and a rounder around the edges BORGHESIA.
Dreamlike synthesisers and echoed voices circle around danceable rhythms, inviting you to simultaneously contemplate and move your body. Allow yourself to be teleported from the majesty of Nature, to the glow of the discotheque.

FRAMTID "under the ashes" (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 16
An absolutely over the top recording comprising twelve tracks of punishing hardcore with a huge wall-of-noize production adding to their faultless song writing. As noisy as the album is, all the songs are hits and hard to forget. 'The Total Arse', 'Tomorrow' and 'Consuming Shit and Mind Pollution' are what the new generation of noize-not-music punk lack, memorable anthems. Housed in a 350 gsm regular sleeve and without alterations to the art or sound from the original, this reissue tries to bring an undoubtedly classic of our generation back to life.

G.B.H. "leather, bristles, studs and acne" (Let Them Eat Vinyl) - 16 (Red Vinyl)
Here's an official vinyl reissue of the monumental 1981 release 'Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne' by legendary English punks (Charged) G.B.H.! Includes the Leather, Bristles, Studs And Acne 12" plus the No Survivors 7" and the Sick Boy 7". Gatefold sleeve.

G.I.S.M. "human condition" (Japcoreofan) - 15
Without a single doubt the best Gism bootleg ever made. Combines all compilations tracks with listenable unreleased live stuff and come in great packaging with poster sleeve with full release info, sleeves, reviews etc. Amazing amount off effort has gone into this. Not sure how many copies of these are around, but its certainly not as rare as the other bootleg, so it shouldnt be too hard too find and its the best starting of any Gism collection (unless you´d wanna hunt down the originals ofcourse :-).
Tracks 1-2 taken from the "Great Punk Hits" compilation
Tracks 3-4 taken from the "Hardcore Unlawful Assembley" compilation
Tracks 5,19 taken from the "The Punx..." compilation
Track 6-7 Bonus Tracks taken from the "Detestation" CD
Tracks 8-12 taken from the "Outsider" compilation
Tracks 13-16 recorded live March 6th 1983
Tracks 17-18 recorded live June 6th 1992

GUTTER KNIFE "boots on the ground" (Quality Control) - 16.50
"The chalky white and golden brown of the rows and rows of houses, sodden from an eternity of days on the Brighton seaside. The disconnected punctuation of hobnail boots on wet tarmac. Hardcore punk, handed the UK82 marching orders and sent to the frontlines of the war 86 Mentality started, with Arms Race and Violent Reaction keeping the home fires burning. The same grey walls inside which you can redefine and rebuild. The NOW Wave of British Hardcore.
Wide and crooked vocals over riffs that move in and out of the speed and aggression of early HC and the inclination to get drunk and grab someone. Not quite a pogo, yet not quite a slam, with finer clobber and and the necessary swagger. Like a knife, but from the gutter."
Jonah Falco, Fucked Up/Career Suicide.
Pressing Information:
350 x blue vinyl
Comes in a black poly lined inner sleeve, matte card outer sleeve, screen printed double sided card insert, resealable plastic bag, and download code.

HUBBLE BUBBLE - st (Belgian Waffles)- 16
One of the undisputed European punk classics, Hubble Bubble's 1977 debut LP is back on vinyl again for the joy of all true KBD punk rock conoisseurs. A true legend for the few, featuring a very young Plastic Bertrand on drums, Hubble Bubble formed in 1973 and released their first album on Barclay. This long awaited Belgian Waffles label reissue also comes with repros of two promotional posters from those days. Punk rock!

IRON CROSS "crucified for your sins - discography" (Fan Club) - 15
Full discography and even more of probably the first American Oi band ever from Washington DC. 25 tracks including the mega rare EPs  Skinhead Glory 7"(1982) and Hated And Proud 7" (1983), demo sessiosn and five live songs. "About that nazi shit? Man lemme tell you about Nazis and my family, OK? My Dads German. He came here in 1936 to get away from those assholes. Some of the others in the family they didnt move so fast. They got send to the camps, ya know. They never got out. They got striped pajamas and a one way ticket to the ovens. So dont call me a fuckin Nazi. Christ, Im a registered Democrat! (Sab Grey)

J.F.A. "valley of the yakes" (No Futuro) - 15
JFA (short for Jody Fosters Army) formed in the deserts of Phoenix Arizona in 1981. Four skateboarders got together and decided they wanted to form a band after being inspired by seeing DOA play a show that same year. The bands goal was to play fast and skate, and that is what they did. They didnt even bother releasing a demo, the first thing they went and recorded was their now legendary Blatant Localism 7″ on Placebo Records. They followed up the 7″ with the amazing Valley of the Yakes LPin 1983 that saw them become more polished and mixed hardcore with surf sounds. LP includes insert.

JOY DIVISION "live at the paradiso club, amsterdam 1980" (Fan Club) - 15
Of the few live Joy Division recordings that exist out there, this is easily one of the best. The set was recorded on January 11, 1980 at Amsterdam's Paradiso Club, apparently to just a handful of dedicated fans. Despite the low turnout, the fans who did make it out were rewarded with an incredible 70-minute set containing many Joy Division favorites performed all the way live with a raw energy you must hear to believe. Check the intensity on the live versions of tracks like "Transmission," "Digital," and "Disorder," plus "A Means To An End," "These Days," and the timeless "Love Will Tear Us Apart." Pressed on 140g clear vinyl and limited to 500 copies only! Recommended.

