MELLAKKA "1984-1986 - 3x7" (Svart Records) BOX SET - 26
One of the greatest fruits of the early 1980’s Finnish hardcore punk movement was Mellakka and their two 7 inch EPs. Beginning in 1983 in Rauma, Finland, the band released one self-financed EP (Ei…) and then got picked up by Rat Poison Records for the follow-up, Itsenäisyyspäivä. They never succeeded in recording a full length, so three demo tracks done in 1986 are their swan song. All of these recordings are presented here in a new band-approved edition. The first two 7 inches come with reproduced original cover art. Second press, limited edition of 300 copies. Red vinyl. All 7 inches in
picture sleeves.

MY TURN "buried inside" (Grim Reality)
Τρία νέα τραγούδια.

COLD I νθη γκρεμού" (Scarecrow/We Don't Fight)
New mini LP. Even more melodic and nostalgic.

DIRTY WOMBS "accursed to overcome" (SPHC)
Δεύτερος μεγάλος δίσκος απο τους Αθηναίους/Βολιώτες που κυκλοφορεί απο την Αμερικανική SPHC Records. Στο δίσκο βρίσκουμε guest φωνητικά από τους Στάθη (Antimob) και Γιώργο (Χωρίς Οίκτο). Burning Spirit α λα Ελληνικά ;)

ABANDONED "killed by faith" (Radiation)
Originally released in 1985, this is the sole album by Tony Cadenas' own The Abandoned, the band he formed after the Adolescents original break up in 1981. Sounding a lot like Tony's original band but with an heavier Germs influence, and a more metallic, darker, almost Motörhead-esque touch. As long as Adolescents got back on track, right before releasing their mid '80s comeback masterpiece 'Brats In Battalions' this obscure page of California punk rock history got completely forgotten and was never reopened until today. A band that really pushed the boundaries for the time while sticking to their roots, something most bands were not able to do. A must for all California punk rock maniacs out there!

ABSOLUT "2013 demo" (Monolith) - 14
Two years after what was supposed to be the initial release date and an insane chain of events, the damn curse is over!!!
If you`re still not familiar with ABSOLUT they were an insane Cimex-Rawk band from Canada!!! Surely one of the great HC/Punk noise mongers of this century!!!
Although i love all they did, this was the first thing i ever heard from them and it remains my favorite!!! Remastered and cut at 45rpm for this 12" to bring upon you maximum aural destruction!!!
Big thanks to my man Chris for letting me do this and being so patient with me! All copies come with a mega cool poster that could only have been drawn by Mr. Stiv check out is amazing work at Stivart! Regular version on black vinyl with insert and poster!

CHAOS U.K. "floggin' the corpse" (Radiation)
On the LP-format, this is an amazing archival release collecting previously unreleased tracks and 10 great live cuts (recorded in 1983) from the important second wave UK punk band, based near Bristol. Essential punk history!

EMILS "fight together for..." (Power It Up) LP + 7" - 18€
In the mid 1980s some german bands began to be more inspired by american hardcore punk. Bands like SPERMBIRDS, SKEEZICKS, JINGO DE LUNCH, H.O.A., UNWANTED YOUTH, S.O.S., ... and EMILS from Hamburg. There was all kind of rumors that actually the well know legendary hamburg punks from "SLIME" where fitting behind the "EMILS" moniker. If you read the band name from the back to the front, then these rumors get pushed but of course, that was nonsense.
The EMILS crossed on their debut album Hardcore Punk and with bits and pieces of Metal. D.R.I. had just invented the crossover and the influences from the states were quite big on the local punk-scene. The EMILS quickly became popular. Lyrics sung in german and dealt with all kind of topics, sometimes critical, political or just fun…the church, neo nazis, chernobyl just had gone off… songs about conformity and the stupidity of the scene, which was expressed in the song "Dumb Punk".
"Fight together for ..." was originally released in 1987 and perhaps for many people the first and best EMILS LP ...
The vinyl reissue includes a bonus EP with 4 previously unreleased live cover songs, as well as a 12-page booklet with liner notes / pictures.

THE ENEMY "the gateway to hell" (Puke n Vomit) - 17
First vinyl repress since its original release in 1983 on Fall Out Records, another UK punk/oi classic for fans of Crux, Infa-Riot, Attak, and Abrasive Wheels. LP includes a 24" x 24" poster.