LOS CRUDOS "discografía" (La Vida Es Un Mus) 2x LP - 22
Finally a European version of the long overdue LOS CRUDOS Discography collection. LOS CRUDOS, formed in Chicago's Pilsen neighbourhood in the early 90's, are a Latino punk band with a strong socio-political message and an extremely militant DIY attitude. During their first incarnation, spanning the years 1991 to 1998 the band self-released their own records, printed their own merch, booked their own shows and toured relentlessly around the world. From South America to Japan including a 3 month European tour in the winter of 1996. They spoke to the freaks the outsiders and the minorities and were not afraid of confronting the white middle class punk who reigned supreme during the terrible 90's. A time which will not be remembered for their hardcore output except for a few exceptions, in which CRUDOS are surely included. Their sound, far from being a copycat of whatever flavour of the month was reigning at the time was heavy rooted in the golden years of European and Latino American ferocious hardcore punk. With bands as IMPACT, WRETCHED, OLHO SECO, TERVEET KADET or MASACRE 68 as obvious influences in a time when the simple mention of any of those bands (or any non English speaking bands really) was usually met with a laugh or a joke. They sang in Spanish, with aggression and conviction and that made their message spread out widely, reaching thousands of Spanish speaking punks both in Latino America and Spain as well as inside USA where third generation Latino kids surely were missing a voice within the punk scene. The band split up in 1998 after a really intense year of touring and reformed in 2008. The band will be undertaking their first ever Scandinavian tour in July/ Agust 2016.
This collection, originally released as a benefit for MRR magazine last year, includes all the LOS CRUDOS output plus compilation tracks as well as a couple demo tracks and an unreleased song. The European version comes in a gatefold sleeve and brings a 40 page booklet with flyers and the lyrics of all songs.

MARTYRDöD "in extremis" (Havoc) - 15
Martyrdöd unleash intense raw Swedish hardcore with some Black Metal influences. Ultra powerful metallic käng that drags you into a world of darkness, anger and despair. This band released a crushing LP on Plague Bearer and a split 7" with Sunday Morning Einsteins. Guitarist Micke went on to play in Skitsystem. This band has a distinct style within the strong tradition of Swedish hardcore. The riffs are raw and powerful, with haunting melody over a storm of raw sonic shrapnel. Two guitars trade off sledgehammer riffs and driving melodic leads. The vocals are searing and raw shouts of rage against the horror of 21st century industrial terror and war. This LP is a titanic blast of raw käng power.

MAU MAUS "society's rejects" (Sealed) - 17
Named after the 1950's secret political action from Kenya, and inspired by a U.S. Hardcore act of the same name, Sheffield's Mau Maus formed after leaving school in late '79. They made their live debut in 1981 supporting the Angelic Upstarts, apparently on the proviso that they dropped their abysmal rendition of 'Liddle Towers'. They started gigging in London in 1982 and played with such luminaries as the Upstarts, Urban Dogs and Dead Kennedys. Signing to Marcus Featherby's Pax Records they recorded and released a handful of punchy, fast-moving EP's that saw them achieve considerable success in punk circles, and in 1983 they went on tour with Pax labelmates The Exploited. Unfortunately, at the end of the tour bassist Bunny collapsed on stage and was later diagnosed with cancer. They carried on with a new bassist and started their own label, Rebellion, releasing another single (Tear Down The Walls E.P.) and finally their debut studio LP, Fear No Evil (they actually made their LP debut in 1983 with Live At The Marples). Popularity now on the wane, their last recording saw the addition of a second guitarist and the return of Bunny. Nowhere To Run did nothing and, in 1986, they packed it in. LP compiling their singles.

MODERN LIFE IS WAR "fever hunting" (Deathwish) - 16
Modern Life Is War are one of the most beloved bands in the punk rock/hardcore world of the last decade, appealing to everyone from the jaded to the driven. The band released three highly influential albums before announcing a temporary hiatus in 2007.
"Fever Hunting" is Modern Life is War's triumphant 2013 return to form with original lineup of Chris Honeck, Matt Hoffman, Jeffrey Eaton, Tyler Oleson and John Eich. A true story of their coming of age, "Fever Hunting" plays as an open diary of their last five years. Exposing every frayed nerve that it's creators carried deep within their hearts.
From the first strikes of the opener "Old Fears, New Frontiers" it's apparent that Modern Life Is War have not lost a step in absence, but have quickened pace on their own path. From there, the outpouring is overwhelming as eleven songs unfurl with equal and unmatched emotional weight. All of them bravely moving forward rather than resting on past laurels. Recorded by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (Converge) and mastered by Brad Boatwright at Audiosiege (From Ashes Rise).

THE NUMBER ONES - st (Static Shock) - 14
The Number Ones will take you to power pop heaven with their razor sharp 10 track self titled debut album. They are a Dublin based four-piece featuring members of Cian Nugent and The Cosmos (Matador / No Quarter), Cheap Freaks (Big Neck), Strong Boys (Milk Run), and The Pacifics (Bachelor). Even though they are based in Dublin, they sound like a classic Good Vibrations band from 1979. The Number Ones have energy, passion and tunes so good, it makes you think you've heard them already. Each track is a golden nugget of power pop fun that never outlasts it's welcome as every track is under three minutes. Although this sort of music seems to have been done a million times before, it sounds fresh in the hands of The Number Ones. This is pure summer fun for fans of Rudi, Protex, Exploding Hearts, Buzzcocks and The Tranzmitors.

PARANOID "satyagraha" (Southern Lord) - 16
With so many bands taking up the d-beat mantle over the past few years you would think that the potential for real innovation within the genre would be drying up. However, Paranoid are proof positive that there is still life left in the d-beat formula. Basically, Paranoid keep from boring us all by adding a significant dose of metal to the equation... the rhythm guitars are built around this claustrophobic, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost-esque guitar sound, and the arrangements are filled out with really inspired lead guitar playing. Like classic "burning spirits" style Japanese bands, the metallic influence lends a sense of grandiosity to the music as well as the potential for much more complex, interesting melodies, but Paranoid pull off the rarely-accomplished trick of fusing these more musically ambitious metal influences with the intensity--even wildness--of classic Swedish d-beat. Basically, unless I'm forgetting something this is by leaps and bounds the d-beat release of the year, and Paranoid are one of the few bands pushing the genre in new and interesting directions while maintaining a sense of authenticity. Highly recommended, and an essential purchase for the forward-thinking modern d-beat warrior.

PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES "loud blaring punk rock" (Radiation) - 15
The fourth full-length by the UK punk legends, originally released in 1985, sees a reissue on vinyl! This one is the epitome of childish, unrefined and perfect punk rock and roll. With such deep, poetic titles as 'We're Too Drunk', 'Pick Yer Nose (And Eat It)' or 'Beat Up The Mods', you know what you're getting!

PLANET Y "kniven for struben" (Adult Crash) - 15
Catchy Copenhagen Punk Rock inspired by Scandinavian 70s melancholia and with hints of early West Coast punk rock melodies. This is a beacon in a grey-on-grey city!

PURE HELL "noise addiction" (Beat Generation) 16.50
Beat Generation presents a reissue of Pure Hell sole full-length album, recorded in 1978 but not released until 2006. In 1974, on the streets of Philadelphia, a band unlike any other was formed. They called themselves Pretty Poison. They had a sound so ahead of its time that the music industry was not yet ready for it. They coupled the punk sound of the New York bands of the time with a harder, faster heavy metal edge unheard before. Their unique sound was a result of Kenny Gordon's berserk choreography and Preston Morris's needling guitar riffs, while Steel and Spider added synchronized barrage with no nonsense execution to the arsenal. Inspired by the famous fuel-altered dragster, they changed their name to Pure Hell in 1975. Soon after, they moved to New York City where they played with bands like the New York Dolls, Sid Vicious, Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, The Dead Boys, The Stimulators, Richard Hell, The Germs, The Nuns, The Cramps and more. In 1978 Pure Hell headlined a tour of the UK, with bands like the UK Subs, Wilko Johnson, Vermilion & the Aces and more opening for them. While in the UK, their only original record was released. It was a single released by their manager Curtis Knight on his label, Golden Sphinx Records. The songs on the single were "These Boots Were Made for Walking" and "No Rules." The single charted in the top 40 charts in the UK. During the same year, a full length album was recorded but was never released. It did not surface again for 28 years. Limited edition of 500 copies.

RAKTA "falha comum" (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 17
With a slight line up change in the drum department we see RAKTA tighten up their more tense, soundtrack natured developments alongside their more sparse and vulnerable elegance. They consistently manage to create a tripped out creep chamber with room to explore as the aura builds to nightmare crescendos juxtaposed with shaking silences. Simultaneously eerie and serene. With each new release we see more and more of what makes this group so essential in the canon of modern music.
300 copies on black vinyl and 100 on bone colour vinyl housed in a beautiful printed inner sleeve inside a heavy duty reversible cover with a vellum insert. Recorded by Fernando Sanchez. Mastered by James Plotkin. Art by André Penteado, Karlla Giratto and Rakta.
Includes digital pre-order of Falha Comum. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment its released.  USA press on Iron Lung Records. Brazilian press on Nada Nada / Dama da Noite.

RESISTANCE 77 "thoroughbred men" (Radiation) - 15
Making its deserved, yet first ever return to vinyl, it's the 1984 full-length by the acclaimed Oi! unit from Nottingham. 'Thoroughbred Men' is a smoking, somewhat obscure piece of UK street punk history!

RIXE "collection" (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 15
Collection neatly compiles RIXE's first 3 Eps on one album. All 12 cuts have been remastered for maximum volume. Rixe appeared from nowhere and went from strength to strength over the two years since the Debut EP Coup Et Blessures was released in February 2015. The EP was their calling card and harked back to the glory years of Bologna's finest Nabat mixed with the classic 80's French Oi! sound. It was instant and loved by all and went on to have six pressings. A year later came Les Nerf A Vif - another four tracker with extra bite and bile. Every track was perfectly recorded and produced. Lean with snarl and each track a nugget of anthemic Oi!. On third EP Bapteme Du Feu there was no let up in quality...  more.