GG ALLIN "always was, is and always shall be" (Euro Fan) - 14€
Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be is the debut studio album by American punk rock musician GG Allin, recorded and released in 1980 on Orange Records.

INFINITE VOID "endless waves" (Contraszt)
INFINITE VOID's final, posthumous recordings has been reanimated and clawed its way from the grave to consume our brains with its brilliants. Formed in 2010 from past and present members of The Diamond Sea, Deep Heat and Circuits, INFINITE VOID from Melbourne / Australia played a gritty and melodic tangle of dark, edgy punk, Australian garage and 90's indie rock driven by brilliant guitar interplay and infectious girl/ guy vocals. Recorded and mixed by Steven Smith at Goatsound Studios on Wurundjeri Land over 2 days in March 2017. Mastered by Steven Smith in March 2018. Cover art by Lou Ellen Cormick. The album is a must for fans of Wipers, For Against, Sleater Kinney, Sonic Youth and alike.

KRONSTADT - st (Destructure)
Here we go again with a band from Lille, risen from the still burning ashes of TRAITRE, KRONSTADT is a new band from this really active punk scene. The ease option would be to compare them to their previous band but we won't. KRONSTADT offers some great punk-rock, heady and melancholic but also straightforward and catchy. A bunch of French punk bands from the 80's may come to mind while listening to this as well as more recent stuff but don't get wrong, KRONSTADT is nothing else but KRONSTADT. This 12" gathers anger, disobedience and urgency. KRONSTADT is also a band which succeeds at this hard task which writing french lyrics. This is a corelease with Une Vie Pour Rien, Senseless acts of Anger and Les Âmes d'Atala.

MOSKWA “1984 demo” (Warsaw Pact)
In 1983, in the grey, working-class city of Poland - Łódź, a band appeared which would soon be widely talked about throughout the country. In this period, a wave of fast and aggressive hardcore punk rolled through Europe, and thanks to international tape-trading, traces of it hit the Iron Curtain too. Three guys fascinated by the sound of Discharge, GBH and the Scandinavian HC of the era created absolutely brilliant material with a powerful sound and lyrics about our doomed future. After playing a few shows in the spring of 1984, the band entered a semi-recording studio in the garage of Paweł Haus to record their first demo. The material was sent to the Jarocin Festival, and the rest is history: the band immediately became one of the highlights of the punk scene in Poland. Even so, their debut on vinyl wouldn’t come for another five years. Because of a restrictive political system and censorship, many new great bands never had to chance to do truly good sounding, quality recordings, thus losing incredible potential from the golden years of Polish punk. What is left however are a bunch of demos and live recordings. This early period Moskwa demo is a must have for anyone into Eastern European hardcore history. This is the full version of their demo for the first time on vinyl. It had never been released on any format until 2001 when 14 tracks out of the recordings came out on CD with the unfortunate title “1984 Koncert” on SNFP. Mastering by Smok. Strictly limited to a one-time.

PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES "loud blaring punk rock" (Radiation)
The fourth full-length by the UK punk legends, originally released in 1985, sees a reissue on vinyl! This one is the epitome of childish, unrefined and perfect punk rock and roll. With such deep, poetic titles as 'We're Too Drunk', 'Pick Yer Nose (And Eat It)' or 'Beat Up The Mods', you know what you're getting!

THE PUNKS "lost & found 1973 to 1977" (Rave Up) DOUBLE LP - 18€
Finally out, after tons of requests, the definitive anthology in a gatefold de-luxe cover, of the bastards sons of the Stooges! The Punks were an American proto punk band from Wateford, Michigan from near Detroit, who were active from 1973-1977.  They specialized in a hard-driving, sometimes thrashing sound that anticipated much mid-to-late 1970s punk rock and 1980s hardcore. The group came out of the last vestiges of the Detroit rock scene that produced bands such as MC5, Stooges, and Death, and with these acts they formed a musical bridge between the garage bands of the 1960s and the later punk movement that emerged in New York and London during the mid-1970s. In 1977 they changed their name to the End and moved to New York with hopes of making
their mark in the burgeoning punk rock scene there, but were unsuccessful, and broke up shortly thereafter. Though relatively unknown outside of Detroit and New York in their day, they have more recently garnered the interest and accolades of underground rock enthusiasts who consider them to be pioneers in the prototypical development of punk rock  Be fast, this is your last chance to grab the definitive collection of one of the most powerful proto punk bands ever!