S.H.I.T. "complete S.H.I.T." (La Vida En Us Mus) - 16
It could have been Total Shit, Utter Shit, All Shit or any other number of puns but you lucky fuckers get Complete Shit - the 21 track round up of everything these Toronto Shitters have committed to 7 Vinyl from 2014 to 2016 on Static Shock Records, Iron Lung, Lengua Armada Discos and La Vida Es Un Mus. Shit came from the womb fully formed with a stunning Demo from 2012 but that was no surprise as in there ranks was ex members of Violent Future, Urban Blight and Purity Control. The sound is raging hardcore with stomping drums, dirty guitar work with and reverbed vocals. I know youve heard that before but the trick is that Shit write songs that stick in your head and a strong production by Jonah Falco. These tracks are too good to be lost on sold out 7s.

S.H.I.T. "what do you stand for?" (La Vida Es Un Mus/ Iron Lung) - 16
A brief but dense dose of simply hulking intense turmoil. Subtle terminology is trite, so to get to the point: S.H.I.T., the LP, blurs by in under twenty minutes of thrashing hardcore gristle. Gone are the tell-tale training wheels of delayed vocals and endless layers of feedback, here now are the tighter louder songs we'd hoped S.H.I.T. would write. A piercing musical rallying cry for the listless and ever approaching bulldoze march of the future, wrapped in cellophane transfers of melted early hardcore and the best of the last decade's fresh take on simplicity and power.
What do you Stand for? comes housed in a sleeve designed by legendary hc punk outsider and former S.H.I.T. designer, Jaybo. The intricately illustrated hellish image was produced with bleach onto a massive bedsheet, though the entire package is wrapped in a self censored outer sleeve, seemingly in the service of protecting the purchaser's dignity. Additional design by Ryan Tong.

SEPTIC DEATH "theme from ozobozo" (Toy's Facory) - 15
Septic Death's Theme From Ozobozo was a Japanese only CD released in 1992. This is repress of that cd, including the Pushead cover art and insert.

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - s/t (Restless Empire) - 16

Limited repress on Restless Empire. Red/black splatter vinyl.Suicidal Tendencies is the debut studio album by American crossover thrash band Suicidal Tendencies. The album was released on July 5, 1983, through Frontier Records with the catalog number FLP 011. It became one of the best-selling punk albums at the time and launched the band into its future success. Suicidal Tendencies has received positive reviews from music critics, and by 1993, the album had sold at least 400,000 copies. "Institutionalized" was released as a single to promote the album.

TRAITRE "discographie" (UVPR / LADA / LCDE) LP + EP - 15
If youve never heard of Traitre, heres your chance to have a listen to one of the best melancholico-Oi! band from Lille in France. These guys have been important in the French punk oi! scene in the past 5 years. All their records have been sold out very quickly, even with a very DIY distribution (most of them were originally available mainly at their concerts and sold on "name you price" standart). This complete collection gathers their 3 EPs, the maxi 12", the tracks on compilations and their tape as bonus on the 7" EP, 18 .  Include inner sleeve and silkscreen print poster.

T.S.O.L. "t.s.o.l." (Fan Club) - 15
Two classics records on one LP. Tracks on A side are from "T. S. O. L." 12" originally released by Posh Boy in 1981, four tracks on B side are from "Weathered Statues" EP released by Alternative Tentacles in 1982.

T.S.O.L. "dance with me" (Fan Club) - 15
Dance with Me is the first full-length album by the American hardcore punk band T.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty), released in 1981 though Frontier Records.

UK SUBS "endangered species" (Beat Generation) - 16
Originally released in 1982, the U.K. Subs fourth studio album is considered by many of the band's fans their finest moments, and there's many reasons why it could very well be: the record's powerful sound (courtesy of the production of the Subs own Nicky Garratt) made justice to a band on top of their game, recording some of the best songs of their career.

THE VIOLATORS "the no future years" (Mad Butcher) - 15
Here's another classic from the early 80's. 'The Violators' was formed in 1981 in New Mills, England and it was a mixture of punks and skins in their line up. In their beiginnings the band sounded very similar to 'Vice Squad' and 'The Expelled'. The band made their debut on the 'A Country Fit For Heroes' 12" in 1981 by 'No Future Records'. The following year they released their first EP titled 'Gangland' followed by 'Summer of 81' in 1982 again by No Future. Few weeks after the release of their second EP, vocalist Helen and guitarrist Coley splited from the band to form their own band call Taboo, but never issued any singles. Meanwhile The Violators have recruited a new vocalist called Louise and guitarist Andy who was formally with "Skin Graft". The second generation of The Violators changed their sound. This time with heavier vocals and songs. The band always kept their clockwork sound, which they are known for. Violators released a few more singles, but never a full length. The band split up in the mid 80's, and marked history with their clockwork images and noises in the punk culture. Mad Butcher Records managed to get the tracks from all of their singles and compilations they appeared and relesead this fantastic LP.

THE WAR GOES ON "st" (Adult Crush) - 15 (Gatefold)
The record that has been in the works for more than four years from these K-town degenerates is now ready. We are proud to present the dark and rough reality that is THE WAR GOES ON. Made up of people responsible for bands like NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, HJERTESTOP, and many more K-town classic hardcore bands. This record sees singer Ronni Dybdahl delve further into the depths of darkness and gloom than ever before, and come back with an anthemic hard pounding street punk record that somehow blurs the lines between Oi!, Punk, and Hardcore. Classy moody danish punk rock. 

ZEKE "flat tracker" (Fan Club) - 15
Flat Tracker is the second studio album released by the Seattle hardcore punk rock n roll band Zeke. It was released on Scooch Pooch Records in 1996 and then re-released on Relapse Records in 2008.

ZONE INFINIE "rester et fuir" (Destructure) - 14
We're really happy to be involved in the corelease of the second ZONE INFINIE album. We loved their first effort and every time we saw them live it was a blast. With "Rester et Fuir", ZONE INFINIE pick up where they left off, sharpening their identity and making a great step forward in their sound, music and lyrics. The music can we described as melodic and melancholic punk sung in French but it's much more than that in many ways. ZONE INFINIE is ZONE INFINIE and nothing else, that's why we love them so much. Their lyrics are inventive, touching and they will be carved in your head from the first listening. Comes with a great artwork by talented artist Yvan Brun.


DEPHOSPHORUS "mpossible rbits" (7 Degrees Records) - 15
LP is pressed on 180g black heavy weight vinyl, 300g Sleeve with black print inside, black innersleeves and includes a Poster and Sticker!
One year after the CD/ Tape release, the vinyl version of this masterpiece finally will see the light of day!! The LP edition will feature a slightly remixed version of the album and has been re-mastered for vinyl.
With 6 vinyl releases spanning from 2011 to 2015, the Athenians are embarked on a cosmic quest. Their concept and aesthetics draw influences from cosmology, astronomy and science fiction literature, as well as the associated sociopolitical and existential repercussions.
Being impossible to describe their music style by using one or two genre references, they have chosen to call it astrogrind.

GAY ANNIVERSARY " " ( ) - 15
10 "New In Class", Gay Anniversary. Records.

ANARCHUS final fall of the gods (extended) (F.O.A.D.) - 18
(Diehard splatter vinyl limited to 100 copies) 
Final fall of the gods was the first vinyl output by Mexicos finest Grindcore terrorists, ANARCHUS.  It originally came out in 1990 released by Rigid Records (that was also responsible for delivering early efforts by bands like ASSÜCK, G-ANX, AGATHOCLES etc) and it was mixed at Morrisound Studio by the legend, Scott Burns. After nearly 3 decades it was about time to bring this classic back on vinyl in a top quality edition having all the features that youd expect from a F.O.A.D. release. Side A includes the original session specially remastered at Toxic Basement Studio for the most outraegous sonic impact, side B has as special bonus a blood-stenching rough mix of this cult session exhumed from the bands archives and never heard before!!
It sounds very different and emphasizes the amount of hatred and ferocity these maniacos used to unleash, in an even more aggressive and brutal way. A real classic of old school Death/Grind ferocity from the Mexican masters of unholy torment!  Comes with a stunning insert including rare photos and flyers from those years.

BAD BRAINS rock for light (Caroline) 13
This is the classic album from 1982. Virtually everyone agrees that this group made up of 4 DC African American. They radically quickened punk's tempos, added virtuoso instrumentation, and topped it all off with the mystic squeals of frontman Paul "H.R." Hudson. This release gives voice to the band's scathing sociopolitical judgment as well as its ability to simply put the hammer down and rock. It also allows the rhythm section of Darryl Jenifer and Earl Hudson to flex their muscle on a smattering of dub-reggae interludes that help lull the unsuspecting into the right frame of mind for the next hardcore punch.

DECAPITATION Let the killing begin (F.O.A.D.) Black vinyl limited to 200 - 17
Before there was some so called extreme Metal on this Earth, there were the radical sounds of bands like POISON, GENOCIDE, DEATH, ARCHENEMY and fuckin DECAPITATION!!!!! These guys were around way before everybody else. MAJOR CRUSHING DEATH finally unleashed on vinyl!!!! (Laurent Ramadier, Snakepit Mag, D.O.D.). This introduction sums up very well the contents of this incredible slab of sickness from 1985! DECAPITATION were insanely fast and brutal for the time they were around here you get their complete discography, consisting of the cult Killing the innocents Demo 1985 / Rehearsal 1985 / complete live at Canoga Park, CA, 1985 ending with a CONFUSE cover!
Horror tinged US Death / Speedcore, a pioneering mix of obscure Death Metal and raw Thrashcore violence at blasting speed. If you like stuff like CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER Life in grave demo, FCDN TORMENTOR Demonic demo, the early demos by DEATH and so on, DECAPITATION is exactly that kind of stuff! Quoting a review of that era: The vocals are so sick and violating they can cause severe brain damage I should know, Im setting an appointment to see a Neurologist!. Comes with a 12 page booklet including lyrics, zine excerpts, rare artworks, an extensive interview by Laurent Ramadier and an introduction by King Fowley (DECEASED).