RESISTANCE 77 "thoroughbred men" (Radiation)
Making its deserved, yet first ever return to vinyl, it's the 1984 full-length by the acclaimed Oi! unit from Nottingham. 'Thoroughbred Men' is a smoking, somewhat obscure piece of UK street punk history!

RICH KIDS ON LSD "keep laughing" (No Futuro) - 14€
Classic California punk band that crossed the boundaries into hardcore with talented musicianship and a positive attitude. This is their debut album from 1985.

S.H.I.T. "complete S.H.I.T." (La Vida En Us Mus) - 14€
It could have been Total Shit, Utter Shit, All Shit or any other number of puns but you lucky fuckers get Complete Shit - the 21 track round up of everything these Toronto Shitters have committed to 7” Vinyl from 2014 to 2016 on Static Shock Records, Iron Lung, Lengua Armada Discos and La Vida Es Un Mus. Shit came from the womb fully formed with a stunning Demo from 2012 but that was no surprise as in there ranks was ex members of Violent Future, Urban Blight and Purity Control. The sound is raging hardcore with stomping drums, dirty guitar work with and reverbed vocals. I know you’ve heard that before but the trick is that Shit write songs that stick in your head and a strong production by Jonah Falco. These tracks are too good to be lost on sold out 7”s.

SANCTUS IUDA "discography" (Nikt NIc Nie Wie) DOUBLE LP - 21€
Aside of HOMOMILITIA, polish anarchist crusties of SANCTUS IUDA where pretty active touring (and drinking) through europe's squats and youth centers of the nineties. In 2018 they reformed for 3 DIY festivals in poland to celebratee their anniversary. Here you find:
Disography Contains:
1. split EP w. SARCASM
2. split EP w. SHARPEVILLE
4. split EP w. DOG ON A ROPE
5. „ABC” - cassette LP
6. Covers for unreleased 7"
7. Rave / techno re-mix of „Rząd - korporacje - (wy)zysk” LP
8. 1998 Demo for 2nd LP

TOTENWALD "dirty squats & disco lights" (Plastic Bombs) - 15€
After numerous live gigs, more and more attention in the European undergound scenes and the release of their debut 12“ „Wrong Time Wrong Place“ via US-based anarcho punk label Mass Media Rec., TOTENWALD found their final line-up. New addition sax player Ruby makes TOTENWALD a 4-piece now and she definitely adds to the 80s post-punk & anarcho vibe of the band with her instrument drawing references to bands such as SKELETAL FAMILY or X-RAY SPEX.
The band still works with a sterile, cold drum computer rhythm while adding organic bass and guitar lines & structures to their sound. On top of this, singer Trish vents her anger against capitalism, society, hetero-normativity, lookism and other wrongs of this rotten society. TOTENWALD's music is diverse enough to attract different audiences ranging from post-punk and goth-rock to crusties, UK punk fans and the old anarcho & peace punk crowd. This is the sound of dirty squats and disco lights.
Recorded by Tobi at Don Xuan Productions. Mastered by Daniel Hussayn at North London Bomb Factory Mastering. White 180g vinyl, big poster, lyric sheet.

ZONE INFINIE "rester et fuir" (Destructure)
We're really happy to be involved in the corelease of the second ZONE INFINIE album. We loved their first effort and every time we saw them live it was a blast. With "Rester et Fuir", ZONE INFINIE pick up where they left off, sharpening their identity and making a great step forward in their sound, music and lyrics. The music can we described as melodic and melancholic punk sung in French but it's much more than that in many ways. ZONE INFINIE is ZONE INFINIE and nothing else, that's why we love them so much. Their lyrics are inventive, touching and they will be carved in your head from the first listening. Comes with a great artwork by talented artist Yvan Brun.

ZYGOTE "a wind of knives" (Monolith) - 15€
Οriginally released in 1991! This time with the two extra tracks before only available on the CD version now for the first time on vinyl! All remastered by the almighty Jack Butcher at Enormous Door Mastering for maximum darkness!  If you sinners are still not familiar with ZYGOTE they were the band that arose from the ashes of non other than AMEBIX!!! Stig, Spider and George from Amebix teamed up with Tim Crow, formerly The Smartpils, and now on the amazing Cross Stitched Eyes, unfortunately Zygote was a short lived band, they only recorded a couple of great demos and this masterpiece LP. Enormous thank you to all the guys in Zygote for letting me do this and specially to Tim for working on it with me!!! Regular version on black vinyl with insert and poster! Official reissue!