THE EXECUTE ‎"greatest punk hits" (D.O.A) - 20
US Import. The Execute were a Japanese hardcore punk band one of the earliest example of punk changing into hardcore punk in Japan. Formed in 1982 in Tokyo and made according to eye witness notorious shows. They took cues from diverse influences such as Japans early punkers the SS and the galloping metal of Motörhead.
They released several 7″s and appeared on a couple of classic Japanese complitions, Great Punk Hits and later A Farewell To Arms. They also were on a few other international compilations. All their records, including the Hardcore Temptation 7″, the Criminal Flowers 7″ and the Blunt Sleazy 7″/12″ are excellent. There was also a cassette release in 1984 called Live in Hell.
In late 1985, line up changes in the band, including Baby and later Baki forming/joining Gastunk, changed Executes sound to be more post-punk/goth rock influenced. Pusmort records re-released the Blunt Sleazy record as a split 12″ with Germanys Inferno and there was also a legitimate discography LP called Save Your Money with all their early material and some unreleased live material from 1982.
This LP is very rare fanclub collection from Japan's THE EXECUTE. 26 tracks collected from their first 7" flexi, "Hardcore Temptation 7", outtakes from the first flexi sessions, and 2 tracks from the "Live in Hell" tape from 1982. Comes with insert, liimited to 198 copies.

THE GUESTS "popular music" (Sabotage)- 14 
Popular Music, the new album by Philadelphia new wave act The Guests, because the songs are just so damn pleasant. The band knows this. Thats why theyve put their politics front and center, making it all almost impossible to ignore. You can hear this in their lyrics, with songs like, Kicked and Punched, Rounded Up, and Stunned and Watching the War driving home the bands anti-capitalist, populist platform.
Despite having formed in late 2014, this is The Guests first full length release, following two cassettes and a European-pressed record collecting the songs from the tapes.
Musically the band sounds similarly to British synth-pop pioneers Heaven 17 or Disintegration-era Cure: think bold, fun synthesizer and guitar lines backed up by very catchy, machine-like drums and bass. This is music that makes you want to dance. But can the music exist apart from the politics? Asked about that, Meimaris said, We hope that people can enjoy the music independently. But we have the knowledge that the music and the politics can never be pulled completely apart at the end of the day. The music is a sugar pill that helps the medicine of our politics go down.

HIS HERO IS GONE "fifteen counts of arson" (Prank) - 18 
Memphis, Tennessees HIS HERO IS GONE s debut album. An explosive charge of Crust hardcore, emotive, somber riffs, throttling blasting drums and unpredictable, intense song writing with harsh vocals spitting intense, to the point lyrics. The original Line up of HIS HERO IS GONE would practice incessantly, tour nonstop, writing and defining their unique sound that drew disparate clues from the band members earlier bands: MAN WITH GUN LIVES HERE, FACE DOWN and COPOUT, but seeped deeper in fandom, absorption and adaptation of parts of classic SXE, emergent Power violence, 90s European Dbeat Hardcore and underground metal. This Classic album was recorded mid tour in 1996 at Polymorph studios, a wedged together studio that produced many great underground records before the neighborhood succumbed to gentrification and it was turned into a small batch ice creamery. This is its first pressing since 2011, 472 pressed from the original plates at RTI record technology. This will not be repressed again this year.

INDIAN NIGHTMARE "taking back the land" (Dying Victims Productions / Plastic Bomb) - 15 (White Vinyl)
Second pressing of their killer debut LP in collaboration with Dying Victims Prod.! International punks based in Berlin worshipping speed/thrash metal!
INDIAN NIGHTMARE was originally created in the spring of 2014 as Poison (Mexico) and Dodi (Indonesia) decided to form a powerful band with lifeblood to combine the furious soul of punk with the rawest form of early metal to live for METAL PUNK and to die. Half a year later and after a few changes in the line up, the band was finally complete under the name INDIAN NIGHTMARE.
With Cedro (Italy) on bass, Lalo (Italy, ex-MINKIONS) on drums and Butch (Turkey) on guitar, there was nothing to stand in the way of the numerous live rituals that followed. Absolutely authentic and spectacular shows quickly made the band famous in the Berlin area! Due to the different countries of origin and the more than 10-15 years of experience that everyone brings with them, a completely unique sound and a stage performance with influences from all over the world was created, which is probably unique in the underground. Absolute recommendation for fans of Japanese punk, GISM, DEATHSIDE, GHOUL (jap), English Crustpunk, early Speed ​​Metal, DISCHARGE, AMEBIX, MOTORHEAD etc.

"Il faudra bien qu'un jour tout change" (Euthanasie) - 15
The group was initially formed in 1977 under the name of Steel, one of the most famous events with their participation took place in 1984 on Chaos Festival which shows a real split between punks and nazi skinheads; the band decides to play his song No SS, which was the cause of riots among the audience. T
his LP includes the songs from their 7" (1983) with the same title plus 4 tracks used for compilations and one unreleased song from EP session.

LOW CULTURE "screens" (Dirtnap) - 14
Scrappy, melodic garagepunk from Las Cruces, NM. Members of The Marked Men and Shang-A-Lang. In late 2011, when it was clear that Shang-A-Lang was coming to an end, Chris asked Sam and Cade (of Total Jock) if they wanted to start a new band. Low Culture practiced a few times as a three-piece, but a few weeks later Joe (Marked Men/Shang-A-Lang) moved back to Las Cruces and joined the band. Low Cultures first show was in early November 2011 was at Shang-A-Langs last show and the band's been moving full steam ahead ever since. With a few short regional trips and a tour of the Northeast and Canada with Iron Chic in support of their debut 7" under their belt, they're showing no signs of slowing down. A European tour is in the works for March of 2013 as well as many US dates as their work schedules will allow. Low Culture plays catchy garage punk that while not far removed from some of the member's previous project, Shang-A-Lang, has a lot less emphasis on riffs and blown out recordings, and more emphasis on melody and crisp (while not necessarily over-produced) recordings. Produced by Mark Ryan (Marked Men/Mind Spiders) in Fort Worth, mastered by Dave Williams (Crusades, Steve Adamyk Band) in Ottawa. This is their debut LP, with the promise of more to come.

SVART PARAD total svart parad DOUBLE GATEFOLD LP + CD (F.O.A.D.) - 23
The definitive, total SVART PARAD discography including all their existing recordings 1984-1986, remastered from first generation tapes provided by the band, adding a bunch of rare and unreleased material. All their demos, extra studio out-takes, compilation tracks and a bonus Total Live CD made of 4 different live sets. Forget the previous poorly made, incomplete collections, this release has all you need to own the most exhaustive and best sounding SVART PARAD anthology to date 80 SONGS!! Raw, crude Hardcore attack from one of Swedens most influential bands of the 80s, take the later sound of bands like Doom, its undeniable that they took inspiration from what youll hear on this record. Housed in a gatefold sleeve with a very detailed booklet full of rare photos, flyers and original tape artworks. Layout assembled by Håkan, former drummer of the legendary ASOCIAL, with constant supervision of the S.P. members. Another fundamental Swedish Hardcore discography getting the deserved quality treatment by the FOAD team! Watch the trailer HERE
Double LP including all demos, compilation tracks and more.
Gatefold sleeve
Total live CD with 4 different live sets
30cm x 30cm booklet (original artworks, photos, flyers, lyrics, liner notes)
- BLACK VINYL limited to 350 copies

SYNDROME 81 "beton nostalgie" (Destructure/Sabotage) - 14
Frances Syndrome 81 started gaining momentum in the Punk scene with their 2013 demo tape, drawing comparisons to the plethora of great bands that defined the French Oi sound of the 1980s with a heavy stomp culled from classic USHC. The band has progressed since then, and the sound is more diverse but also more defined, having filed off some of the American influences and moved in a darker, distinctly French direction that is both melancholy and anthemic, with lyrics being influenced by growing up in Brest, France.
The band comes from this dark place and write songs about their personal struggles growing up and growing old. These are songs about watching your friends lose sight and move on while you question why you are still here, haunted by your past and having to look your former self in the eye while you apologize for who youve become. These are songs about trudging through a desert you built yourself. 18 songs from their Demo, Litovsk split, UVPR compilation song, Desert Urbain, BMAB single serie and Urban Savage split. It is coming in a gatefold jackets with awesome drawing by All Cats Are Grey.

VIDRO "allt brinner" (Kink) - 14
Hailing from Stockholm/Sweden. VIDRO is a new band that includes some veteran faces from Diagnosis? Bastad!, Bad Nerve, Trots, Kurt I Kuvös and Queer'd Science. This LP follows their 2017 demo (available on band camp) with 11 new tracks of pissed off and distortion based mid-tempo punk rock with mixed genders on the instruments and vocals. Comes in a heavy 350g sleeve and includes an insert.

WAR//PLAGUE "into the depths" (Phobia) - 14
Minneapolis veteran punks are at it again! This 10 track album will mark the bands 10 year anniversary. Into the Depths directly reflects the bands rage and anger against a world that has turned its back on itself. Features members of TAU CROSS, PROVOKED, PONTIUS PILATE, FLUX OF DISORDER, CALLOUSED and PATH OF DESTRUCTION.
"Dark, brooding metallic crust punk is what Minneapoliss War//Plague are all about, bringing to mind such bands as Amebix, Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct, Extinction Of Mankind and fellow Minneapolis crusties Misery a sound that is as every inch as dark and grim as the images the bands name and the intro and outro to their debut album On A Darker Dawn of swarming flies conjures up, and as harsh and abrasive as a long Minnesota winter.
The band mix up doomy and darkly atmospheric clean guitar driven passages and chugging mid paced riffs with raging punked up distorted aggression with some frenzied lead playing thrown in for good measure, they know how to mix up tempos well resulting in a varied and dynamic aural assault on the ears and their sound continually twists and turns with various metal and crust/punk influences entwining themselves around each other creating a perfectly balanced crossover, a sound that should appeal just as much to metalheads as it does to crust punks." -

WOLFBRIGADE "d-beat odyseey" (Havoc) - 16
US-import! Repress! - Finally a long overdue repress of the "a d-veat odyssey" MLP, originally released in 2004. You'll get 6 tracks of dark, metal-influenced Scandinavian hardcore with melodic guitar leads over pounding crustcore beats.
This was originally planned to be a tour 7" for Wolfbrigade's 2004 US tour. As it happened the material was too long for a 7" and the band opted to release it as a 12" MLP. Lyrics deal with alienation and depression from life in modern Swedish society and an anti-fascist anthem. The first pressings of this 12" sold out quickly, and for years there was talk of a new pressing with some unreleased bonus material. This never happened, and now in 2018 we bring you a re press.

V/A "APOCALYPSE CHAOS" (Euthanasie) - 15
Reissue of a french Oi!/Punk sampler classic! Originally released by CHAOS PRODUCTIONS back in 1982. This french Oi!/Punk compilation includes REICH ORGASM, NO PUB, KOMINTERN SECT and KIDNAP. Included lyrics and posters inside.

V/A "CHAOS EN FRANCE II"  (Euthanasie) - 15
Essential Oi!/Punk compilation including CAMERA SILENS, TROTSKIDS, REICH ORGASM, KIDNAP, KAMBRONES, COLLABOS, NO CLASS, etc... Great punk Oi! compilation with french classic Oi!/ Punk bands released originally in 1984 by CHAOS PRODUCTIONS and reissued in 2012. Limited edition 1050 copies. Booklet included.

A crucial addition to the "killed by death" and "bloodstains" cannon, this compilation collects early punk and hardcore from Alabama from 1981 and running through 2003. Very few of these songs ever saw official release on anything other than home-dubbed demo tapes. Bands are ETHER DOGS, GNP, KNOCKABOUTS, THE ACCELERATORS, DUCKY BOYS, DEAD PIGEONS, DISPERSION, COUP D'ETAT, VOMIT SPOTS, RANDOM CONFLICT, ORDER OF FLAGGENTS, CRUCIAL CHANGE, CAUSTIC OUTLOOK, THE SLACKERS, THIK CHICKEN, JAWAS and GREEN BERET. Limited edition of 300 copies.

DISCHARGE "noise not music" 3 x LPs, 1 x 7" + Hardcover Book (FOAD Records) 88
Brief introduction: in 1980 four teenagers from Stoke exploded onto the worldwide punk scene with all the subtlety of a ten megaton nuclear warhead; so powerful and devastating was their initial impact that the entire world sat up, took notice, and thousands of bands across the globe were prompted to harden their style and speed up in a vain attempt to match the singularly most ferocious band on planet earth. That band ladies and gentlemen, was DISCHARGE! Over the next three years their uncompromising musical onslaught grew tighter, lyrically bleaker and even more unrelenting as they unleashed release after release highlighting the monstrous nuclear threat the world faced along with the true realities of war and insidious state control! Unstoppable in the race towards musical Armageddon, the bands enduring legacy has never accurately been captured until now; FOAD Records has spent a long time in creating the ultimate DISCHARGE release: the gigantic NOISE NOT MUSIC boxset consisting of a massive hard-cover book, a triple LP set housed in a trifold sleeve, a 8-track 7″ and a poster! With a visual presentation that follows the true aesthetic of the early singles by using only original logos, fonts, colours and the graphic style of the bands first 3 EPs and packaging that finally does them justice rather than another cheap bootleg or cash in by a label looking to make money.
Over 1 year in the making, this release combines the most exhaustive BOOK ever made about DISCHARGE with a triple LP + 7″ capturing the bands incredible live intensity and aggression through some of their best, rawest sets recorded from 1980 to 1983. Housed in a heavyweight silver hot foil stamped slipcase, the DISCHARGE : NOISE NOT MUSIC Boxset contains the following..:
Tri-fold 350 gsm heavyweight sleeve with all the correct lyrics for the first three EPs printed together for the first time ANYWHERE outside the original band made lyric sheets (not some garbled nonsense copied from the internet) the recordings have their audio remastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studios and featuring full raging sets from the following gigs:
- LP 1 : Live at the Music Machine, London 1980 (First London gig)
- LP 2 : Live at the City Club, Detroit 1982 (First USA Tour)
- LP 3 : Live at the 100 Club 1983 ( Plus bonus track of Canadian TV interview 1983 with Cal and Garry)
With 2 tracks each live from the following gigs:
- Preston Warehouse 1980 (Featuring the unreleased track Wheres Our Freedom?)
- London Lyceum 1981 (Apocalypse Now Tour)
- Manchester Polytechnic 1981 (Apocalypse Now Tour)
- Helsinki Lepakko 1983 (First Scandinavian Tour)
Over 100 band photos with many unseen and printed in high quality for the first time (Northwood Parish Hall 1980, Tunstall Town Hall 1980, Stevenage Bowes Lyon House 1981, Rome 1981, Yugoslavia 1981, Zig Zag Club 1982 etc).
Plus tons of rare gig flyers, music weekly interviews, features and press clippings of release adverts and reviews, all accompanied by a 30,000 word historically accurate band history researched and written by notorious DISCHARGE collectors Rich Walker and Leigh Rocker, documenting the years 1977 to 1983 featuring new interview material and contributions from Rainy, Tezz, Bones, Garry, Bambi, Pooch and band manager Tanya
🢒 A2 Promotional Poster
DISCHARGE was more than just a noise, the band was a musical reaction to the brutal times and circumstances faced by people in the U.K. under the Thatcher regime, they were also a voice for the X generation without a future; but most importantly, they were FAST, RAW, LOUD, HARDCORE PUNK!